Boxing Medicine Ball Exercises : Medicine Ball One-Armed Throws

With our next clip we’re going to actually
work our lead hand, our jab hand. For me as a right handed boxer that’s going to be my
left jab, my left hand. So we’re going to work the medicine ball. We’re going to be
throwing it with just one hand but it’s going to be the lead hand this time. Last time it
was the power hand working our power. So in this case it’s going to be my lead hand, the
jab hand. I’m going to get into my boxing stance and then I’m going to throw the ball
as if I was throwing a jab. Just going to go straight across. And when I catch it I
don’t necessarily want to be in my jab position. I just want to catch it close to my body and
then when I throw it that’s when I want to be back into that lead, jab position. Okay,
catch it routinely and then jab it. I’m going to go fully out as if I was jabbing my opponent.
Nice big long jab straight out. Ideally it should go right about the same height as his
chin straight across. Basically throwing it with one punch. My right hand tucked right
underneath my chin. Right where it should be. Usually with this exercise the lighter
balls are a little bit better because generally your lead hand is your weaker hand. Hence
the power hand being the stronger hand. So that was the lead hand jab.

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