Boxer Kubrat Pulev kisses female reporter on lips during interview

So that was one of the most savagest, the most bloodiest fights I’ve seen. How were you able to stay so calm? I was very good prepared … long time, two, three month. We do very good tactic, strategy very good. I was the best … When do you think you will be back again fighting? This is boxing and sometimes this is normal. So, if Tyson Fury gets through Tom Schwarz, do you think you should have a shot? Yes.

100 thoughts on “Boxer Kubrat Pulev kisses female reporter on lips during interview

  1. That would have to go to court? Wow, different times. I heard he had to take classes. In the old days, if she didn't like it … you spoke to each other and she would tell him don't do that, I didn't like it.

  2. Her nipz is almost shown nyahhahahaha thats why,who man can resist that beauty,she deserve to be assault..peaceeeee

  3. Well, the female reporter is so hot on the camera if you can see on the camera her nipple is almost shown, very obvious in camera angle:).She bites her lips …kind of flirting while interviewing:).

  4. The woman reporter's lips was puffering, she was too close , when you interview a half naked man, keep a distance, the guy just couldn't resist that Angelina Jolie lips, and she said Thank you.! 🤣

  5. So? When you have a balls and when you had boxing match your testeron gets high. Of course he is gonna kiss her, he could be bang her just there even.

  6. She was asking for it the whole time licking her lips infront of him and she likes being kiss and she wants more but the guy got scared at the end she said I want more

  7. She laughed when it happened, but complained of sexual harassment later…? Typical feminist…!!!

  8. Lol oh the humanity you can clearly she how “traumatized she is and how sexual that kiss was that .3 seconds was like an eternity 😱😱😱

  9. laughs and giggles after, takes legal action.
    come on bruh, if you want to claim it was sexual at least act like you felt it was… shouldn’t kiss anyone without permission. He clearly was expressing his joy of victory and didn’t even look interested in her sexually yet alone want to kiss her in a sexual manor. Wasn’t a sexual kiss at all… never would I ever have thought it be saying that about a man kissing a women, but that kiss was so obviously nothing sexual at all, under any stretch of reality.

  10. Can we chat for a second about how being a person with a selfie stick apparently makes you a “reporter”? Say she is an actual reporter. Can someone please get her a cameraman? Come on.

  11. That's bulls#@$ mate! He did nothing wrong. The world really has gone mad.
    It makes you think twice about all of the so called sexual assaults that famous people have been accused of that we don't see.

  12. Кобрат Пулев е само добър защото е Българин. Само България и Русия 🇧🇬🇷🇺

  13. Come on', a cleavage revealing reporter with hot red lips and big glasses is just begging for a kiss. 'nough said. She
    keeps looking at the camera for a signal,, 'when is he going to kiss me' and she liked it saying 'alright'….no story here.
    Plus she keeps smacking her lips, like 'when are you going to kiss me'.

  14. Kobrata si pomisli 4e oniq momi4eta sa Kato bulgarskite kurvi. Tva da ne ti e tvoita kurva deto purvo Trqbva da q iznasili6 I togava da te haresa. Sigurno negovata e zela da se sbru4kva ve4e I 6a q smenq

  15. Pulev seems like your typical dumb fighter: all muscle no brain. Why would you do that in the current climate and on camera to boot? She's not seem attractive (unless you have some weird Asian fetish).

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