Boxing Pyramid Stance –  For offense and defense

I call it a pyramid The reason why you can remember that is because if you extended your fingers, it would shape a pyramid. Ends about at the middle of your nose right underneath your eyes You hold it close to your body Not out here or out like this Very close. … See When you throw that right, twist your left shoulder as you twist your waist. I kinda of a full body motion That’s why you get a full body workout Right now we are just using it to stretch And get the track down. The track you’ll be throwing pile driving punches later on. After you condition these muscles. Don’t try it too soon. I’ve knocked my shoulder out many time jumping on it too soon. It takes weeks to get into good shape for peak safe performance on the heavy bag or speed bag. Right now we are just training and learning all the tools you can use in boxercise. Now movement. Back and forth See that little hop in Always maintaining the pyramid position One thing about his lateral movement, the reason why that’s there, is say you are along the ropes near the corner. Well you got step and slide out of there Fake em out, punch him off and get back center ring This is how you learn to that coordinate that First learn this side motion – keep doing this real easy. Go at your own pace. Practice holding your guard up as you move Throw the jab out there often that’s what you’re looking for where is that opening Where can you set, lock and pop See? Later you’ll be learning feints That when you fake going one way but go another or fake a jab and throw a right Back and forth Just do it easy Back and forth left to right You wouldn’t do this in a fight But you need to practice the moves when you had to Learning how to box is good exercise

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  2. 7 Minute Workout Fix – Jump, Punch, Dance
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  3. 7 Minute Workout Fix – Jump, Punch, Dance
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