Boxer Crab Fights off Pufferfish

[Narrator] Beneath the waves,
amongst the corals …lives an extraordinary creature …a sporting super star. [punch noises] The boxer crab. In a world where almost everything
is big and dangerous a tiny crustacean needs a
fool-proof plan to stay alive. This pufferfish fancies his
chances of an easy meal. But our crab has a
secret weapon… The perfect pair of boxing gloves. A blistering left hook
makes this fish think again! [cheering] And that’s because those ‘gloves’
are in fact sea anemones. Tiny relatives of jellyfish,
they have a cocktail of powerful toxins in their tiny tendrils… Every time the crab lands a punch –
The anemone delivers a painful sting. The puffer fish won’t try
that again in a hurry.

35 thoughts on “Boxer Crab Fights off Pufferfish

  1. Lol every time I think Pokémon was creative turns out there is a living counterpart they ripped from. Awesome crab either way.

  2. For more clips of animals taking on the world around them, check out the full episode

  3. Just amazing to see these creatures that people know so little about and what they do. Who would've thought of a crab that has sea anemones on it? Just an amazing world of discoveries we have

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