49 thoughts on “Boxer dies from injuries in the ring at MGM National Harbor

  1. I've never wanted to tell Mike Wise to STHU until this video. People die doing their jobs all the time. Logging is the most deadly job in the US. Is someone a hypocrite for buying a 2×4 at the local hardware? Do you think about fuel truckers or oil miners when you buy your gas or fishermen when you shop for seafood? Hell no! Some jobs are just dangerous and the professionals that do those jobs should be well respected. So with all due respect Mr Wise, pls spare me the self righteous bull crap


  3. Let me make it very clear. All of you boxers deserve what you get. Especially Foreman, Frazier and Pacquiao who say they are Christians but are liars. It is the DEVIL that has you go in the ring to
    knock somebody's head off. It is certainly not God. I don't fear sorry for none of you.

  4. I'm here lamenting his death. It should not have happened. Clearly his skill were not up to that fight. The responsible body of boxing should have experience in consideration not only weigh but years in boxing and numbers of fights. 30 fights shouldn't be good enough to be considered a "professional". Or at least to match up a boxer to an equivalent numbers of fight of his opponent…This sport is to risky.

  5. So true so sad so much money involved
    What is going to happen with boxing ? nothing. I stop watching boxing since ruelas, fight which
    A boxer . die

  6. I agree, boxing, UFC, & many other combat sports sometimes have brutal injuries & Sometimes death, however, if you stop those gladiator sports it WILL continue in the STREETS!! So it's better they fight in the ring where it can be monitored & stopped without weapons getting involved. Try to break up two fighters in the street & see what happen to you. 🥊

  7. People act like dis is the only sport dat someone died in what about the guy that died in the g league (basketball) and the plenty of people that died in football u just gotta know ur limits

  8. Hey announcer, I don’t care about your moral opinion and neither does anyone else, tell us about the fight and nothing else

  9. Soldiers die.pilots die. Football player die under the game. Musicians die. Drivers die in traffic. Boxers die.. You know what you are going for. He died doing what he loved to do. He was professional. Sad to say but that’s how it is. Astronauts die getting burnt too.

  10. Talk about hypocrisy. How many nascar drivers have died??? And people still buying tickets to see them drive around in circles at dangerous speeds! Don’t single out boxing. How many actors have died making a movie? Like Brandon Lee off the top of my head. All forms of entertainment have a level of danger in them but isn’t that what we pay to see?? When a boxer has no power and can’t knock guys out he gets ridiculed and made fun of. You people wanna see knockouts and guys gettin there heads smashed in. Only when someone dies now you wanna step back cry about it.

  11. Shut up! Get off your soap box and just give us the facts. 2 tragedies happened: the fighter's death (RIP) & me clicking this video.

  12. Why would he be questioned and charged for a death he had no control of boxing is a dangerous sport man 💯💯they shouldve stopped it Rip maxim 🙏

  13. Some commenters have no idea about the boxing!
    First of all that dude so called trainer babe mcdirt should not ask the fighter but stop the fight period!
    That death is on him
    The boxer does not think clearly at this moment

    Russian was a very skilled fighter!
    Until 10 round it was a very competitive fight, but after that 10 and 11 thT was it , Dadashev was brutally beaten and had nothing to answer with, that is when Babe McDirt, so called hall of fame boxer/trainer did nothing and left the young woman a widow and 2 year old boy an orphan
    Shame on you Bodddddy McDirt!!!!

  14. Questioned by. police? Arrested? For what? We all know Boxing is a dangerous and deadly sport! Anyone is free to step up in the hopes that they can keep up. Boxing may not be a WISE career choice for everyone and for various reasons not necessarily physical ones. Nothing demands more from a man than Boxing. There is no tougher, more challenging, or braver sport or activity. Dadashev knew the risks and will be remembered as an honorable and brave gladiator. Any winy, wimpy, sniveling little runt weasel that doesn't like the fine art of pugilism doesn't have to watch it! Some people have some nerve even commenting on how another man eats, pays for his home, and takes care of himself and his family;; some f'n nerve! Total knucklehead nerve!

  15. Lmao the fans are punch drunk but they not in the ring they love swinging with know defense and most boxers take that chance for the punch drunk fans who will never enter the ring

  16. MGM is cursed, a little girl was electrocuted, now this man is dead, that casino has blood on his hands, stay away folks.

  17. They say he should be in prison yet these people set the boxing up anyway if it's hazardous just shut it down it's so simple

  18. Boxing isn’t going anywheres . All’s you can do is educate the fighters and refs and trainers so that they fully understand the risks involved and be as safe as they can possibly be . Which issent safe

  19. You sign the release? Did it say death was not only a possible risk but a certain statistical fact? What's the problem?

    Boxing, football, mma aren't the deadliest jobs yet they are the ones with the clearest threat posed that one willingly takes on.

    These are the deadliest jobs in America, study says
    JOBS Jan 09, 2019
    By Najja Parker, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    On-the-job injuries are not uncommon. However, some careers may be more dangerous than others, according to a recent report.

    » RELATED: These jobs have the highest suicide rates in the country, CDC says

    Researchers from 24/7 Wall St. recently conducted a study to determine the 25 occupations with the highest fatality rates. To do so, they reviewed fatal injury rates for 72 occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

    Living with ulcerative colitis? They’ve been there.By AbbVieAdvertiser Content
    Living with ulcerative colitis? They’ve been there.
    They calculated injury rates as the number of fatal occupational injuries per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers. They said a full-time worker is equivalent to 2,000 hours worked by an employee during the calendar year.

    They also pulled information on median annual wages and total employment from the Occupational Employment Statistics program. All of the figures were from 2017.


    inRead invented by Teads

    After analyzing the results, they determined fishers and related fishing workers, who make about $28,310 annually, had the most dangerous jobs. They counted 41 fatal and 120 nonfatal injuries in 2017, with transportation incidents being the most common fatal accident.

    » RELATED: 3 dead after fishing boat capsizes

    Logging workers, who make about $38,840 annually, were next on the list, and contact with objects and equipment was the most common deadly accident.

    Aircraft pilots and flight engineers, who make about $111,930 annually, came in at No. 3, with transportation incidents also being the most common fatal accident.

    The analysts found that workers with jobs on the list were prone to deadly slips and falls, inadvertent contact with dangerous substances or equipment, transportation accidents and even violent altercations.

    “Fatality rates for each of these jobs are more than double the rate across all occupations — and in some cases over 20 times higher,” the authors wrote.

    » RELATED: Study ranks deadliest stretches of road in metro Atlanta

    Want to know how other careers fared? Here’s a list of the most 25 most dangerous jobs in America.

    From most to least:
    Fishers and related fishing workers
    Logging workers
    Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
    Refuse and recyclable material collectors
    Structural iron and steel workers
    Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
    Farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers
    First-line supervisors of landscaping, lawn service and groundskeeping workers
    Electrical power-line installers and repairers
    Miscellaneous agricultural workers
    First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers
    Helpers, construction trades
    Maintenance and repair workers, general
    Grounds maintenance workers
    Construction laborers
    First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers and repairers
    Police and sheriff’s patrol officers
    Operation engineers and other construction equipment operators
    Mining machine operators
    Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
    Athletes, coaches, umpires and related workers
    Painters, construction and maintenance


  21. What's the point of your video blog? Okay, you is a hypocrite. What are you going to do about it? Your viewers have no clue whether you plan to wind your watch or masturbate on camera. Give us a hint. You're a hypocrite AND ????????

  22. Forget concussions in football.
    Forget traumatic brain injuries in boxing.
    Forget sports fans injured when a puck or ball sails into the stands and injures someone.
    These people all know what they signed up for – the potential risks.
    There’s only so much empathy to go around, and I’ll spend mine elsewhere, thanks.

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