Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing Abs Workout

Another important aspect of boxing is strength
training. You need to lift weights and have the right program and I’ll let my instructor
conditioning trainer go over that with you. Hi, my name is Eric Castillo with EC Personal
Fitness and the first exercise we’re going to cover is a catch and toss. Am I in the
floor? This is a two person exercise. This exercise is designed to strengthen your erectus
abdominus and your obliques. First, lie on the floor, sit on the floor with your feet
bent, or your legs uh, your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Your partner ether
stands in front of you or stands completely on your feet as we’re going to demonstrate.
Your partner should through the ball in the center of your chest catching the ball in
this eccentric movement towards the ground and as you come up in the concentric movement
you throw the ball toward your partner. Okay, there you go, that’s it.

76 thoughts on “Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing Abs Workout

  1. yeah liljewtomr seems like a pompous egotistical nerd. Ignore ppl like that and enjoy the vid. And yes, it was pretty funny how he said "thats it" at the end. 😀 hahaha

  2. thats a medicine ball its weighted the tossing motion is there for an explosive movement and standing at their feet defeats the purpose should be as far back as they can toss the ball using only their abs

  3. true dat. but i think he's more of targeting to people who are just starting, or don't do boxing at all. i think he's just doing an ab workout, not plyo's =/

  4. Any boxer can tell you that our workout is completely different from the conventional weightlifters. We can't only train for strength because that tightens up our reach by working the "outer muscles" A figther has to build inner and outer muscle. Do most people even know the difference today???

  5. I'm a doctor of exercise science and a specialist in kinesiology. What you've said is not correct. Weight training does not tighten up muscles or effect your reach. Also, when refering to "inner" and "outer" muscles, remember that there is no such thing as an "inner" and "outer" chest, or biceps, or anything else that you can target and train. Muscles work as 1 unit. Boxers do need explosive power and strength that only heavy powerlifting type exercises can give them.

  6. Wow, there's still people out there that believe weights can stunt your growth? I figured that myth was long gone by now, along with the drinking 10 egg yokes a day and masturbation takes away your testosterone.

    Kids can start as young as 12 lifting weights. They dont go heavy because the soft connective tissue of children is easier to rupture, so the reps do need to be kept above 15.

  7. As for the video, the movements done with a ball MUST be explosive! The entire point of using a medicine ball is to train the plyometric stretch-reflex mechanism of the muscles and tendons. You should catch it, rear it back, and EXPLODE up, making the transition between back and forward as SHORT AS POSSIBLE. In the video, he caught it, leaned back leisurely, and gently passed it back to his partner. Never do it like this.

  8. Thats entirely and completely false. Slow movements generally will not build muscle OR strength. Fast movements are caused when a neurochemical impulse is received by the type IIa myofibrals (or FAST twitch muscle fiber). They're called "FAST" twitch because they move fast. They're also much bigger, and much stronger than slow twitch fiber. So fast, explosive movements make big fibers bigger, which is perfect for building muscle too.

  9. I'm now in Kuala Lumpur, and in the process of starting my own training facility for professional athletes and government personnel.

  10. they aren't fat at all, they actually look like they have a decent amount of muscle mass…and that ball probably weights about 10 pounds

  11. I'm a doctor of kinesiology and specialist in biomechanics and physiological adaptations.

    If you're interested in help or advice, I'd gladly help you. Simply email me at zendreams(at)gmail(dot)com.

  12. It does, actually. It saps strength and stamina from you. Everyone I know (I'm in the Army) abstains the night before a PT test so they will have more energy.

  13. I agree the "BIGGER" you are the slower you get..IMO only use your body weight or do Large amount of REPS but little weight. And that shadow boxing with 3 lbs is a KILLER workout.

  14. Another one that is good for two is locking ankles with a partner and each time you sit up you throw it to the other person.
    Or you could throw the ball agianst a wall if you are alone

  15. you need to do some research. 5-8 reps are for mass and strength. 8-15 reps is for moderate gains, but mostly steadly advancement so you don't lose ripness but also hard to gain mass. Everything else seems to make sense.

  16. lol they do talk bad,they should skip the fancy words they cant pronounce, just call him "trainer" ffs. and this is for me 😀 i wanna start boxing, anyone got tips for good exercises. it seems like jumping ropes is a good excercise. i have a crowded town and cant run very well here. i've been lifting 8kg weigths,5 times 8 each arm(done easily). im 16 for a week now. help? anybody?

  17. I dont know why your comment got marked down. You're absolutely right. *votes it up once*

    I'm a kinesiologist and this year I'll be training athletes for the next Olympic Games. The thing about boxing, its really impossible to say what is "most important". You need footwork, but you cant box without strength. You need strength, but you cant box without footwork. There's a lot of things you need, but a lot of things you DONT need too. Thats what people have a hard time understanding.

  18. Dude, thats like saying "Hi I'm trying to build the Appolo Space Craft in my back yard can anyone tell me what to do?"

    Training for boxing is difficult and most people have no f*ing clue what they're talking about. You need a LOT of things, and there is an extremely specific way to train for them.

  19. You need to start off with generalized training protocols and move to more specific training over time. Start with squats, bench press, overhead presses, etc for 15 reps and 3 or 4 sets. Every 3 weeks lower the reps and slowly increase the sets (10 reps for 5 sets, 5 reps for 10 sets). After 6 weeks include some basic foot and bag drills. After 12 weeks start on power/speed drills and anaerobic drills. There's a shit load more but it'd take hours to explain.

  20. While thats true, there's a difference between linear anaerobic endurance (that you'll need in the ring) and local muscular endurance (which is a waste of time).

    And this vid is pretty ridiculous. Both the trainer and the boxer obviously have no idea what they're doing.

  21. Like most every other muscles in your body, their secondary role is to protect. Strong abs for core movements and to protect the stomach, liver, kidney, ect.

  22. I'm no expert but as far as I know, a strong core is just really good for overall support. I'm sure that would help to maintain overall form as well, which is extremely crucial.

  23. they most likely did not have time to prepare for this i think they did a very good job. dont liek dont watch dont leave hate comments like a scumbag

  24. i just did this same exercise yesterday with a 4 kg ball. it really works. its better if your feet dont touch the floor when you do this

  25. first things first stupid tea bag iam mexican, second read a fuckin history book tart. do us a favor emo slit ur wrist the right way and stand there till the last drop of blood comes out.

  26. No you throw with your abs not with your arms. You use your abs movement into the up position to give the ball momentum then you let go.

    If you do it your way you aren't working anything useful.

  27. This doesnt work your abs aswell as most believe… it activates more your hip flexors as the protagonist muscle and your abdominals as a fixator. Thats is to say that your abs are only stabilising whilst your hip flexors are contracting.

  28. Yes thats correct. I get all my trainees to crunch with this method but the lower back remains on the floor whilst the shoulder elevate, due to the contracting abdominals.

  29. cant do these alot without doing the opposing motion for the back though. I learned that the hard way and fucked my back lol

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