Boxing Media on Keys for Golovkin to Beat Canelo

Although most observers felt
that Gennady Golovkin deserved
the victory over Canelo Álvarez
last September, he had to settle for a draw. We asked media members what
they thought Gennady would have
to do differently this Saturday to make sure a victory. I think Golovkin needs to rely
on the anger that he’s taking
into this fight and punch with the force that
we know he can do.We’ve seen it– We just saw it
in May against Vanes
and if he can just unleash
that fury
when he sees a opportunity
this fight may be over quickly.
What I believe, if he tries
to goes more to the body which is one of the greatest
weapons of Triple G, he’s gonna hurt Canelo. Use that, you know, hook
and the uppercuts and bring the fight into,
you know, a closer fight.He only threw eight hooks,
when usually
that’s his power punch.
He’s gotta do a better job of,
uh, cutting off the ring because he can’t allow Canelo
to move nearly as much as he did in
the first fight. That’s how he was able to be
effective in that fightand be able to score
the kind of points
that he did
that led to the draw,
even though most people
thought Golovkin won the fight.
When he gets Canelo trapped
on the ropes,
or gets him in the corner,which he did on a number of
occasions the first fight,
he has to trust in his chin,
you know, make sure he’s aware of what’s coming back on him,
but also, he’s gonna have to
throw some more punches and also has to try to slow
him down a little bit
in the body. He’s gotta go to the body. It’s the one thing that he
didn’t do in the first fight that he needs to do, to shorten
that movement that Canelo
is gonna have to bring, that lateral movement
back and forth.If he can make some deposits,
test his conditioning,
’cause we’re not too sure
about Canelo’s conditioning
for 12 rounds,
that’s the way he wins
the fight.

35 thoughts on “Boxing Media on Keys for Golovkin to Beat Canelo

  1. For triple G that he should pressure canelo and get in the pocket and land shots and don't worry about head hunting because that would come but don't over commit and also head movement and bob and weave for counters as well

  2. even though they admit that GGG is the king of 160 pounds … they sound with many doubts … how does Canelo put them in that position? … even though for Canelo it's his second time in that weight … he puts everything to doubt … and so they do less to Canelo … I do not understand.

  3. Both GGG and Canelson seem very angry at each other. However Golovkin seems to be genuinely angry, He has a good reason, after Claneso tested positive twice for illegal substances. Camelo’s arrogance seems to really bother, everyone even the Mexican fans are fed up. Not to mention that Caneloid speaks in high pitched voice (female like). This problem is called Puberphonia, and that sound of his voice could irritate anyone. Obviously the high levels of estrogen in his system causes the inability to be able to switch to a low pitch voice (male like). it's common for people like Cleneloid with toxic behavior to: create drama in their lives, he tries to manipulate or control others; blame others for his bad choices, he is needy (“it is all about him all the time”); I’m assuming Cameltoe or Clenelo (forgot that funny name ) will run again.

  4. Clenelo keys to victory-
    1. DUCK GGG for 2-3 years
    2. Pay off the judges
    3. Use illegal hand wraps
    4. Take PEDS
    5. RUN like a female fighting for survival

  5. Lol the first guy is obviously a fan girl … vanes was a nobody … I think ggg can take the win … but very stupid comparison 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. With my fucking luck il lose another $1000 on this fight. First fight i bet $1000 on GGG going the distance and that was going to be a great chunk of change. This fight I bet $1000 on Canelo because I think this time he will beat GGG just because GGG's is now a bit older, he's been talking how he hates training, I saw him get a little wide eyed against fucking Vanes when he got hit with that left and the fact that he does get hit by alooot of power shots. Now im not going to say GGG will get knocked out because thats criminal to say because he has the best chin in boxing rn but seeing how the slicker fighter adjusts better than the power puncher pressure fighter (e.g) Ward vs Kovalev II I think Canelo wins a UD. I love GGG and support him and don't like Canelo but i wanna win $1250 here so…..

  7. Alvarez, be evasive on the inside. Step up in the pocket, make him miss, then make him pay. Back him up with body punches. Stay in the center of the ring, and stay in the pocket.

  8. The only key GGG needs is for DelaHO to not buy a judge, or have a bought REF stop the fight if Canelo lands 2 punches on GGG. Hopefully this time GGG finishes Canela so there are no more Delaho issues.

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