58 thoughts on “Boxing Apocalypse – Promo Trailer | PS VR

  1. Lo mejor de lo mejor de lo mejor me quedaria escribiendo lo mejor de lo mejor pero tengo que dormir pero es lo mejor de lo mejor like si es lo mejor de lo mejor

  2. This game is so pointless, it’s as if they don’t realize Creed exists, a VR game that’s already considered one of the best in many different aspects..

  3. How about just an actual realistic VR boxing game? Why do games always have to have some weird fantasy or cartoon element?

  4. Is this a remake of the nes game where you box aliens wich was a punchout spiritual sequel but it was horribly made?Is this a power punch remake?

  5. Another Tech Demo contracted to be released………… There's maybe 5 Replayable, great VR experiences on all platforms to be honestly……. Futures bright tho… All they had to do (until we experienced improves) is release retro games remade in current VR…woukdve been $$$$$$ and fit the current tech. I'd play Metroid prime in VR…..I'd play Mario Bros in VR……ID play NBA Jam in VR.

  6. I think most people are hating on the game because they don't want to be up and active. Meanwhile i'll use it as a way to have fun and get into shape

  7. WOW! REMARKABLE TALENT, PURE GENIUS!! Boxing Apocalypse will be taking over the VR industry!! Wonder how many of the haters made a VR game for Sony PS these days..HMMMMM!!!??? how many of the negative comments have actually tried the game…..Graphics are amazing, game is intense..try it before you comment, show some class….APOCALYPSE!!!!

  8. Boxing….aliens……alien fight club…….how did this happen? Someone sat in several meetings there and just allowed them to run with this idea and not say anything? Shame!

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