Boxing Defense | Shoulder Roll

Defensive-Boxing-Techniques-with-Kerry-Pharr Kerry Pharr: Now if he throws a right hand
and he’s not that much taller than me so it’s difficult sometimes to get underneath
the right hand. So what I want to do if he throws a right hand, I’m going to do the
old-fashioned shoulder roll. This was made famous by the Kronk fighters in Detroit. He
throws a right hand. I’m going to roll with the shoulder. Now put some steam on it, JR.
Go ahead and throw it and see, if I see that – and the floor is completely wet here. Jonathan Reid: Hallelujah. Kerry Pharr: Hallelujah! If I see that punch
coming and roll my shoulder, I’m OK. But if I don’t see that punch coming and don’t
roll my shoulder, I’m going to get hit just like that. So the key is you got your hands
up and you roll the shoulder and I always like and I always taught my guys to put the
right hand here just in case.

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