Boxing Footwork Techniques : Dipping, Bobbing, & Weaving in Boxing

In our next clip on footwork we’re going to
talk about some dipping, some bobbing and some weaving. There’s nothing worse than moving
around the ring and having good footwork, but leaving your head in the same area, on
the same plateau. It’s fairly easy for another boxer to literally close his eyes and say,
“Okay, Jim’s face was right about there a minute ago,” and you’re face probably was
there a minute ago and it probably still is. So what we’re going to try to do now is we’re
going to incorporate with all our side movements, our backward movements, our frontward movements,
we’re going to try to incorporate that with a little bit of dipping, bobbing and weaving
at the same time. Whenever you step to the side, do a little dip. Whenever you’re stationary,
do a little bobbing, do a little weaving in preparation for your next step. When you’re
sliding from one side to the other, dip down a little bit. When you’re going forward you
can dip. When you’re going backwards you can dip. And then while you’re there stationary
getting ready to move, you can bob and weave. Sometimes you don’t even have to move. As
long as you can bob and weave you can stay right there, accept a few punches, slip a
few punches. You don’t have to retreat as long you can bob and weave and dip. Try to
do all your movements, all you?re dipping, at the knees. Try not to bend at the waist.
Once you bend at the waist you’re susceptible to uppercuts, you can’t see what’s going on.
The referee’s going to give you the signal, keep your face up. Thank you.

72 thoughts on “Boxing Footwork Techniques : Dipping, Bobbing, & Weaving in Boxing

  1. It's pretty unnatural to move your head. When the cheetah chases its prey its head remains perfectly at the same level. But it's necessary in boxing of course.

  2. So how does that invalidate my point? That's exactly what I said. What the hell is wrong with you?

    Go read my comment again dip-shit.

  3. there's this one video of a mike tyson where he's fighting someone and he's just doing beautiful, textbook weaving under the guys hooks and then comes up and the knocks the guy out. he does that a lot, but in this one he avoids like 5 punches. i'd appreciate it if someone told me who he was fighting, thanks

  4. Billy Lefebvre is an inter-national competitor, coach & trainer for 35 over years.
    It is charity that he is giving out free the tips that have built him his reputation as a boxing trainer.

  5. @nomadineternity To tell the truth, I didn't do my own research, I clicked on "more info" to the right next to expertvillage. It said, "Bio: Billy Lefebvre is the owner & head coach for Bantam Boxing. He has been involved in boxing as a successful amateur regional, national and inter-national competitor, coach & trainer for 35 over years."
    In my opinion he looks like a pretty rugged old boxer. The way he moves is like his knees and back don't work as well as they used to, so he takes his time.

  6. expert village always has the sorryest "experts" giving advice. the videos that i have seen about different things are just horrible. im done watching. this guy is pathetic.

  7. i think i'd like to see you fight him and then post the video. That'll teach him for giving out advice won't it

  8. heyy there! i am trying to attempt the ali shuffle but im pacicing it i have one n my vids

    so if someone got tips or hints please tell me!!

    thx in advance!

  9. Most of these videos are so poor. That was really bad. Some good points but why get the trainer to attempt the movements- his motorskills aren't that of his boxers and he won't be able to do it as well!

  10. I don't understand who he's teaching boxing? Retarded ppl? And btw, he has no idea what is foot work is. How many morons on you tube. I just only can imagine how badly his students will be hurt in the real fight.

  11. @aninterestedpartyful …or fuck….lol

    Anyway , I was going thru his vids trying to see if they are all bad (they are) and I noticed you left a similar comment on another one, I take it you don't like him much , huh? Don't know him, it would suck if this is true, boxing already has a bad reputation for violance. All else aside, I'm not crazy about his techniques either.

  12. @disgustika Right, I was talking about violEnce outside the ring, smartass. Even inside the ring, there's much more to it than punching ppl in the face, it's a science and it's vast. Just because one can box, doesn't mean they are violEnt! Lastly, I don't give a rats ass if you take me seriously, I really wasn't trying to earn YOUR respect on any level. Now if you would please be my bitch and do my spellcheck for me?! Thank you, sweethart! 🙂

  13. holy crap i never thought about the fact that my head remains at the same height. this totally makes sense and has been very helpful

  14. @Jerballski really its bad posture and movement, what do you suggest? Mr. expert here tell us what would suit people better? You know more than this coach?

  15. If you really want to see this guy dip and bob, tape a stick to head with a half cooked weener on the end.

  16. lmao dude the only reason u'd knock him out is probably cuz ur on steroids or smack,btw y r u called 420 crack dealer when 420 is for weed whats crack have anything to do with 420?

  17. dude the guys like 40 years old i bet i can kick his ass too just bye taking away his heart medication…..and why crack…your gonna fuck up your life you should stick with weed

  18. great point in the beginning so many kids have great athleticism but leave the head stationary while moving the body and shoulders..

  19. thats not tommy lee jones the real tommy lrr jones would drop this silly old fool he doesnt know about boxing! amateur

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  21. When boxing, should you look directly at what you are going to hit? Or should you faint with your eyes, pretending to hit where your eyes are looking at where in fact you are not? Good vid btw

  22. good tip but poor demonstration. your body shouldnt lean ever especially doing your bob n weaves. bad balancing

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