Boxer Part 1: Planning – Plan it, Shoot it, Edit with Gavin Hoey

In this video I’ll bring you along for the ride as I prepare and plan three boxing themed photo-shoots. Hello I’m Gavin Hoey and you’re watching AdoramaTV brought to you by Adorama, the camera store that’s got everything for us photographers and you’re watching another plan it, shoot it, edit series of videos where I take you behind the scenes on one of my shoots from start to finish. Well this is definitely the start video because we haven’t done any planning for a boxing themed shoot. So why boxing? Well a few years ago I did a similar theme shoot here in the studio, it was great fun, the pictures look fantastic but it’s always bugged me that they really did look like they were in a studio and not a location. Well very recently we discovered a great boxing location, it’s just down the road from us here. We even found the owner, had a brief chat and he kind of seemed okay with us possibly, maybe doing a photo shoot sometime in the distance, so there’s no time like the present, so we’re going to get in touch with the owner and establish a few really important things before doing a location shoot. So (A) can we go? And (B) how long can we be there? What’s it going to cost? Are there do’s and dont’s? That sort of stuff, lots of questions makes it sound like the perfect opportunity to send an email but from experience if you’re looking for a positive response don’t email, phone. Phone conversation with the owner should really sort this out however my wife Sam is so much better at this than I am, so I’m going to ask Sam to phone the owner of the studio who’s actually also called Sam, that could get confusing and hopefully we’ll get a positive response really quickly. So it’s taken a couple of days and a couple of phone calls but Sam has got it sorted and the owner has kind of agreed for us to go and do a location scout but he’s gone a step further and we just got off the phone from him he said if we can get down there right now, we can actually do a test shoot, which is amazing! So I’m going to take a couple of the glow 70cm soft boxes and of course the eVolv 200. We’ll pack a couple of those and I guess you get to join me at the gym. So this is where we’re going to hopefully do the boxing shoot TGM Gym, local gym. They’ve said we can come and shoot here we’re going to do a recce first let’s see what’s inside. The inside of the gym looked fantastic even better than I remember and I had a good look round unfortunately I can’t use any of the audio in there because the music was so loud. The reason for the loud music became clear very quickly because it turned out they were just about to start a gym class and we didn’t know that was going to happen but we had a chat with the guys and they were more than happy for me to take pictures just as long as I set my gear up away from where they were training which annoyingly was exactly where I wanted to photograph. So who is going to be the model for my test shoot? Well once again it’s down to my wife Sam to be the test model for the test shoot and although she’s never done any boxing in her life, she really gave it a good go and I learnt loads from just taking a few test pictures. One thing I learnt really quickly is getting the perfect punch bag shot is really hard. As time was tight and I didn’t want to outstay our welcome I gave that up and tried to do some still shots some static pictures instead. The ones where I really overpowered the ambient with the eVolv 200s, they look fine but I could have been back in the studio for those, so I actually prefer the ones where I balanced the flash with the ambient light and that’s something I’m going to need to consider when it comes to do the full final shoot. So we’ve got the location sorted and the model is sorted as well so the guy who was the boxer in my old video Roger he’s going to be the boxer in the new video. At the moment he is in fantastic shape as you’ll see in the next video. Neither he nor I know anything about boxing or have any boxing equipment so although we can borrow a few bits from the gym there’s a few things like clothes I’d like to supply new. First things have arrived in this morning and we’ve got some of these which are sort of wraps and things that sort of wrap around your hand and… oh, oh that… and they’ve come wrapped in a piece of a pizza box American Hawaiian Pizza anybody? That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the shoot does it really? One of the more scary things I’ve had to do.

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  1. Excellent Gavin. This is a really great series, so helpful, instructive and yet so entertaining at the same time. Please do many more!

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