Boxer Joe Williams thanks legendary trainer Johnny Lewis for helping him fight his demons.

Boxing taught me how to be present. When I’m mentally strongest is when I’m present in my mind. when I’m present in
my mind I know that I can face any battle. My name’s Joe Williams, I’m a first I’m a First Nation Wiradjuri man. The day that I relive every single day, it’s the day that I attempted to take my life. I was lucky enough to wake up the next day and lucky enough to live and survive through what
was an incredibly painful time. Everything in my mind every single day
tells me I can’t. It questions me in everything that I do and tells me I
can’t, tells me I’m worthless and that I will fail. I still battle every single day. Some days are better than the other and some days are horrifically bad. I’m travelling from Wiradjuri country to Sydney to thank my boxing coach the great Johnny Lewis because he ingrained a self belief into me he taught me that anything was possible, he taught me that I am worth it. Johnny Lewis’ voice was always over my
shoulder just telling me “you can do this Joey”. A reason I asked you here today is to read something to you. Johnny, I invited you here
today as a bit of a surprise but I also wanted to write and read you something
that I’ve never had a chance to say to you. After you heard of my story, of me
trying to take my life you expressed remorse. I know you felt bad for not
seeing those signs of me trying to take my life in a suicide attempt but the
truth is Johnny you didn’t see it when I was around you because you were the one
who kept me out of the dark. When I was around you I was strong that’s why he didn’t see. See when I was in the gym you helped me build on a strength, not a
physical strength but an inner mental strength that helped me fight back against
my demons. Johnny Lewis I don’t think you realise just how thankful I am. I love you mate. You know every time in the corner
there’s so much doubt you know and you gotta believe in yourself in the ring. I’m gobsmacked by what Joey read to me it
means a lot to me I didn’t have a clue but it’s a beautiful day for me. Joey’s a
very important part of the future of our indigenous people I can think of no one
better to lead them. We never know, he could even be prime
minister of our country. I love him like I love my own children I feel very humbled by it. That’s it mate, that’s the hard stuff done. I didn’t have too many tears.

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