Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing handwraps

Wraps are very important to protect your knuckles
and protect your wrists. I’m going to show you how to properly wrap your hands. You want
to always extend your hand out, because if you have them too closed when you’re done
it’s going to be too lose, if you have them too open, your fingers spread too much, it’s
going to be too tight when you close your fist. So you want to have it just right just
evenly spread. And you want to go ahead and you want to first go over the knuckles –
you want to go over your knuckles to protect them and remember to keep your hand open at
all times and you’re going to wrap them around the back part of your thumb and you’re
going to go in through the first finger, and that’s going to start protecting your knuckle
right there and then you’re going to go around the wrist to protect the wrist and
that’s giving you protection for your wrist and your knuckles. Then you’re going to
go over the third knuckle and you’re going to wrap the wrist again and then you’re
going to go over your knuckles, nicely tight over your knuckles and then you’re going
to go over your thumb so that way you won’t break your thumb when you hit, it won’t
snap back. So you want to wrap your thumb, you want to go over it again, you want to
wrap the top and then you want to just close it out by wrapping your wrist. And this will
help you not break your wrist when you hit a bag or are sparring if you hit wrong, if
for some reason your form was incorrect. That’s a perfect hand wrap right there and you notice
it’s not too tight not too loose it’s just perfect.

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  1. and mike tyson, and anderson silva, and fedor, and lennox lewis, and floyd mayweather jr. and they would all kick your ass with gloves on.

    and btw there is no "e" in spar…

  2. You're like the God of Fighting. Please do us all a favor and post a video or your power. This way if any of us run into you at our schools or training centers than we can all say "Hey everybody look! It's the God of Fighting."

  3. "Isn't Zogmachine88 an Oxymoron?" yeah it is now that you mention it. i think im gonna change it. i dont feel as racist as i used too. but still watch out for the jew,he takes many forms 😀

  4. the best wraps to use are 180s because they give you a little extra length to use for better wrist support and knuckle protection

  5. i used handwraps but now i use some kind of glove that you can put on your hand from Everlast it works me me.. 😛

  6. Use a nylon bag (ask your gf or mom, they use it to machinewash bra's 😉 ) so it won't get tangled in the washingmachine.

  7. thanks… but I kinda cut my knuckle from my left hand while hitting the bag I guess because I didnt handwrap my hand right.

    should I put cotton now? or should I rest my hand for a few days??

  8. if its cut yeah, wait till the cut is healed before you exert any more force onto it, otherwise youre going to keep bruising it more and more

  9. if you punched wrong and your wrist hurts, try punching it lightly, if it hurts then dont continue and relax for a bit.

  10. Im a beginner boxer and this is the most easiest way i have found and it feels extremely comfortable thankks its great !!:D

  11. yeah i like this wrap the best i use 180 and its just perfect for my hand. also those who are complaining about knuckle pain, try the 'muy thai' style wrap that gives extra padding to the knuckles and is my 2nd favorite wrap style.

  12. I would'nt use that much on the wrist. Take two layers from the wrist and put it to cover your nuckles instead. And when i wrap my wrists i but the wrap closer to my hand than i the video. That way you will literally wrap you wrist giving it more support. If you're a beginner, then wrap you're thump. If not then that will be unneserary..

  13. It looks like there are a lot of different wrapping methods being shown here. I noticed this one did not show wrapping both sides of the thumb and the fingers were wrapped in order instead of skipping the middle and going back? Since I only have a karate background, I am trying to learn which method is best and why.

  14. por que? tanto rollo por el vendaje esta gente lo hace ver muy complicado, si es lo mas sencillo del mundo…si ellos mismos se lo pónen mal …

  15. you can hit the bag with only wraps on but its better to use wraps and bag gloves together to reduce the chance of injury

  16. Damn I used bad boxing gloves without any handwrap for 6 months :d I couldn't train too often but atleast my knuckles are friggen granite.

  17. Yeah..That was a long ass handwrap..What brand is that? I've been using advanced Everlast wraps and they help a little but I need to get a formal opinion on whether I'm getting the right protection or not.

  18. its called cauliflower ears. If you knew anything about fighting you would know that when someone gets hit in the ears enough times the indentations start flattening out.

    his ears are how you know hes a legit fighter.

  19. ''If you knew anything about fighting you would know ''
    i'm guessing you don't know about fighting either dumbass lol the reason their ears turn like that is because of skin(of the oponent) and the flooring on the ring keeps rubbing on them and makes the blood in the ear clog in the same spot.

  20. unless your some idiots jackie chan wannabe and think you can karate chop or you punch like some little chav that spot doesn't matter as much as the wrist and is far less likely to be damaged by punching.

  21. Well, when I'm wrapping my hand I'm focusing very much on that spot. Ive been hitting heavy bags occasionally for years, but for some reason my wrists got weak lately and I keep hurting that spot if I dont properly wrap AND tape it. Its like it has some sort of nasty leverage on my wrist upon impact.

  22. @apestaartje321

    Sorry, you're right. On first inspection of the video i thought that that spot was much higher up the hand and nearer to his little finger. my bad… 🙂

  23. Hopefully you see my point, I mean as far as I'm concerned he might as well not wrap his hand at all..

    Anyway, cheers.

  24. @apestaartje321

    Yeah, I guess that's just down to personal preference and the level you play at… his level may not require that as they may not punchas hard; whereas your level might require perfect wrapping or suffer a broken hand/ fingers/ wrist.

  25. What you should do is wrap it around your knuckles 3 times fold it put It on your knuckles nd go from there

  26. Every Video I've seen on how to wrap they've all been different! So I don't think there's a right or a wrong way to do all this! I say that but when I wrap it always looks so untidy lol!

  27. Yeah, I'm a girl and I can barely make it with 108 in. I don't even know why they sell them, it's just waste of money for the for beginners who don't know about it (like me).

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