Boxing Footwork Techniques : The Basic Boxing Stance

On our first clip for footwork, we’re actually
going to talk the basic stance, and where to keep your feet. We’re going to cover unorthodox
boxer or right handed boxer. What we want to do is, is get your heels about shoulder
width apart, we’re going to put the lead foot, the left foot in this case, ahead a little
bit. Our back foot, the right foot, is going to be pointed directly away from us. The front
foot is going to be pointed about a 45 degree, not quite at our target and not quite directly
away from our target, but about a 45 degree with our heels about shoulder’s width apart.
What I like to tell my boxers is it’s similar to a bow and arrow stance where you’re not
directly looking at your opponent so that you’re a big target and you’re not directly
looking all completely away from him. But more of a bow and arrow stance. What I also
do is I have a tape measure usually with the new boxers, and I’ll tell them, I’ll say.
“Okay, from the center of the bag, I want from the very center of the bag where your
opponent, I want your left toe on that line and I want your right heel on the line. That
way, your not completely sideways, your not completely looking directly away form your
opponent, but rather, you should be comfortably left toe, right heel – that way you’re still
shoulder’s above your knees, you’re still looking at your opponent, but your not too
open, your still nice and tight. The basic stance: a little bit of a bend to the knees,
your elbows tucked in, left is in your cheek, the right is under your chin, and your feet
are comfortably shoulder’s width apart right on the balls of your feet, flat footed. Basic

3 thoughts on “Boxing Footwork Techniques : The Basic Boxing Stance

  1. Shouldnt a teacher tell us WHY, its so important to have feet at those angles, why the balls of our feet should matter etcetera, its one thing to tell people how, its different to teach people why.
    I could personally figure most if it out, but thats me, we arent the same, some people watching this might be stars in the sport, others are like me, stumbling on the video and thought what the crap, could be a fun thing to know.

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