Boon Thai Boxing Gloves Review

What’s up everybody? I’m doing a review
here of Boon Thai Boxing Gloves. I have two boxing gloves here. One on the right is black
16 ounces and this other here is classic brown 14 ounces. Same glove though. Glove features:
Logo is updated. I think they updated this about a year and a half ago. It deployed a
circle in a Boon logo now and this Thai logo now. Same with the cuff. I like this very
minimalist. It’s not as flashy as Raja or Fairtex or Top King and some other, there
is some other Thai brands. It’s not as flashy as others but is minimalist, some guys like
minimalist like myself. As you can see with the brown. They updated
the brown, it looks like it’s more darker, more chocolaty. I like it because it’s kinda
in style of wester boxing glove, one of the old school ones from the 60s or 70s. The brown
color. So going over some features, first of:
You can see 16 ounce – 14 ounce. Padding: well fit. These gloves are made out of top
grade cowhide leather, 3 foam layer insert. Inside of the glove is very tight, is not
as tight as Top King, that’s the tightest gloves I have ever put on. It’s very tight
though. It takes some time to brake in. But… Giving a comparison Top King is the tightest
glove I’ve ever put on, it’s probably made more for a Thai hand. These are Thai
of course, as you can see, made in Thailand. But those are a lot tighter. These are kinda
perfect mix of being tight and still giving you enough room. Which I think you wanna get
the glove as tight as possible, just because you don’t want any rubbing or chafing on
your knuckles. In terms of knuckles. This glove is very well
padded up here. Some guys have said a, I have heard some guys say my bottom out.
I use these here for bag. These are 14 ounces, as you can see I’ve been using these for
months now, these almost look like new. I’ve been hitting a bag, I use these for pad work.
No issues at all, no issues with stitching, both came great with stitching. No… almost
brand new, no issues at all. So, these gloves don’t bottom out from what I’ve experienced.
You want to use 16 ounces for sparring of course. 14 ounce you can use for sparring
if you are smaller guy, I would use 16 ounces. And it doesn’t hurt to put on 16 ounces
glove because as you can see they are very ergonomically designed. They are compact glove.
One of their really selling features is this compact.
So if you are one of the guys… If you are sparring against a guys who is using high
guard or really tight, you know, blocking. You can punch through that with this glove.
As it’s not going to be as padded on top as a Top King or Twins. It doesn’t feel
as “pillowy”. The way it’s going to be distributed better, as you can see the
glove extends almost half way down my wrist. It keeps my wrist locked in, and gives plenty
of wrist protection. And no movement, so I don’t worry about my hand braking or issues
with my wrist. Plenty of padding on the back, protecting
against high kicks, same here. The cuff here. As I said the great for being precise with
punches. These aren’t as fun to get hit with, as Twins or Top King. Those are a lot
more padded. But they feel more like pillows attached to your hand at the top, and these
like you are naturally punching. That’s the best way I can explain it. It feel like
I’m throwing a punch just right now, with my bare fist. My bare hands. Doesn’t feel
like I have a glove attached. Because of the way it’s distributed perfectly.
Some other features here: Seven vent holes at the bottom. Grip bar. Grip bar is a little
piece of a… feels like a little padding inside there. It’s great, it’s kind of
minimalist, it’s not too hard. These vents keeping perfectly cool. This here keeps you
cool. I live in a hot climate in Florida, and I get sweat in these, they dry out very
quickly, in no time and stay very cool after hard sparring sessions.
No issues with stitching here. You can see no issues here. Velcro – no issues with
that. Stays nice and attached, tight. Overall: I probably rate these gloves 4.5
out of 5. They retail from 55 to 60 from Thailand. These are made on order gloves, very hard
to find, not that hard to find but hard to get, put your hands on. Couse it takes anywhere
from 4 to 6 weeks for them to make it. Cause they made on order. But if you look on Amazon
I’m sure you can get them for cheaper of speed up the shipping process.
So, it definitely worth it though. These are the best gloves I’ve ever used. And you
can see I have two, one for bag, one for sparring. These are especially good because they are
even more compact than 16 ounces. The 16 ounces is very compact as it is.
So I definitely recommend picking these gloves up. You can get them in a colors of black,
brow, red, blue, pink and they have those same colors with white palms: blue and white,
black and white, red and white and then brown or black. So definitely check them out, these
are Boon Muay Thai Boxing gloves. Definitely check them out and let me know your thoughts
on them.

10 thoughts on “Boon Thai Boxing Gloves Review

  1. I got them today … fuck they are great and good looking gloves..but exactly as you said very tight fit on the inside especially on the peace of leather on the palm of the thumb. . but very good shape those are BOXING glove! not a thai style glove like Twins or Top king which i like very much!

  2. great video well explained on the top. We use Boon thai pads in the gym it just came new last week and they are realy hard and good quality.
    I ordered 10 oz gloves for thai pads and bag can`t wait to break them in.

  3. Would you rather get punched in the face by one Boon 16oz, or a Top King 12oz? Considering the Top King’s are pillower. Thanks

  4. What about hand compartment? Is it bigger in the Boon 16oz than in the boon 14oz? If so, is there a noticable difference? Thanks a lot

  5. Hello Sensei…should I get 16 Oz for heavy bag work? My height is 178 cm and my weight is 83kg.I'm confused between 14 oz and 16 Oz. I'm a beginner by the way and planning to use the gloves for heavy bag

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