Boxing match in total darkness | Ylvis

FUN IN THE DARK Welcome back to the basement. You’re both dressed in boxing gear. Gloves, gumshields and head guards. I take that as a sign that
you want to meet in a boxing bout. Are you ready?
Please enter the ring. Right. May the best brother win. Let the lights disappear,
let the boxing begin. Filmed with night vision cameras Let’s see your gloves and gumshields. Someone’s messing with us. Bloody hell! On your feet! I can’t do this. Stop! Very well, Max,
you can announce the winner. By the narrowest of margins,
Bård takes the win. -Congrats on finishing second.
-Thank you! It’s not just strength, you know,
you need technique as well.

31 thoughts on “Boxing match in total darkness | Ylvis

  1. To those of you wondering about the light/shadows:
    They seem to be using a powerful infra-red light in the corner of the room, which enables the cameras to capture the action.
    The infra-red light is outside the perceivable light-spectrum of the human vision, so the room will be completely dark to the naked eye.
    Try pointing a phone camera at the tip of a television-remote and press one of the buttons. The naked eye is unable to see the infra-red signal, but the camera is able to pick it up.
    This is also an easy way to check if your remote is working.

  2. Hit me with a stick for saying that if you want but I think Bård is so competitive because he can't deal with the concept of inferiority. My brother acts a lot like him, so I've seen it before, but anyway this is just an opinion about him. And maybe he just plays a role. Omfg I hate going deep down with psychology sh*t but I just had to

  3. Vegard's giggling just kills me, while Bard is really going after it. Hilarious! God, I miss them so much!

  4. Typical brothers fight lol, especially when you fight with middle child, they are always like that, they hate losing 😂😂

    Man, I wish we still had them appear on tv so often, their show was gold

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