Boxing Fail Breakdown: Cop in Street Fight

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jesse and I’m the founder and
grand master of MMA, Mexican Martial Arts. Unfortunately, police brutality occurs on
a daily basis. Fortunately, you can find a lot of it on youtube. It’s no secret that I have had my own run-ins
with the police. I fought the law, and the law won.. But I believe that it was those experiences
that led to me becoming the respectable, upstanding citizen that you see before you today. Sometimes you just gotta be put in your place
and for someone to let you know what’s what. Like I told Marilena……. and then she left
me…. but like, in a mutual way.. You know? I’ll be right back. I got diarrhea. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at a
form of police brutality that I’ve never seen before. This is premeditated police brutality. This is the only time I’ve ever seen a cop
in a fight with gloves on… besides Cro Cop, but that’s a technicality. This young gentleman had beef with the officer
and he decided to fight fair.. cause he didn’t want to end up as a statistic.. instead, he wanted
to end up on Worldstar. But things didn’t go his way, because he
underestimated the officer. Officers have sworn to protect and serve,
but don’t get it twisted, that’s exactly what he did. This fool thought that the cop would hold
back in order to uphold the motto, but he didn’t realize that the protect and serve is actually a combat technique
utilized by police officers. Protect, and serve.. Protect, and serve.. Protect, and serve.. As you can see, that’s all the officer did
during the entire fight. And he dominated. And even though this fool didn’t get any
significant shots in, and he’s gonna be clowned by his homies for like the next, forever.. At least they both go on to live another day. If police officers would fight civilians in
the streets more often, I think the world would be a little bit more peaceful. If you would like to scope out the full fight
then check out the link in the description below. Thank you for watching Mexican Martial Arts. Preciate it. Good looking out. Late. New videos every Wednesday and Friday. And if you would like daily videos, then come through and
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100 thoughts on “Boxing Fail Breakdown: Cop in Street Fight

  1. wow dude, this is a awesome video man! thanks for the link about the popo ill share your vid around as my thanks….

  2. The other guy is lucky the cop didn't pull out his gun and shoot him because they are always in fear for their life…The little paste on sticker on the side of their car needs to read WE SHOOT TO KILL, GO AHEAD CALL 911

  3. The main problem with the fight was that neither of those fools knew Mexican boxing! Didn't even try to secure the bystander; disappointing.

  4. Maestro : gracias por compartir sus sabiduria y sus tecnicas de mma . Yo compartire su palabra

  5. lol when i was in high school we had a gym teacher mr. p (won't put his full name) . whenever he saw two students fighting, he would break up the fight and tell them to either shake hands or finish the fight after school in the gym with the gloves. most shook and went their separate ways. the ones who chose to take up the gloves in the gym after school would slug it out with the doors locked and only the gym teacher present. after it was over they shook hands and then it was up to them whether or not to tell the rest of us the result of the boxing match. many times we would all gather by the door of the gym and try to peer between the crack that separated the two doors and get a glimpse of what was happening inside. sometimes the two combatants would not even go through with the match and just shake hands. lol mr p taught us how to show respect for one another and how to settle our differences like gentlemen. no school shooting back then. '' a quitter never wins and a winner never quits'' is what mr p used to say.

  6. You know, layin a woopin on an asshole policy might just save society. No guns no knives just learn a lesson scrap.

  7. The officer was actually in boxing growing up, and he knew the people that were around.. there a video about it..

  8. That cop was doing some serious crouch, bob, and weave springing into protect and serve combo. Dude is lucky this cop had gloves on and glock off. Finally, most of us understand that "mutual way" hurts the most.

  9. I (black) was repeatedly threatened and then falsely arrested by crooked cops (white). I took them to court and they simply lied (i.e. FELONY PERJURY) and most likely brought off both of my lawyers who botched up my lawsuit (1st lawyer stopped answering calls and sat on my case for a year before quitting while the 2nd one refused to object to blatant, easily fact checked lies about me, generally acted like an unlikable jackass in court etc.). I found out later both lawyers are golf buddies. In this case, I was the law but the criminal cops still won.

    Moral of the story: the law isn't what wins, power is. Also, be careful where you are a minority.

  10. I really wish the world would stop referring to police as non-civilians. We don't need to feed these crazy pigs delusions of being soldiers in some kind of war.

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