Boxing Gym Equipment : Using Mouthpieces in Boxing

In the next area, what we’re going to talk
about is the mouthpieces. One of the requirements for USA Boxing for competition, is to actually
have a form fitted mouthpiece. The old rubber mouthpieces that you just insert and use temporarily,
like maybe in a gym in a sparring match or if the boxer forgets his mouthpiece. What
we like to do here, is we have an area set aside with little Ziploc bags with the boxer’s
name on them so they can leave their mouthpieces right here in the gym. So, they’re not using
the excuse “I forgot my mouthpiece at home.” We always try to have everybody working out
in the gym with their mouthpieces, whether they’re jump roping or working on the heavy
bag or the speed bag. Especially, of course sparring. But, just working out with your
mouthpiece gives you a chance to get used to it as well. The only thing to remember
is always have an assortment of youth mouthpieces and the adult. What happens is, if you try
to cut down in adult to fit a youth you’re missing a lot of the finer point. And, you’re
not getting the full capacity of a good mouthpiece by trying to cut down a adult one into a youth
size. So, make sure you have a good assortment of those. What we like to do, is we just take
a cup of water and throw it in a microwave for two and a half minutes. We don’t actually
boil the mouthpiece itself. We’ll take a cup of boiled water; we’ll drop the mouthpiece
in there for about twenty seconds. And, then pour that into the sink. The boxer takes the
mouthpiece out of the sink, just shakes it a bit to get the excess water out of there
and slides it in his mouth. And, what I have them do is once it’s in their mouth I have
them push down on the sides. And, then suck really hard and then bite so they’re bottom
teeth and bottom teeth both make an indentation in there. And, hold it for about a minute.
And, then once you take it out run it under cold water. Hopefully, what you’re going to
end up with is a good form fitted mouthpiece that fits you and only you. And, isn’t able
to fall out once you’re in the ring.

7 thoughts on “Boxing Gym Equipment : Using Mouthpieces in Boxing

  1. Wtf.. I thought the whole purpose of a mouthpiece is to connect your lower and upper jaw so it doesnt break? What good is a mouthpiece that only covers your upper teeth?

  2. My kids used these in mini rugby(sort of like american football without padding) when they were 10 and 11,they of course wanted any colour except white 🙂 the ones they had, had instructions on the pack for making them fit using hot water ,we call them gum shields in the UK.

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