Boxing club packs punch with Sanctuary’s help

A boxing club is punching above its weight, with a little help from Sanctuary Scotland. Kris McAdam founded Nitshill’s Noble Art
gym to give Glasgow fighters a place to train. The gym has grown into a community hub, helping hundreds of local families. A lunch club funded by Glasgow City Council fed more than 40 children throughout the school summer holiday. The benefits to parents and guardians is that they don’t need to find the money to keep their children entertained every day of the
school holidays. They don’t need to necessarily find the money for childcare if they have
to go to work. They can come up, they see their children
having fun, they see their children integrating with people who they normally probably wouldn’t meet. We have got Slovakian, African, Pakistani,
and people are all wanting to learn about the different cultures. Children are talking about what kind of food they would eat at home, what kind of things they do in their culture, what kind of things makes us all the same but also what kind of things also make us unique. They have formed a 40-strong friendship group where anyone who comes into the area are looked after. They’re not feeling they’re unsafe
if they are walking down the street and if they bump into somebody they are not feeling anxious they are actually quite happy and friendly. A lot of the children when they first started the only exercise they actually do is hanging about with their friends on the street. Here they have been doing a wee bit of structured exercise, they may be doing some boxing, some running around the pitch, some football, and they are exercising five days a week as opposed to maybe once a week or less. You get to try new activities, you meet new friends, and a lot of clubs don’t give you food during the day and this club does. It’s really fun and you get to try a lot
of new food. We have fun. I like sparring. It’s brilliant and it inspires people to come here so they are not missing out on fun things. Sanctuary have been supporting Noble Art since 2012. Kris McAdam is quite community-minded and he’d lost the lease to his old boxing gym and he was travelling about to Barrhead and different places to bring young people to different boxing gyms so they could still
keep up the sport although he didn’t technically have a place to run his club from. Sanctuary seen the good work that he was doing with the kids, helped him secure a lease in this
community centre with City Building, set him up with a legal status that would enable him to ensure that he was never going to lose his tenancy and enabled him to really invest his time by helping him to secure a salary. The community connectors, Kieran Renshaw and Anthony Morrow, they’ve played a massive role. They told us about the community breakfast, they spread the word that there was a boxing gym. It’s not just their own tenants they want
to help, they help everyone in the area, they take a back seat, they don’t take any credit for what it is that they do. We would never be able to reach these young people if it wasn’t for Sanctuary last year is technically what I’m trying to say.

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