Boxer Puncher Style Tutorial (Fight Night Champion) PS3, XBox 360

Hello Youtube, this is Henry here your
boy from HZGaming4U I have here something very very special
for you guys today I put together a great series of video tutorials that uh… will show you some advance
techniques and things right from scratch that you
should be aware of uh… when picking a fighter or maybe
moving forward with your online OWC career in this video series I will take
you from scratch step-by-step even if you are having problems in
winning online or you are new to the game and will like to learn more from Fight
Night even though the game is two years old I wanna get you guys ready
for the next Fight Night Game even if they dont have a release date
yet for the next one I am sure that it will be sometime
this year that it will be launching soon, but they dont have
a date yet it is a lot better late than never to study these
techniques because it will not change much in the next one well basically what i got for you guys
right here on these series of Fight Night Video tutorials is all of the different type of boxers different type of boxes that everyone should be aware of when when selecting a boxer for OWC
very properly for your Online Career now lets start right here with
the the 1st Boxer which is uh… the boxer puncher the boxer puncher by default will as default have the ratings like
the picture on the left side that shows your boxer by
default uh… the default rating that they will
give you for your boxer pnce you select a box puncher the once on the right side about your boxer puncher in the pic are the
maximum strength with the maximum amount of rating due to the all Gold Medals that you
have to Unlock for your athleticism medals you unlock by accomplishing the little Goals that comes with it or purchase
them from the playstation store or at the Fight Night Store
which is better as you can see on the Left side the
boxer puncher is well all around fighter that by default has eighty seven, eighty eight, eighty
nine, eighty nine, but has eighty eight reflexes the right side looks better as your potential
so you can see here on the picture overall that it is a well all around fighter the proper technique to go with
this fighter is to basically to fight from the
mid range kind of mid range area not from the inside you can bang a little bit from the
inside and get out of the inside fast uh… the reson is that in Online World Championship they do not
tell you but uh… if you go to the EA forums there
are experts on EA Sports and of fight night champion forums that they
recommend you to use every boxer exactly accordingly to their style so if you have a counter-punch? then don’t
go in there and bang from the inside you know what i’m saying here so boxer puncher? mid range bang inside a little bit, step out use
your jab one-two, counter a lil bit, throw power shots but always keep a distance and be smart to be a all
all-around fighter you can see strength is at ninety three, speed ninety-four, endurance and
conditioning and toughness is at ninety five and reflexes at
ninety four well guys this right here tells you about Boxer Punchers and gives you
the info now I will show you live action of Miguel Cotto which he is a boxer
puncher in live action for you guys come close! lets have a clean fight! so touch Gloves now

28 thoughts on “Boxer Puncher Style Tutorial (Fight Night Champion) PS3, XBox 360

  1. Thanks dude I appreciate you stopping by. You are right, Boxer Punchers are the most effective Boxers for people that like to Boxer Mid Range, but also like to Bang Inside a lil Bit. Something famous people do a lot online is, they grab a Brawler with Speed Style, Philly Shell D, and Roy Jones punching or Speed punching and turn the Brawler into a super Powerful Outside to Mid Range machine! That can also Bang hard inside cuz he is made for that u dig? lol

  2. What weight height n reach do u recommend for these types of fighters. Also when applying boxer growth do you auto assign xp? Im pretty new to this and finding the right balance is pretty tough for a newbie like me. 🙂

  3. i created a boxer puncher on legacy mode and my athleticism wasnt like that with my gold medals……My strength was 89 speed 87 endurance 91 condition 90 toughness 90 reflexes 89

  4. This doesnt apply to Legacy Mode dude, all of my tutorials are for Online Gameplay OWC. In Legacy Mode your Boxer's stats change every fight depending on how effective was your training. It is 2 different worlds Legacy and OWC…

  5. Question: Does this mean you have to fight according to your fighter's stlye inorder to get more stamina percentage in between rounds? Bc there's soo many times I only end up getting 1% recovery even though I won the round

  6. where can i find the creat a boxer tips for a boxer puncher? like i need help creating a boxer puncher.

  7. hello friend a question ! recently bought the game and I get to figth now I get blocked! you should know ???????? I buy pass or something like that !! sldos

  8. Really appreciate these videos bro! From what I've experienced and tested, uppercuts and straight rights are the most accurate punches to throw, regardless of style or skill points. I recommend stepping (tap the joystick to 1 direction) rather than skipping (holding the joystick to a direction). Stepping itself is considered a slip/dodge so adding leans will give you more counter opportunities.

  9. Hi HZ, I would like to know how to make the press button for side-step uppercut (is there any clips showing instead of written statement only?)

    Furthermore, is there any ways of counter the side-step uppercut? cos some advanced spammer would like to use it quite frequently.

    Look forward to receiving your reply. Thanks.

  10. Pls help I’m making a Lomachenko type fighter what styles would you say suits him I already he’s southpaw but not sure about his other styles could you help pls?

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