19 thoughts on “Boxer Patrick Day dies of brain injuries after fight with Cleveland Heights native Charles Conwell

  1. It's a tragedy, a deep tragedy. Patrick Day will be remembered, for his fighting heart. Rest in peace, Patrick. My thoughts goes to his family, may they find comfort in God. My thoughts also goes to his opponent, Charles Conwell – this is a tragedy also for him.

  2. Why is she so cheerful looking reporting this? Just goes to show you some news anchors are one track minded with not messing up and not caring what they're actually reporting on

  3. Canvas needs some sort of cushioning you can’t hit the back of your head that hard. The boxing didn’t kill him the hard ground did

  4. As martial art instructor, in my humble opinion, these type of tragedies could reduce using a boxing helmet & especially when someone goes down after a power punch combination, referee should consider stop the match (pratically review slightly the rules). Combat sports don't need dead fighters, but good & living fighters to appreciate power, technique, strategy, etc.. R.I.P. Patrick

  5. I absolutely luv boxing probably my number 1 sport……. This was your average KO that we've all seen a thousand times……. And it kill him… There's not many fighters that will want to watch this fight due to knowing that this cud happen at any point!!

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