alright guys here I am again with Nate Bauer made by our fitness I’m going to make sure to leave a link in the bump so you can check out a challenge got a lot of great stuff boxing and conditioning but for you guys today one of the questions I often get is defense and how to build defense how to work with the complex combos that somebody is throwing at you and it’s all based on building blocks in the last video or in a recent video we talked about visual reaction and balance staying focused staying centered that is the key but when it comes to the combinations being thrown on you how are you going to work it how you going to develop your own individual style and work the counter the first thing is that you have to know and get comfortable with a different type of defense so let’s just say may starts with a jab Here I am your friend mate I’m going to just start to work my catch that’s the first part the key to my defense the first key is not the actual defense itself it’s distance so as he closes the gap I want to open the gap so here we go he’s going to throw five jab [Applause] so we got the foundation of the jab catching and that’s sort of where it starts he closes the gap by stepping in I opened the gap stepping out that’s one way to defend let’s say now he’s going to throw the one-two stepping in I’m going to catch and I’m going to block while I step back with my distance he goes one two and this is sort of how you get started now from your point of view you could visualize this in shadowboxing visualize this while you’re on the bag catching the one-two if you see what happened there as he stepped in with the jab and I stepped back he had to come through and reach forward with the right hand to get me now where things change is when you start to mix up your defense and that gives you different counters different opportunities it also depends on what you’re comfortable with so let’s say now he’s going to throw the one-two but instead of catching the jab I’m going to slip on the jab and cover with the left hand so he goes for five and this is a different situation altogether you might feel comfortable with that you might feel more comfortable staying up tall and blocking or you might feel more comfortable with the flip this is going to lead to different opportunities to counterpunch so let’s say in this case you can throw the one-two and I’m going to block it while standing up and then just counter with the right hand this is how you can start to create your own building block for defense so he throws the one-two and boom and I counter with my right hand I build that in I’m visualizing let’s go for four more times now you see how standing tall like that sets up a certain type of counter it makes it easier for me to just throw that right hand right for my knight nice standing position if I slip I might get away from that jab but I might find a little bit harder to come back with the right hand so again you get the advantage of making the myths and blocking but it also may make it harder for you to counter from that position so let me just give it a shot [Applause] so in this case I’m flipping the jab blocking the right hand and coming back with my counter because I’m down this position I might and I’m getting hit while I’m down there I might find it harder than when I’m up right to come back with the right hand different types of defense are going to make it more or less comfortable for you to throw different counters you got to start to figure out which ones are working for you another option just to show you a third option is it he throws the jabs and I slipped the right hand to the outside that sets up the left hook counter and so different defense creates different opportunities so he throws the one-two I’m going to catch and flip the start [Applause] okay so with that I’m catching the jab flipping to the outside I’m not stepping back I’m holding my ground when I hold my ground I slip that creates a different opportunity with the left hook so here I’m going to go through it again but this time I’m going to counter with the left hook yeah so instead of moving back catching and slipping that opens up a left hook opportunity so again with working your defense we have the basics of catching the jab slipping the jab then I can mix up how I handle the right hand either I’m going to catch the jab and block or catch the jab at foot to the other side if I slip the jab I’m down here that makes him miss with the jab but then I have to come all the way back to throw that right hand also have to make sure that I block that right hand coming down to me as I’m down this position different positions are going to make it easier for you to throw certain counters up tall the right hand counter might come off easy flip to the other side the left hook counter comes off a little bit easier so when working to your defense start with the jab work variations of defending the jab add the right hand work variations of defending the jab and the right hand get comfortable with that then add the left hook work variations of blocking all three and see what counters feel natural to you all right so understanding your different positions for defense and the different combinations that come out you are going to better allow you to land counter land more shots in your opponent and adjust to what’s being thrown at you alright guys remember to check out Nate’s channel and thanks for watching guys peace

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