Boxers Jumping Rope Videos And Analysis

In this video we’re going to look at
some of the most famous boxers jump rope and try to analyze their style to
understand what makes their skipping look so unique so the first boxer which
you might have expected is Floyd Mayweather if I could describe Floyd Mayweather’s
style of skipping in one word it would be ‘power’. Floyd Mayweather
exerts a lot of power when jumping rope you can really feel like every muscle in
his body is contracted while he’s trying to jump rope for example when he does
the crossover you can really feel that his chest is contracted and his core is
tight something very unique about Floyd Mayweather is that he only skips doing
the boxer step. The boxer step is basically when you jump rope and you
alternate the weight of your body you’re on each foot and each time watching
Floyd Mayweather jump rope even feels a bit intimidating and that’s because
Floyd is able to keep his eyes locked at one point while he’s jumping rope at all
time he is always looking straight in front of him and never really looks down
at his body talking about looking down while jumping rope this next fighter has
the tendency to look down at his body while jumping rope and that’s Muhammad
Ali if I could describe Muhammad Ali’s style
of skipping I would say lightweight even though Muhammad Ali played as a
heavyweight he’s really lightweight on his feet
while jumping rope compared to Floyd Mayweather Muhammad
Ali is really able to do all the movements while skipping rope while
putting the least amount of energy into it he’s really efficient and knows how
to save his energy while skipping for example look at him while doing the
cross you can see that he’s crossing just wide enough so that the cable is
able to pass but no more and no less compare that to Floyd Mayweather which
crosses all the way in from time to time Muhammad Ali switches between the
regular jump to the boxers step while always staying light on his feet by
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enjoying this video up until now our next fighter on this list is actually
Mike Tyson with the one word to describe him being fluidity just look how fluid he is while jumping
rope, look how easily he’s able to switch from the double unders to the
squat jump Mike Tyson also really loves to do the side swing that’s something
Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather don’t usually do very often one thing I
personally really love about Mike Tyson’s style of jumping is that he’s
really able to maintain the same tempo while jumping for a couple of minutes
our next fighter can be described with agility have you guessed who it is
it is Manny Pacquiao I honestly really love manny pacquiao
style of jumping and that’s because he has exceptionally good footwork compared
to Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao really looks much more relaxed while
jumping you’ll see him looking side to side, looking down at his sides, looking
at its colleagues you can even feel like he’s thinking of other things of work
family his next fight while skipping rope you can even have a phone conversation
watch jumping rope I’d like to know who do you think has the best boxing style
and why let me know in the comments below all those tricks we have talked
about in this video the side swing the cross the boxer set and the squad jump
I have step-by-step tutorials for them so be sure to check those out and to
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13 thoughts on “Boxers Jumping Rope Videos And Analysis

  1. This was aaaaaaawesome. This is an amazing piece of historicity. I pray that you don't mind if I shared it on Facebook. I liked all four styles. I can't pick. As usual you content is do fabulous I watch it over and over. I really like how you just don't teach the tricks and techniques but you show other folks doing and have given us some content history and wonderful points of reference.

  2. Good analysis. Thanks for the video. Mayweather does side swings as well. You forgot to mention Brian Viloria. I think Brian Viloria's jump rope skills is right up there with Mayweather, if not better.

  3. Oooo by the way, i forgot, but u sir, can jump rope better than all this boxers which u mentiin in this video. Keep the good work.

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