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– Oh yeah. I’m a badass. I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely horrified
at myself right now. Which Ninja Turtle are you? Are you the Raph? Yes. Christina Yang, quick, I’m ready to do my running whip stitch. That was a bit from Grey’s Anatomy. I honestly don’t know what
this is, but it’s witchcraft. Oh my god yeah. Literally the most athletic thing you will ever see me do on screen. You got that on camera right? Hi everyone, thank you
so much for watching. My name is Jonathan, this is Noodle, and this is Tools of the Trade, the show where we explore
the everyday items that entrepreneurs need to succeed. Now, today, I’m super excited
because the entrepreneur that curated this box is
one named Reese Scott. Now Reese Scott owns
Women’s World of Boxing, which is New York City’s
only women’s only boxing gym. It’s on the Upper East side, and she is an absolute badass. She worked in publishing forever and then she went to a boxing gym one day and she went, you know what, I can create a space for people like me, who need to come and just punch it out. And she did. And I am truly so excited
to be showing off this box. And not just because I’m
worried she’ll hit me. [Hitting noise] One of my closest friends takes
a boxing lessons from Reese, and one of the best things
she told me is that, if she wasn’t ready to do something, no one was pushing her to do it. And I think that’s so cool and I tried to send
that message to Noddle, I said listen Noodle, there’s a lot of opportunities
for personal growth, like you have a lot of aggression
you can not only let out, but I feel like you can learn
about yourself in the process, and you know what he did? He hit me. [Hitting noise] Totally kidding oh my god no
he doesn’t hit me. We have fun. Okay so, but I tried to enroll
Noodle in a boxing classes and he wouldn’t go, and not just because he
is both male and a dog, because he couldn’t put
the boxing gloves on. Anyway, Noodle and I are going to be opening the Reese
Scott box, we’re so excited. If at any point during this
episode someone comes on screen and tries to attack me, I
will try and defend myself. [Bell noise] Let’s crack her open. Oh my god. I don’t look in this. I have no idea what’s in these
boxes before we film them, so I get really excited. So the first thing I’m going to pull out of here is whatever this is. Are these, what are these called? Okay so, this, not suitable for children under the age of three, but 100% suitable for a badass female entrepreneur who owns her own boxing gym. These are Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles skateboards and I can imagine that these are, these are here for two different reasons. One, something tells me
that Reese is obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I feel like this is not an accident. I’ve also always been a Michelangelo, living in a sewer is
something that I understand, and Reese is a skateboarder. So, what I think this
speaks to, is the passion that people have for projects outside of their day to day job. And I think that’s really important. That’s something that
everyone should keep in mind. Never shy away from quinsy. Which ninja turtle are you? Are you the Raph? Yes, that indicated yes. I also did not know, that
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Spanish is le tortugas ninja. The next thing we have in
the Reese Scott box is, these are, are these drum sticks? But I can tell that Noodle
loves this and I know why, because Noodle loves music. Don’t you Noodle? He loves the classics, he’s a big fan of Gwen Stafani, she’s not really the classics,
but she’s classics 90’s. First of all I love that I got
these after the skateboard, because this woman owns a boxing gym, and I have yet to see any
boxing paraphernalia in here, so far, which makes me
know that this woman knows how to have fun. I also think that she
has a lot of passions and she goes after all of them, and this is something I read on LinkedIn the other day which,
huge value in LinkedIn, the best employees or
some of the best people that you’ll work with are
entrepreneurial minded, but a lot of times, what that means is that they have to have side hustles. Who is to say Reese Scott will never play with DenCo in Denver one day. She very well could,
you know, I don’t know. She may never do that, but she may. But if she doesn’t it’s very clear that she still loves doing this. Also, love that they glow in the dark. I love the idea that, you know, the apocalypse happens,
there’s no electricity, ash has blacked out the sun, you can’t stop the beat. [Drums] So the next thing that
we have in this box, oh my god I don’t even know. Oh no I’m going to pick
this cause I get it. Collagen Peptides, do do do. Collagen Peptides. That’s the theme song
for Collagen Peptides. So these are as I said, Collagen Peptides. I love this for a lot of reasons. Let’s say hypothetically you work in a job where you have to wear makeup a lot, or you’re a newscaster or something. You always have someone
putting crap in your hair, or stuff in your eyes, or,
you know you’re a blogger, maybe not even a newscaster oh my god. This is something that I
think anyone can benefit from. I think it speaks to Reese
taking care of herself, internally and externally, which Noodle could really jump in on. Do you need a Collagen Peptide? Honestly? That was a yes. The very next thing that we
have in the Reese Scott box is, oh I’ll do this cause I understand this. Stumptown Coffee. As a decaffer myself, this
is hard for me to hold, cause I want it so badly
but I simply can’t drink it, cause I get the shakes. Anyway, this is obviously great
if you are a business owner, you need caffeine. Maybe you know a lot
about me at this point, I don’t know, social pages are all public, but I do not exercise. I carry a pug around the city, that’s as close as I get. But obviously if you own
a gym you are up early, and I can imagine that this
is going 24 hours a day at Women’s World of Boxing to some degree, and although Reese is a joy, and I can imagine a joy 24 hours a day, everyone needs a cup of coffee. Woooo. The next thing we have in here, What is this, Chakra Two, balancing. So whatever this is, you shouldn’t spray it
directly into your eye. [Yelling] Which is a good takeaway so far. This is a body spray
that you spray around, on and around yourself
to balance your Chakra’s. Now, I love this, because if you are
actively taking the time, to help center yourself to
whatever degree that might be, I feel like you are infinitely
more able to succeed at whatever you’re doing. Ooo this smells good, this smells. What am I going to do,
I’m going to do this. Oh my god that’s sandalwood. Mmm, oh my god is this just a body spray? What is this? I’m totally aligned. Guys, I honestly don’t know what this is, but it’s witchcraft. Do you want me to throw it to you? It’s fabulous. Here it goes. So that was the Shokra body spray which I, oh my god yeah. That’s the, literally the most athletics thing you will ever see me do on screen. The clo- you can’t even see me box. That’s, you want to throw it again? No cause it won’t catch
it the second time. You got that on camera right? All right Noodle. Blink twice if you’re having a blast. Did he, he did blink? Okay Noodle. Now, look at me if you can
understand what I’m saying? I knew it was all a lie. We’ll talk about this later. Okay, the next thing we have
in the Reese Scott box is, first cla- coloring gloves. Oh, these are not coloring gloves. These are gloves for cleaning. I’m going to put one of these gloves on. Cause that’s a great
thing to do on camera. I’m not going to give you a colonoscopy. Honestly I’m just here to clean your sink. But anyway, I love this
cause this is not only a testament to Reese’s
commitment to her gym, she cleans this, like
this woman owns this gym, she operates this gym and
she maintains this gym. It’s also for injuries. It’s for treating wounds. You’re in a boxing gym, you get calluses. I can’t imagine that there are too many knife fighting classes, but some injuries must come out, and this is something
that you can keep on hand for when you have to be
not only an owner of a gym, and someone who cleans the gym
but also the resident doctor. And as someone who has watched all 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy,
I too can be a doctor. Christina Yang, quick, I’m ready to do my running whip stitch. That was a bit from Grey’s Anatomy. [Clapping] Anyway, the next thing
we have in the box is, Get What You Want: The Art of Making, and Manifesting Your Intentions. Yeah, I totally get this. Whether it is a motivational
book, a self-help book, fiction, whatever it might be, I always have had a pension
for keeping a book around me for when I have down time, or for when I immediately just
need to go, you know what? I need to get out of this
world that I’m in right now, I’ve had a really long day. I also love that this
is here because it’s, I think it speaks to self improvement. I don’t know a whole lot of
entrepreneurs who’ve gotten their business set up
and they went, all right, that’s it, good to go. I’m sure there are a lot of
people who have done that, but the people that we’ve interacted with or a lot of the people
that we’re featuring in, in this are people who really are still in the nitty gritty of
creating their business. And Reese, despite how
overwhelmingly successful she is, I love this because I think it
speaks to constantly learning and knowing that you will
always be able to push yourself as far as your potential goes. And that’s what Noodle tells
me every day, before bed. He looks me in the eye and he says, weak. Push yourself, and then
I cry myself to sleep and then I wake up in the
morning and I push myself, and it works. The next and final item we
have in the bo- oh my god I’ve been waiting for these. Wrist wrap heavy bag gloves. I wonder if these are
going to fit over my latex. Oh yeah, oh they’ve got the finger hook, so, okay so, obviously,
we’re in a boxing gym, you’ve got to have the
right equipment, right? You’re not going to just
throw two people in a ring and just say okay first
one bleeds is the loser, that’s not how this works. But if that is the case, that’s
why we have these gloves. I know that she provides these in her gym. What this does, this really
speaks to be about preparedness and this lets me know that
this woman was thinking about her clients and about
the people who come in. She’s getting every day
people into the gym, who don’t necessarily have this equipment but they want to
participate in that sport. And I feel like that sort of opportunity to really widen your market. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I’ll scream into a pillow. I’m not such a physical person, I just ahh right into a pillow, you know, and then let the tears fall down and then, I dry myself up and then
I, you take a shower, cry in the shower and I’m done. This, I think is really,
obviously so great, if you are that kind of person who just needs a physical catharsis, and sometimes you just
gotta punch something. Especially if you are
a small business owner. Whether or not you want to
take boxing classes at all, should acquire gloves like this so you can just safely punch
things when you need to. Oh yeah. I’m a badass. I got my shock wrist aligned, I got two layers of crap on
my hands and I’m ready to go. I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely horrified
at myself right now. Anyway, thank you so much for watching. That is the end of the Reese Scott box. I really hope you guys
enjoyed watching this video, for Noodle, for myself, thank you. Thank you so much for watching. Please make sure to subscribe
on YouTube if you did like watching this video, and be
sure to tune in next time.

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