Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing jump rope drills

The jump rope is a very important exercise
for boxing. It helps with your coordination it helps you with your conditioning and it
could also be used for your warm up or cool down for your workouts. I’m just going to
show you a couple new drills that you can do on the jump rope – keep in mind that
it’s practice at first so it might be hard to get just don’t get frustrated just keep
practicing and pretty soon it will all come in real smoothly and naturally. So first,
of course, you can do your regular movement your regular jump. Notice I’m moving one
and two one and two and the reason I’m doing that because when you’re boxing you’re
moving one and two you’re moving back and forth and you’re stepping. So you’re always
shifting your weight fifty fifty fifty fifty, so that’s a good base for jump rope. You
want to go one two one two one two, right there. Let’s practice, right there. As you
start advancing you can start fitting up your legs, you can start doing crosses, you can
start doing double. There’s so many different drills that you can do boxing, you can do
drops and all of this is going to help you with your coordination in the ring, and to
be light on your feet. It’s very important to be light on your feet when you’re boxing
so you can glide through the ring and you can stop when you want and that’s called
coordination and that’s what the jump rope is for.

99 thoughts on “Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing jump rope drills

  1. ORGNTR….Now THAT'S funny. Rather, YOU are funny (not). You call HIM a jerkoff amateur because you can't see his feet. Uh…his feet are jumping OVER the rope…(duh). Dude, if you need to see that in a video in order to learn how to jump rope, I'd say YOU are the amateur. Tell me you haven't been just rotating the rope without jumping over it…LMAO!

  2. ive uploaded a short clip check my profile. nothing special just recorded on my phone. better than this loser though.

  3. should i add, after warming up and your workout, it's important to apply an ice pack to both of your shins at the site of pain for 20 minutes and if you can stand it, use your thumbs to apply pressure on the inside of the shinbone (where it hurts) and slowly push down your shin towards your ankle.

  4. You will wear out your rope quickly. I'd advise putting down some mats or piece of vinyl and jump on top of that.

  5. Thanks for this vid…great info! 😉

    How long will it take to actually learn that technic….one, two, one, two with rope??? 🙂

  6. if your starting to learn to jump rope start with this technique. i started just on the basic jump and it killed my calfs this is great,it rests your calfs equally and you build up strength in both legs then you can move on to the harder stuff

  7. can anyone tell me what the best surface to jump rope is ?

    i have started on grass as it is soft and shouldnt cause much problems with the joints – is this a good surface ?

  8. You know if u can use your inner strength (kung-fu) in boxing, that would be great for your body defence as well as your attacking power..

  9. no it has the same effect on your calfs as walking does the only way to make your calf bigger is too use high weight at low reps

  10. Some times I jump rope about 20min straight as long as your knees don't hurt, and you jump on a rubber mat, or a good running track with soft surface you can do it as long as you want.

  11. I can run 4 miles @ around 7.5 mph straight It doesnt feel that much different. I do boxing on and off no real fights just sparring though. Jumping rope is better to me since its not as hard of an impact as running is, at least in my opinion.

  12. i really like boxing and im really good at it i mean i fucking dropped tito ortizes nephew but i cant jump rope or do speed back and i never found these things to be critical but what i wanted to ask its not a needed thing right? it just helps or what?

  13. @Fitoldo Muay thai fighters dont do those and they arent brawlers… i think i should just do that instead of boxing

  14. hi i got a quesstion i could jump with both my feet at the same time but i cant jump the boxing stance at all could someone plz help me

  15. @dad123456789able
    lt's all just a practice of hand-feet coordination,don't get frustrated.Observe some footwork vids and try it endlessly,through trial and error fluid jumping will just come from nowhere one day and coordination problem will be just a funny memory.Rope jumping is a great skill and takes some time and effort to master it.Good luck.

  16. Im a karate student, and i want to thank you for your videos, im trying to learn all kind of trainings and technincs and your videos are helping me for that…^_^ now im using a jab + tski in my practice fights and work so well.
    Boxing is a funny and useful fighting style.
    my respect to all the boxers, o and sorry for my english….im latino.


  18. Thank you, My Friend Good video and good explanation of practice and how it contributes to coordination and how THAT contributes to boxing success!

  19. The very first drill you are showing is already NOT for beginners. I don't know anyone who started from that.What people start from is the so called "girlie" jump. You jump with both feet together. The 1-2 step you are showing, it took me a MONTH to get there.I had to practice jumping on one leg, which completely destroyed my knees. I was in pain for two weeks. But I finally did it, and I am now jumping the 1-2 step. I am a 29 year old male in a pretty poor physical condition.

  20. @ibex333 Your absolutely right. The very basic jump is the girly 2 step jump (although calling it a girly one is an injustice as it is an excellent exercise). I couldnt believe how hard it was for me to get to the 1-2 stage. I thought it would be an easy transition, but it required a great deal of increased concentration and practise. It took me a coupla weeks to get there for sure!

  21. @ajarman123 I think that the key is to stick with it, and not give up because of pain or tiredness. I am not doing even better, and I am able to keep jumping for longer. My legs are now able to last longer without pain too! I hope to move past the 1-2 step to something more advanced, but I still cant do it yet. Guess it will take some more time and practice.

  22. how do you know how long your jump rope should be. i.m 5'10 and it seems like my jump rope is still a little to long after i cut a few inches off of it. i have the weighted rope so i could pull the rope through the handles to adjust the length. i just don't want to cut to much to make it to short

  23. Hi, I don't have enough space in my room to be able able to use an actual rope.
    Can I do shadow skipping instead or is that just a waste of time ?

  24. @alteredoptions I'm no expert, but i believe high speed ropes are so you don't tire out, since there so light, don't know about reflexes though.

  25. @ohsnapitsfrankie oh please. that makes me laugh. is it because of his height or his body?? Height wont matter between a non-trained civilian and a boxer, you'll already know the outcome. And if its a muscled non-trained civilian vs a fat boxer, nothing will change.

  26. Looks like a good video, but couldn't really tell as I could not see what your feet was doing. Maybe if you moved the subtitles from the bottom of the page where they are covering your foot movements…

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