Boxing Headgear Choices ( and How to Choose)

Don’t know what kind of boxing headgear to buy in this video We’ll show you what to look for in choosing your very own head gear Aloha Ryan here from hi-tek boxing where we show you boxing techniques to help you get fit and get in the ring If this is your first time here jab that like button and subscribe For our latest videos, don’t forget to ring that Bell Let’s get started with the full face head gear with the full face head gear you get full coverage of your face So that’s excellent coverage Especially if you have a sensitive nose or if you bleed a lot or you have had broken noses in the past. This will definitely help you in protecting your nose. And it also prevents you from getting black eyes because none of the punches can get through. So let’s see an example of that I’m gonna put it on Have a glove here and if I try to stick the glove in the hole and this is the 8 ounce glove. So it’s a very small glove. As you can see it can not fit anywhere within so your face is definitely protected Now some of the cons to this Full face headgear is that, of course with this bar being here, It kind of blocks your
peripheral from below So if someone were to throw uppercut from underneath or any kind of punch from underneath you wouldn’t be able to see it as well. You might get hit right on the chin Another con with this headgear, of course with this bar again, it sticks out just a little bit so it makes it an easy target for your opponent to hit you. So instead of having like a Open face, so you have little bit of a gap there But this thing sticking out it gives your opponent something easy to hit The next headgear we’ll be going over today is the one with the extra big cheek protectors So this also provides great coverage of your face But as you can tell it does not provide as much coverage as the full face headgear as there’s a gap in between now So instead of having that bar So let’s try it on So as you can tell That now there is a space between so now you can see my nose you can see my mouth and chin compared to the full face headgear which of course blocks pretty much your nose and the top part of your mouth. Your chin is very little exposed But if overall it still provides great coverage of your face and it does provide a lot of padding, a lot of cushion. So take the impact of the blows The last headgear we’ll be going over today is a competition style headgear. This is the one you can use for amateur boxing So for this one, as you can see, is USA Boxing approved the weighs 10 ounces So all competition a headgear needs to be approved by USA Boxing with this logo here So let’s talk about this headgear for example So for this one, this is an open face headgear. As you can see. There’s no cheek protectors They’re our competition headgear that have cheek protectors but this one does not for me. So personally I like to see all the punches coming at me So I like the open face style So if you’re planning on you know competing This is the one to get. If you can’t afford both, of course it would be better to get both a sparring Headgear and a competition headgear, but if you only can afford one I recommend getting a competition one, which you can use for both sparring and competition in the end choosing a headgear It’s based on your needs and your personal preferences. Whether you want a full face headgear, A head gear with big cheek protectors, or an open face headgear whether it be a competition Or a sparring headgear. What headgear did you like? And which one are you planning to buy? Please do a comment below! And we’ll see you next time at HiTek Boxing! Hey there guys this is Coach Shai Thanks so much for making it to the very end of the video. Don’t forget to Like, subscribe, and comment down below And don’t forget to check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @ Hitekboxing Check out our other videos, and maybe I’ll see you next time. See you then

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  1. Very informative 🙂 I like that you went over what each gear is for so people will get an idea of what they want when they spar or compete. I hope you keep making instructional videos like this 😀

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