Boxing for Beginners, Episode 6: Pad Work & Strength Training

Today is episode six of
Boxing for Beginners. Excuse my voice. Yelling and talking to so many people
over the past weekend in Australia, I lost my voice. Don’t worry about it, I’ll find it later. This is episode six,
which you’re going to see today. You’re going to see me doing some pad work
with Coach D, that’s my boy. Coach D is a bad-ass boxer, never judge a
book by its cover. He’s nice with the hands and he’s fast,
even for a big dude. I want you all to see actual pad work. You always start your pad work with
numbers, for people who don’t know how to box or are just learning. You know, one, two. You know the basics
already, I’ve been teaching you all that. What we’re going to do is get into the
instinctual stuff, looking for cues. Non-verbal cues, because you don’t have
verbal cues when you’re in there, actually getting busy. We’ll probably work through some numbers. He and I haven’t worked together before,
this will be our first time. I’ve got to learn his rhythm,
he’s got to learn mine. So we’ll probably start really slow and
we’ll do away with the numbers. As we do that, what I’m doing is learning
his movements. I’m learning that when he does this and
comes back with that, I need to go under, or whatever the situation is, I don’t know
yet, I’ll find out in a minute. We’re going to do all of that. So you’ll notice some slow, you know.
And that’s good. You’ve got to start slow, you have to
crawl before you can walk. Even when you’re dealing with a new coach,
going to a new gym, you want to learn their rhythm first. So that’s what we’re going to do today,
we’re learning rhythm. Also, I’ll do a bit of strength training
today, I feel like squatting today. I’ve been rehabbing my knee, so I’m not
going to go crazy if I do squat. But the rehab is going excellent. I’ll break down what I’ve been doing for
rehab later. And that’s it, so not a whole lot of
talking in this. You’re just going to see us getting busy.
Just check it out and enjoy. Episode six, baby.
Boxing for Beginners. For a whole hour we’re sparring.
– One, two, one, two. Come here. One, two, one, two. Fast. Watch the head movement. Good job! I just want to read you.
Slow, I want you to get in your rhythm, then we can start speeding it up.
-OK, so you want me to call it out? I’m going to start slow just to get a
rhythm, know what I’m saying? Come with the hook. This is how you generate the power for
the hook. Appreciate it. Do you want to do another
round? One more?
I’m done, but she’ll do one more. You’re all getting a glimpse into how I’ve
been training lately. Trying to keep it functional. Part of me losing weight is to be able to
get back into boxing, and swimming and all of the functional things that I
used to do all the time. And also to keep up with my kids,
honestly. My kids, I was running around playing
basketball with my oldest and I was gassed He’s so fast, both of them, so fast. Anyway, back to boxing, I want to show you
what pad work looks like. You’re going to see me go real slow,
learn each other’s rhythm. So I’m following his rhythm, and you’re
taking mental cues. I’m seeing where his shoulders move,
where the pad goes. When I’m first teaching people, I’m
calling out numbers. One, two.
One, two, three. But, there’s no numbers in an actual
competition or combat. So, once you learn the basics and the
numbers, you start taking visual cues. So that’s why we start slow. I’m seeing what comes next.
And then we start speeding up. It just gets your mind going, use the
mental juice. This is mental practice. It’s an excellent brain exercise.
Excellent brain exercise. So give it a try. Go find a boxing coach,
go find a boxing gym, or hit your boy up. You never know, I might be able to
work with you if you’re close enough. I’m still doing my strength training,
so now it’s time to go to the gym to do some squats. So today I’m boxing, training legs, I’ll
probably do squats, and swimming. So that’s my workout for today.
Every day is something different. One of my boys hit me up today, asks me if
I’m squatting, but I squatted yesterday. He asks me what I’m doing tomorrow.
Whatever I feel like doing when I get up. That’s my programme these days.
Step outside of the box. You never know what you’ll find.
Let’s roll. Hey, I wanted to say what’s up.
I watch some of your videos and I need to get truly pumped up, get angry again.
-I like that. I’ve got a question for you. Do you get pumped up and angry with the
Rugrats shirt on? It doesn’t matter, it’s not on TV anymore.
-That’s what’s up. Nice to meet you, man. So there is respect in astronomical
numbers for me today. I hurt my knee a while back, so I’ve been
kind of rehabbing it, and how I hurt it, it wasn’t even by lifting. I’m just getting back into the groove of
things like squats. I’m trying to squat regularly. Sometimes my knee feels perfectly fine,
and sometimes it gives me a lot of pain on the right side. When I do squat now, how much I do is
based on how my knee feels. So if I don’t do a lot, it’s not feeling
good. Somebody asked me in one of the comments
on YouTube, they said, are you a boxer, a weightlifter, a
crossfitter? What are you, what do you do? Don’t try to fit me into a box. I am who I am and I do all and whatever
it is that I feel like doing at that time. Stop trying to put people in boxes.
And don’t try and fit me in your box. This is around that glorious time that
they call “prime time”, that nice looking ladies start coming into
the gym. Extra motivation. I’m having one of those moral dilemmas
now. My knee don’t hurt, everything feels
light, I feel preserved. I want to be at 5, 5 and a quarter,
maybe 6, but I don’t want to experience what I’ve been feeling, so I’ve got two
options: A, throw caution to the wind and go for it
and be miserable the next five days, or B, figure out another movement that’s
not going to aggravate my knee, because it’s hard to feel the pain going
up, I just feel it when it happens, like I hit a certain weight and it’s like,
that’s it. So that’s the dilemma right now,
I’m trying to figure it out. So that was only 455, but keep in mind
I haven’t been going over three plates and I’ll tell you why. I injured my knee,
so I’ve been rehabbing it myself. If you go to any kind of physical therapy,
rehabilitation is resistance training. So setting into a squat position with
perfect form is rehab, so I’ve been doing that lightly, with
light weights. I’ve been swimming, I’ve been sitting in
the sauna, in the hot tub, I’ve been taking cold showers, but not for
long, because I’m still a baby with it. Cold showers have so many benefits,
it’s ridiculous. It activates a higher state of alertness,
improves immunity and blood circulation, it speeds up recovery, eases muscle
soreness, it eases stress, it stimulates weight loss, it boosts
testosterone levels, and honestly, it gives you a certain
mental toughness, it helps strengthen your willpower. It’s so crazy, I’ll be in the shower and
I’ll turn it cold. The first few times I did it, I was
legit hyperventilating, uncontrollably. It’s getting a little bit easier. I can stay in there a little longer than
three seconds. Just try it, you’ll see. You don’t have to believe me, just look
it up. There’s documents online, a lot of
information and research about it. And try it, see how you feel.
I’m going to do another light set.

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