100 thoughts on “Boxer Braid No-Heat Curls | Cute Girls Hairstyles

  1. oh my goodness I love ur hairstyle I subscribed to ur Channel u inspired me to do hairstyles I've been doing my hair a lot lately

  2. I'm a runner so I love this hairstyle for when I do cross country as its so cute for my school day and then after school I can keep it in for cross country and I don't have to redo it so thxs for this sport hairstyle

  3. My mom did these similar braids but she took 17 minutes to do them and I slept in them so when I woke up she woulnt have to do them, so I woke up at 5:00 am and I didn't know why, untill I felt my hair. 🙁 I woke up because it was lose. My braids are coming out. :/ But its okay I guess, I have pretty curls, but I feel.bad for my mom. If I wanted curled hair I could have braided it myself.. :/

  4. I didnt know how to do all the hairstyles i know without you!!! You helped me realise what i want to do when i am older…. I thank you so much guys…😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. My hair is really really so I couldn't do it and I don't own a curling iron and the only hairstyles that I can do is a ponytail and I can leave it open but the rubber band usually breaks and I get really upset that I can't even do a braid

  6. everytime I've braided my hair like that it doesn't end up that nice, maybe my hair is to short it's up to my shoulder. it just looks really puffy and to fluffy

  7. Could you do hairstyles that fit under helmets? I play ball hockey so its usually just the typical low pony

  8. Love it! Looks awesome! Too bad I have to go find another video now to see how to do a French braid. You didn't explain that very crucial part…

  9. I did this but I have thick hair and didn't put any stuff , like the gel stuff in it . Does it count or will it work

  10. "Simply just French braid your hair" sniffles Simple…she told me it's simple to French braid your own hair…sobs uncontrollably

  11. a boxer braid is a french braid is it not?? why are people screaming approoriation for this?? i use to do this on my own not knowing it was even a thing

  12. Everyone's dream items to have….?:
    All the hair products!
    Best Clothes!
    Have nice hair!
    Idk more!

  13. these is really cool..i tried it yesterday and today morning i opened my braid and its soft curls,which i dont have to do anything. thank you so much . my hair is super straight and silky and still i got full hair curls.

  14. How the heck do you braid your hair so tight and clean. Mine always looks like garbage and end up taking it out

  15. People they aren't cornrows and literally all cultures have been braiding their hair for a really long time so this is not a racial thing it's just a fricken hairstyle

  16. can you do more hairstyles that will make your hair curly plz because this this one did not work. By the way love the hairstyle a lot it was help ful for my little sister and for me

  17. Do you have twins named Brooklyn and bailey cause you look a lot like them cause the eyes and facial looks

  18. That’s how my hair is naturally 😂 i use to straighten it soooo much just bc I hated it with a passion, but now I’m learning to embrace my beach waves

  19. I do this but I do dutch braids and then pancake it all the way down so the curls are even in width and don't shrink to tiny zig zags. I never use heat on my hair thanks to this. 5 mins at night and 2 mins in the morning for gorgeous curls! Also, if you're going to sleep in them, leave the braid in two (and again, make sure to pancake so they aren't tiny waves at the bottom). Much more comfortable to sleep like that!

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