Boxing [FULL FIGHT] NY Golden Gloves | M Pryor / J Nydick | 1995 拳击 boxeo ملاكمة 권투 ប្រដាល់ มวย

Here we have another matchup with a
southpaw involved. The right hand by Pryor again. Landed another right hand! And onther one! Pryor has pretty good body movement. Really doesn’t put that head up in the air
the way most women boxes do.>>You’re an expert on women boxers now ;)>>I’m seeing in the gymnasium. [laughter] Pryor in the gold has been boxing for about a year. Nydick settled down and got tagged with that straight right hand again.>>Well, you watch Nydick, when she throws the right jab, two right jabs, each one she throws the head goes up a little higher>>And there’s that straight right hand. Every time Pryor throws the right
hand, it lands. Micki Pryor in the gold says she trains every day, runs 3 to 4 miles. Said she should be running 5 to 6 but she only runs 3 to 4. You know, the professional fighters are fighting 12 or 15 rounds, well, they don’t run more than that. These people are actually in great condition, but they haven’t learned how to relax. The amateurs you wonder why you kill your fighter for three rounds, that’s the reason. Right hand scored again for Micki Pryor Pryor in the gold, Jaye Nidack in the blue.>>Every time Nicdack tries to be a little bit aggressive, she pays the price.>>Well, because every time she throws the punch, she places that head up in the air.>>There it is again.>>Yup Final seconds of round one. And a good round for the woman in gold,
Micki Pryor. Micki Pryor actually had to lose a pound and a quarter this morning at the weigh-in.>>Congratulations! You’re in the Gloves! [laughter] I ran down steps. I had a whole bunch of
their coats on me and towels over me. It burned out my sweat. I sweating it out.>>Micki came in weighing a pound and a quarter over and so we quickly put up, got her dressed up a little quick. We put a lot of clothes on and we brought down to the
parking lot and made her go up and down the steps a couple of times and then we made her run around the parking lot a couple of times and then we got kicked out of there so we had a run back here and they made the weight. She’s ready for tonight.>>There’s Micki Pryor, 18 years old. From Wyandanch, Long Island. Student at Farmingdale
Community College and had a good first round. Lands a good straight right hand
again. [Referee: Stop! Stop!] Went to the body but I think we’ll get a caution for a low blow.>>Yes Pryor looks pretty composed in there, Gill [Clancy]>>Yeah she does. Yeah, I had mentioned earlier,she has pretty good body movement, moves her head to get out of the way of punches.>>Nidick putting the pressure on,
coming straight in after Pryor, despite the fact that Pryor
has landed all those punches. NIdick’s still going on the attack. The right hand by Pryor, again.>>Nidick really can put together a couple of combinations, she can turn the bout around.>>Think Pryor’s open for that, Kathy?>>It’s the only hope for Nidick, right now because right, it has been one-sided, the favorite looks like Pryor.>>Looks like Pryor’s tired, just a little
bit, breathing heavily through the mouth.>>And that could be from having to lose that pound and a half today, also.>>Absolutely right. Asked Pryor why she got into boxing. She said her friend was boxing, she liked it, she wanted to go with him to the gym. She did! Pryor defeated Sonya Flanagan and her only bout n the tournament, prior to
this one, a 5-0 decision [five knocks] Nidick’s not throwing enough punches, though. [bell rings] End of round two. Pryor in the gold, tiring. Nidick seemed to have a chance to get back into it. Really didn’t throw much.>>Well, we’ve got the same pattern from the opening bell. Nidick tries, she walks in, she throws punches, By the time she throws the third punch, Pryor decides to punch back hits her on the chin with her right hand every time. Because Nidick, when she does throw punches, she raises her head. And it was a pretty solid
punches. Look at prior landing the right hand.>>Here we see Nidick throwing to punch
leading the activity again and there bang! right hand by Pryor. That’s been
happening the entire fight. Pryor’s Coach: Can you do it? You’re not tired! [bell rings] Nidick is in a little better physical condition. Nidick throwing a jab out but not landing. Left hook, right hand for Pryor. Straight right hand lands for Pryor.>>Same thing, time after time.>>Nothing changes.>>A lot more on Pryor’s punches , too, that are on Nidick. I haven’t been able to hear any of Nidick’s punches. I can hear Pryor’s.>>Again, you can see that Pryor, now, is starting to get a little tired.>>There’s that straight right, every time!>>When they go back in the gym, perhaps
they’ll have this fight taped, and he’ll try to show her what she has to do is keep that chin down. Nidick seems to know what to do out there. She’s growing that jab, but then she just keeps getting caught with that straight right hand, every time.>>I think she was hurt with that last right hand. Again, the right hand lands by Pryor. And it’s that right hand that is winning this bout for Micki Pryor. from Wyandanch, Long Island.>>Well, when Nidick goes back to the tape, she’s going to say, “Next time I’ll keep the
left hand up.”>>Now she’s got it up in the peek-a-boo style. She has it up because she starts the punch. That’s when she drops her hand. [5 knocks] Right hand one for time for Micki Pryor. And again! Pryor lands it. [bell rings] And that’s it! Micki Pryor, 18 year old student from Farmingdale Community College She’s from Wyandanch, Long Island. y Coach: You’re the champ!>>Her second bout in the Golden Gloves. and looking for a championship.Here’s the combination by Pryor.>>All right, let’s take a look at this action. Left hook, right hand! Good solid combination.>>And good moves by Pryor! Yes, you can see how low she gets. See, she’s low, keeping low. And Nidick is way up in the air with her head way up in the air. you can throw punches with your eyes closed.>>Pryor with some good leverage on her punches. Now, the training seemed to have paid off. Acknowledgement of the opponents
Jaye Nidick She had some good form, I thought, Gil.>>It’s the way she threw her jab,>>but as you pointed out several times, she’s just wide open for that
counter right hand.>>Again, she would throw the jab, and each time she ‘d throw a punch, the head would move maybe an inch higher. So, three punches, it was three inches up in the air.>>Let’s go to Kevin van Meter for the
announcement of the champion. Announcer: The winner of the women’s 125 pound novice class is… from the gold corner, Micki Pryor! [audience cheers, applauds, whistles] Micki Pryor accepts the congratulations from her opponent, Jay Nidick. A very good win for Micki Pryor! She had to lose a pound and a quarter at the weigh-in but it was worth it! She became a champion tonight!

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