The major reason that the “Father and
Sons” Group came about was a way of fathers and sons interacting with each
other on a level playing ground. Clearly it’s a violent sport, but it
builds character within that, and the structure and the discipline that Joe
passes on to the kids here is key to that. People think that it’s just about
punching the other person in the face but it’s about dodging the other people
punching and it’s about thinking about their hands, not just your hands hitting
them. So the aim of this game is that I’m going to try and tap
him on the inside or the outside of the knee Flynn decided he wanted to do boxing because I can remember him watching a Rocky movie and he liked the idea of
being physically tough and strong and confident Bob! Slip! Slide! Weave! Because bonding is very important. My old man was a bit old school in that way, he didn’t really bond with us as much but with Joshua, I want to bond
with him as much as I can. I think the boxing has really helped him
focus because you’re practising on your technique. That focus you can bring to
other areas of your life, that discipline you can bring into other areas of your
life It has to also be in a controlled
environment. Very easy for young boys to get out of hand. So that’s where the discipline comes in.
That’s where my job comes in. That’s good When I come to boxing, at the end I have
a sense of accomplishment, like “Ah, I did all those things.” They come in here
thinking “oh we’ll do a bit of fitness and stuff like that” and the next minute they’ve
have ended up with a relationship with their son. We create these places as little

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