Boxing Australia Futures Camp at the AIS

(Rock Music plays) I don’t really like team sports, I don’t depending on other people to help me out. I like having all the responsibilities on myself. I work hard by myself. And I get all my results for myself. I’m a fifth generation boxer. Mum and dad were like ‘Just do fighting, because you basically were born to do it.” In our COE, or, Centre of Excellence Program, we’ve got 80 boxers on that program. And 80 of them are not here, they’re working on development program to try and get into programs like this. We are really looking at movement pattern and control, so developing good body awareness and good control in the initial part. Then we take them through a basic strength circuit. The strength circuit is basically made up of a variety of exercises that relatively boxing specific in their movement patterns. Can they really apply force effectively? And can they actually move effectively? Which is what they need to transfer when they build their strength into the ring and fight effectively. Mostly I’ve been working on more technical boxing like parallel and diagonal movements. Yes, it’s very helpful for me, I’m going to try to put them into fights, put them into training and sparring. Learn them more, yeah it’s good. I actually really like it. They’re good Trainers, they teach you things that I don’t usually get taught at my own gym. They have different styles – I usually get taught countering, they teach me to move to the side more. And yeah, I just get more knowledge, get different styles in my head, so I can confuse the other opponent with all my tricks and confuse them. Next year will be the world championships for the youths, and then if I qualify for that, that’ll be excellent. And if I win a medal at that, I get to get into the youth Olympic games. So that’s my main goals for now. And then after that, I’ll be aiming for 2016 Rio Olympics. I want to get the first Gold Medal for Australia. I want to try and get into Pro’s as early as possible. So probably Commonwealth Games and then go Pro. My Dad did it early, and it’s better, I just want to be too late into the Professionals. It’ll be tough, but nothing comes easy. undefined

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