Boxing Gym Equipment : Using Groin Protectors in Boxing

In our next step, we’re going to be talking
about the groin protectors. You should have a big assortment available in the gym. Some
of the boxers will eventually buy their own. It’s more of a personal type item that you
will find in a gym. But, until then make sure you have a good assortment. And, everything
from the smaller ones for the smaller boxers. This is a small. And, as you can see it doesn’t
have quite as much protection around the outside edges to protect your kidneys and such. But,
some of the smaller boxer’s they’re not looking for that. They’re looking for more comfort
and less obtrusion. Some of the larger boxers, quite a bit larger groin protector. Anything
with the Velcro in the back is a plus in and out especially in the gym. And, this is fully
adjustable. So, anything above one hundred and sixty-five pounds to super heavy weight
can easily get into one of these. This has the full one inch padding all the way around.
So, you’re not only being protected in the front groin area. But, also around the kidney
area as well. And, it’s still fairly comfortable. It’s still nice and soft. In the sparing matches,
we’re going to wear these on the outside of our uniform. And, then for competition we’re
going to be wearing these inside our trunks. Usually, it’s best to have the boxer try on
these things under their uniform that they’re going to be wearing in the ring well in advance.
Because, a lot of boxers just don’t like the way they fit. They don’t like the way they
wear. So, they might want to be changing into a different one at the last minute. And, they
have they’re groin protector.

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  1. Do Boxers wear the protector cup with a jock strap or just the leather cup itself under their boxing trunks. Does it move around or stay secure? I am thinking of buying an economy vinyl protector cup for training.

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