Boxing Footwork Techniques : Circling the Ring in Boxing

The next thing that we’re going to demonstrate
is actually be circling the ring. This point we’re going to get out of the cross pattern,
we’re going to get out of that straight box-like atmosphere. We’re still going to be doing
the sideways stances, we’re still going to be moving the right foot to the right, left
foot to the left, frontward, backwards, but we’re going to be more of a circling around
the ring. This is going to help your cardio, again, for two minutes at a time. Circle one
way for two minutes, circle the other way for two minutes, then circle the next way
for two minutes and try to get 3 two minute rounds of actually circling the ring. So we’re
just basically going to just keep circling. We’re bobbing, we’re weaving, we’re moving
up and down. It’s almost like shadowboxing. We’re still not throwing any punches, but
we’re just going around and around the ring. It’s alright to hit the ropes, it’s all right
to get in there. We’re just circling, we’re just circling, we’re just circling the ring.
We’re still going to the right, we’re still going backward, we’re still going to the left,
we’re still going forward, but we’re basically just circling the ring.

10 thoughts on “Boxing Footwork Techniques : Circling the Ring in Boxing

  1. Easy to talk smack when you're seated in front of a computer and pounding a McShake. This guy would hit you so hard your whole family would fall down.

  2. That's why half of you would get your meat lumped up in scrap against a skilled fighter. You couldn't find him to hit him because his footwork alone would have you scrubs confused. By the time you got frustrated enough to just throw some bullshit out there, that 50 year old man would slip that and put you on your ass.

  3. don't worry bout half of these tools online bro, thing about boxing is the greats make it look a hell of a lot more easier than it is.

    People that disagree with this guys tactics are only proving they know fuck all about boxing

  4. It's a beginners video. Obviously he's slowing it down for the novice to pick it up. When I say "find him", I'm talking about the average critic who can't hit a moving target.

  5. @aninterestedpartyful, please offer US all solid evidence or an argument that compels OUR mind to accept your assertion as true !

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