Boxing Media on Keys for Canelo to Beat Golovkin

♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Canelo Alvarez finished strong
in his fight with
Gennady Golovkin last September to earn a draw. We asked media members
what he has to do
to go one step further, and make sure of victory. Well, if you listen
to Abel Sanchez, Triple G’s trainer,
he’ll tell you, “Don’t run.” Uh, I don’t think he ran
the first fight, but I think he could definitely
be more a little aggressive, go to the body,let his hands go
a little bit more.
You know, it’s easier said
than done,
’cause he knows what could
potentially be coming back
at him,
but if you just
ramp up the aggressiveness…
He’s not gonna go crazy,
but a little bit more,
throw a few more punches
and target that body.
There’s been a lot of talk
about Canelo coming in looking a little lighter.
I mean, if he can rely
on his speed and his youth and the exuberance
of all of that, I think he has the ability to,
uh, earn a decision
on Saturday night. I believe he needs to
take advantage of the age, because he’s younger. I believe he go and throw more
punches than the first fight, he’s gonna win. I think there are times
he’s gonna have to stand
and trade with Gennady Golovkin, as dangerous as that might be
for him. He’s gonna have to do that
more than he did in just spots
in the first fight to have a chance
to win this fight on the cards. We know already that Golovkin
didn’t throw the left hook
to the body because that lightning-quick
overhand right
was coming as a counter.He just didn’t use that enough,
especially when he was
making a miss,
so I think that’s the key.We saw with Canelo,
adjustments he made
in the second half of the fight last time. He’s gonna have to
do that a little bit earlier to get on the good side
of the judges and win the fight. He needs to start a lot sooner. Arguably, you could say he had
a share of the first four rounds but the rounds five to nine
he was almost… You know, he was overtaken
in those rounds. But ten to 12…fantastic.
He looked absolutely–
He looked sharp.
He was moving away
from Golovkin.
He was even bossing Golovkin
in round–
in– in the center of the ring.If he can do that sooner,
it could be a far easier fight
for Canelo Alvarez.

22 thoughts on “Boxing Media on Keys for Canelo to Beat Golovkin

  1. Duck Triple G for 2-3 years until he gets older, pay the judges, take PEDS, use illegal wraps, use untested gloves and RUN LIKE HELL

  2. This fight deserves more hype. I believe if it wasn’t for the controversial decision the first fight & maybe even the Mexican meat scandal this fight would me more hyped. First fight was highly hyped, they didn’t need to rob ggg to get a rematch…

  3. I had Canelo winning the first fight. Was the more effective, efficient fighter. GGG was busier but threw a lot of meaningless punches

  4. All these boxing media people are a joke. They shouldn't title some random guy a 'boxing expert'. Trainers and other boxers should be given that name, not someone who just started watching boxing 5 years ago or so.

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