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Bandya! Hey Bandya, what happened? Get up. You have to go to school. Bandya, hurry up.
You are getting late. Get up. What happened, Bandya?
C’mon, hurry up. C’mon, mom! You broke my dream. I couldn’t get the boxing
championship trophy. Dear Lord! C’mon, enough now.
Get up. Come on.
– Hey, what happened? He dreamt about becoming
a boxing champion. And then he fell off the bed. Are you hurt? Brother fell off! Brother fell off!
Brother fell off! Hey, quiet!
– You quiet! Wait and watch, mom. I will surely become a
boxing champion some day. Go and get ready for school. Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer! Hey!
– Bandu Boxer! Bandya!
– Let go, son. Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer!
Bandu Boxer! Why are you laughing? I am really worried about this boy. Don’t worry. Whatever happens, happens for good. That’s rubbish! He wants to become a
boxer at this age. Why does he need to study then?
– What? Don’t educated people
become boxers? You have spoilt him. Instead of shouting at him,
you are encouraging him. Can’t he become a doctor,
engineer or lawyer? He wants to be a boxer!
– Meena. Meena, he is a kid now. Kids don’t think of such
things for a long time. He will forget about it surely.
– God knows. Good morning, sir.
– Very good morning. Please trim my beard. I have to rush to office. Please hurry up. What nonsense!
She is throwing water on me. She doesn’t even check. Oh God! He is here again! I have to do something
about this nuisance. Dear Lord!
He is doing all this again. Who is it? Who else? Bandu. Something is definitely
wrong with him. He keeps punching in the air. Bandu! Once I punch him,
he will see stars during the day. Hey, Baban! Baban. Baban, wait. Baban, wait. Wait here. Let him go. I think he is mentally disturbed. I am going. Oh God! She put water on me again! Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning, ma’am. Oh! Good morning, Bandu. How are you?
– I am fine, ma’am. Ma’am, what are the dates
for the school sports day? Why? – Well actually,
I wanted to participate in boxing. Boxing?
– Yes. You want to be a boxer?
– Yes, ma’am. Then we will have to include
this new sport in the list. Boxing. He is trying to impress
the principal. He thinks he is a boxer. Right. Bandu Boxer! Boxer or Joker! Listen everyone!
There’s a fresh news. There’s a boxer in our class. Bandu Boxer! The joker of boxing. Hey, shut up! Baban, what do you
think of yourself? Hey, there’s no need to be angry. You think you are a boxer, right? That’s why I said.
Right, Pinku? Yes and from now he will
be called ‘Bandu Boxer’. Bandu Boxer!
– Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer!
– Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer!
– Bandu Boxer! Yes, I am a boxer. Boxer! Will you hit wherever I say? Go ahead! Hit Baban on his face. Tell me, where should I hit? Hit this wall! Hit here.
– Hit this bench! Hit the board. Got it. You think you
are a boxer, right? Prove it. Hit this cupboard. What if the cupboard breaks? The teacher will beat
him up, what else? The teacher has come.
– The teacher has come. Good morning, teacher!
– Good morning, teacher! Good morning. Sit down. Thank you, teacher. How come is the lock open? How did the lock open
up without the keys? Who opened it? Tell me, who opened it? Teacher, Bandu opened it. He punched the lock of
the cupboard real hard. He wants to become
a boxer, teacher. He hits anywhere he can. Teacher, I tried to convince
him to stop it but… – Okay. Okay. Sit down. Bandu, come here. So, did you open it in one punch? I am sorry, teacher. Don’t apologise. Good job! You know you solved
such a huge problem. You know, class, the keys
of this cupboard is lost. And I needed some very important
papers from this cupboard. I can’t tell you how worried I was. The key maker will be coming today. But he has solved all my problems. And he saved my money as well. Good job.
– Thank you. Listen. You should be awarded for this. No, teacher. You have to take this. He is nothing in front of you. He thinks he is a boxing champion. The lock is nothing, I could’ve
broken the cupboard as well. Bandu, from whom did you learn it? I saw it on TV. Why are you laughing?
I will learn from now on. I will learn properly. And I will be a boxing champion. Bandu, why don’t you learn
it from our sports teacher? Oh yes! Let me talk to him. Yes, son. Tell me. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. What is the matter?
– I wish to talk to you. Is it? Tell me, what is the matter? Sir, do you teach boxing? Yes, I do. Who wants to learn? I want to. Will you teach me? You? I will surely teach you. When can we start, sir? Look, I teach through
a boxing school. And I charge for it as well. I will charge Rs. 500 from you. Do one thing.
Ask your dad about it. If he agrees, you can come to learn.
Okay? Okay, sir.
– I’ll take your leave. Money is not grown on trees. You think I will waste money
for your stupid hobby. From where will I get Rs. 200? Do you know about our expenditure? He is going crazy for boxing. From where do you get the
money to buy your sari? You mannerless fellow! I am the one who spends
for your clothes. I spend for your studies as well.
Yes or no? Enough! Enough of
your boxing nonsense. There’s no need of it.
This is not a part of your curriculum. Ma’am, your wheat flour.
– I am coming. I hope you have grinded it well.
– Yes. How much is it?
– Rs 12. I am giving Rs 10. Keep this wheat flour inside. I am going to the market. Okay? Pinky is with aunty. Take care. Mom, I want to learn boxing. I said no. That’s final.
Do you get it? He wants to learn boxing! Look, what a mess this is. What happened?
– Look at it. It is such a mess. It’s not done by an
outsider but an insider. I am sure it is done by Bandya. What is the matter? I kept these for drying. Look at it now. How did this? Bandya? Well, I wouldn’t say so. But Meena, your son
can do anything. Let me ask him. Listen Meena, you better
reason with your son. If he keeps incurring loss for others,
it will cost you a lot. Sister, if Bandya has done
this then don’t worry. I will buy a new one for you. Did I ask for a new one from you? I have enough money
to buy it myself. She is talking about money! She will buy me a new one! Oh God! Oh God! Bandya, what have you done? What have you done? You have wasted all
the wheat flour. You have spoilt my sari as well. You cut Pinky’s ribbon as well. I am not bothered about this. I don’t care about it. But you…
Why did you cut aunt’s rubber? Why did you do it?
Why don’t you speak? Speak up! Why doesn’t dad get me gloves? I see. Because your dad
did not get gloves.. will do these kind of things. You won’t budge. You stole it!
You have started stealing! I will teach you a lesson today,
– Mom! Mom! I won’t spare you today.
Bandya, I will teach you a lesson. Bandya, wait!
I cannot accept this behaviour. I will teach you a lesson.
Wait, Bandu! You won’t listen to me. Wait!
Stop! I said stop! You have become such an insolent. Oh God! Didn’t I tell you
something is wrong with Bandu? You want to run more! Stop Bandya! Stop!
Where will do go? Stop! Will you ever listen to me? You have spoilt completely. Your dad is responsible for this. You will go to other’s
house and steal! I have to listen to
what others say. Come out! Sister, let it be. He is a kid. Bandya, come out! Fine. Sit here. Don’t you dare come home. Don’t come home. Sit here. Bandu, your dad is here. Go. Go on. Hey! What are you doing here? Hey, what is all this on your face? I see. You created some
mischief today as well. Didn’t you? Mom must’ve beaten you up as well. Didn’t she? I have told you so
many times not to be mischievous. Alright. Let’s go. Let’s go home. Come along. Nothing will happen. Bandu! C’mon. Have your food. Go and wash your face. Go. Go on, son. Go. ‘My dear friend.’ ‘Dhondu’. Oh God! Hey, what happened? Your boxer did it. What?
– He punched me. Bandya punched you! Dear Lord! Listen, you sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep here. I don’t understand one thing. Why is he crazy about boxing? Listen, I am really
worried about his future. Meena, children are
crazy about their toys. But when they grow up,
they forget of it, right? He too is a kid now. He too will grow up
and forget about it. Is he hurt? That’s a scar. Dear Lord! You have beaten him so badly. I beat him out of anger. How can you beat up so badly? Do we have medicine to apply? Did you find any?
– Yes. Give it. Careful. Don’t cry. It’s okay. Calm down. Okay. Why are you crying? You beat him up and he punched you. That’s a tit for tat. Stop crying. Go to sleep. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. Listen.
– Yes? Listen, buy gloves for him. What? I’ll get it. I will get it tomorrow.
Okay? C’mon, go to sleep. ‘Elders are worried..’ ‘ to why Bandu wants to become
a boxing champion so soon.’ ‘While Bandu is worried..’ ‘..because he wants to
help his friend..’ ‘..who lives far away from him.’ Children! Keep quiet!
Don’t fight and no mischief! Sit down at your places quietly. Quiet! Absolute silence! C’mon, open your books. So, today we will study… Quiet! You got the monkey here! One of you has done this mischief. Once I know who it is,
I won’t spare him. Quiet! Oh! I think we have to call
it a holiday again. Sir, let’s study until
the rains start. Okay. Take out your
Geography books. Today, we will learn about the
countries all around the world. This is the map of India. And this is… This is… Oh God! My umbrella! It isn’t opening.
Why isn’t it opening? Why don’t you go? Bandu! You are pasting this poster on the wall!
Do you want to pray him? Why are you spoiling the wall? It is not spoilt mom. In fact, the wall is looking
nice after putting the poster. Isn’t it, dad? Bandya, you do more
mischief on your holidays. And you… You are directing him sitting here! No, I didn’t help him at all. He did everything all by himself.
– Let it be. Father and son are alike. Of course, why not? Right, Bandya? Yes, dad.
– Yeah right! Don’t talk too much. C’mon, do one thing. Go and get betel leaf
and areca nut. You will never change. Dad, how much do these
film stars earn in a day? Well… – Why are you bothered?
Go and get what I asked for. I will keep Re 1 with me. Alright, son. Go now. Give us one betel leaf each. Do you know? Now-a-days,
film stars don’t have.. ..betel leaf so that their
teeth is maintained. But you know what. Whoever passes by this place.. ..never leaves without having
Shiv Shankar’s betel leaf. Shiv Shankar? Who is Shiv Shankar? Oh God! He doesn’t know
Shiv Shankar Tiwari. That would be me.
– I see. You see, I send specially made
betel leaf to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Wow! That means you know all
the film stars very well. Not just me, even
they me very well. But I don’t talk much to them. I will let them enjoy their
betel leaf and leave. Here you go.
– Wow, that’s great. Hey, Bandu! What do you want?
– Bye, Mr. Tiwari. Okay bye. Yes, Bandu. Tell me,
what do you want? Betel leaf and areca nut for mom. That I have understood. But don’t you want anything? No.
– Why not? Wait. Take this.
– Give me one sweet betel leaf. Sweet Betel Leaf. What are you reading with
so much concentration? There is a news for me, uncle. Show it to me. Oh my God!
This is written in English. Take it and read it out to me. Uncle, it is written that.. ..producers are looking for a new
actor for a film ‘Boxer No. 1’. There is an audition in the studio. But uncle, what’s the
date of this newspaper? Son, yesterday a customer
had left it here. God knows what is written. Take it and read it out. It is yesterday’s newspaper.
That’s it. What do you mean? Uncle, I want to work in this film. Will you take me for the audition? Uncle, will you take
me to Essel Studios? You know so many film stars. Take me today itself. Else, they will
select someone else. Uncle, you will take me, won’t you? Alright. Now that you are insisting,
I will take you along. But do one thing.
Wear something good and come here by 3 pm. Okay? Go. Okay, uncle.
– Listen. Take this betel leaf and areca nut. Thank you.
– Go. Okay. Okay. Okay. Mr. Tiwari, how come are you here? I came here to show Bandu
around this place. What are you doing here? There is shoot going on. I see. Come, let’s have something. Sir, please come.
– Yes, I am coming. Let’s go. ‘Boxer No 1. Audition Hall.’ Is this the audition hall? Yes! Action! ‘You won’t gain anything with it.
You are wasting your time.’ ‘Hiding your potential is fatal.’ ‘I will mess up your
face in such a way..’ ‘..that you won’t
recognise yourself.’ Next! Next! Next! This film is about a boxer..
Who is this? I am Bandu Boxer. Sir, our title is a hit. Kids are becoming boxers before
the release of the film. Come here. And audition is going on here.
– I have come for the audition. What? This audition is not for kids. I need a hero for the
film ‘Boxer No 1’. Sir, make me the hero of your film. I know boxing quite well. If you become the hero of the film.. will block the box office. Okay. Ask the actress of the film. If she likes you, you are the hero. Please. Please say something. Can I show you some boxing moves? No. No. I have understood. You are a very good boxer. But if you become my hero.. ..then I will look like your mom. Now do you get it? Now go on.
Come back after 10 years. Let us work. Go. Get out. Oh God! Where is Bandu? Oh God! Now the…
The police will also ask. This kid will throw me in trouble. Oh God! Where are you? So, I have explained.
Do it accordingly. What happened?
– Uncle? I am the producer of
this film Shivaraman. Which class are studying in? I am in the 5th standard and
my name is Bandu Boxer. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, Bandu…
– Bandu Boxer. Sorry. Bandu Boxer. So, Bandu Boxer, tell me something. If you sit for the
exams of 10th standard.. ..will you pass of fail? Fail.
– Exactly. You are right. That’s exactly the mistake
you made by coming here. That’s why you failed. Bandu Boxer, you are very
young for the role of a hero. Come. Come. Sit. Sit down. Sit. But they wanted a boxer. And I know boxing very well. Uncle, give that role to me. Please, uncle. Okay. Okay. Tell me something. Why do you want to act in films? I want to earn a lot of money. Oh! First, complete your studies. Finish your studies first. Grow up nicely. Earn money after that. No. I can’t wait so long. I can’t wait. Oh! But why? God knows where he is. They are looking for him since long.
– He will come back. What’s the name of the kid? Bandu Sharad Paranjpe. Bandu Sharad Paranjpe. What’s his age?
– 11 years. 11 years. Height? 4 feet 2 inches. Is he fair skinned or dark skinned? He is fair skinned, sir. Okay. I am really getting scared. Bandu!
– Bandya! Bandya, where were you?
Where were you? You scared me so much. Where were you? Where did you go, Bandya? Look, everyone is worried. Bandu, you should’ve at
least informed at home. Bandu, where did you go? I searched everywhere for you. Brother. There. Your son is back. What is this? Where were you? Why are you troubling
your parents so much? Don’t do such things.
Come home on time. Sharad, I am leaving. Okay? Okay.
– Alright. Alright, kids.
Everyone, go back home. C’mon, have your food
and go to sleep. Bandu is back. Aunt, let’s go.
They will deal with him. C’mon. C’mon. Okay, Sharad. Bye. Take care of your son.
– Thank you. What is this? Where were you? You will go away wherever you
want without informing us! You want to act in films! Listen, let it be. He won’t do it in the future.
– Keep quiet. Mr. Tiwari took you there, right? No. I took him along with me. Why? Don’t you want to study? You were crazy about boxing. Now you want to act in films! What will you do by
acting in films from now? Speak up, son. Speak up. I want to earn money. – Oh God!
Who taught you all this? Baban? No. No one taught me. I just want to earn. When all your demands are being
fulfilled, why do you want to earn? I don’t want to earn for myself.
– Then for whom do you want to earn? For my friend, Dhondu. I am saving money in the
piggy bank for him. Where does Dhondu stay? How did you become friends? The way I went missing now.. ..I went missing during my
school picnic as well. Hey, why are you scaring me?
– Why are you getting scared? I am not a ghost. Why were you hanging upside down? Just like that. My name is Dhondu. What’s yours?
– My name is Bandu. I came here for my school
picnic but I have lost my way. That’s what I am thinking.. come a boy from the
city is in the village. Don’t worry. I will take you there. Are you sure?
– Absolutely. By the way, what grade are you in? 5th grade.
– 5th grade! Both of us are in the same grade. Come. I’ll make you swing. Sit. So, you go to school, right? Yes, I want to study a lot. But anyway… Forget about it. What’s your name? Oh yes! Bandu. Bandu, there are big schools
in the city, right? Yes, there are. How is your school? My school! It is huge.
Do you want to see it? Is it far?
– Why? I am hungry.
The food is at the picnic spot. You should’ve told me before. Come. Dhondu, don’t you get
scared in the forest? This forest belongs to the village. Bandu, I hope you aren’t tired. My village is nearby. Let’s go. Bandu, wash your hands.
I’ll change my clothes and come. Bandu, come. That’s my mom. Mom, look who is here. He is my friend, Bandu. He too studies in the 5th grade. Greetings! What’s your name? Bandu? But I have never seen him here. Mom, he has come from the city. Please give him something to eat.
He is hungry. Okay. Wash your hands and sit.
I’ll serve you some food. Come, friend. Bandu, don’t you like the food? No. The food the really nice.
Really nice. Eat properly, son.
It will take time to reach the city. I have never been
to the city, Bandu. The city is better than the village. No, the village is better. Why so? – That’s because
Dhondo lives in the village. I am done. Let’s go now.
– Let’s go. Where are you going?
Have some buttermilk at least. No, mother. I am full now. Oh c’mon! You won’t feel uneasy
with one glass of buttermilk. C’mon, drink it.
– No. Okay, mother. Goodbye. Go on.
– Let’s go. Take a look. That’s my school. Where is it?
– There. Under the tree. There is no school building that’s
why we study under the tree. Take a look.
That’s the black board. We don’t have any other option. Bandu, our village is very poor. And we require a lot of
money to build a building. You sit under this tree
for the entire year! Yes. What about the monsoons? The school is closed for 3 months. That means you enjoy for 3 months!
– No, Bandu. 3 months of loss. I don’t like it. I want to study a lot.
Study and become someone. But what can I do? Do you really want to study? Yes, I want to study and
give happiness to my mom. Dad used to say that I should
study and then start working. Now you tell me, where will a poor
kid go to study if not the village. Why doesn’t anyone help
make a school building? Who will help? I will. I will help you. You? How will you help? Is your dad very rich? No. I will go to the city and collect
money for your school building. I will do it.
– Can you do that? Why not? The one who
wishes to, can do it. Now I am sure. Dhondu, don’t worry. You friend promises to
help you study hard. Bandu, you are very young now. From where will you
collect so much money? Listen, I know boxing. I will become a boxing champion
some day and earn a lot of money. You know the one who
wins earns a lot. I must fulfil my
promise, right dad? Yes son. You should
fulfil your promises. Now, all of us together
will fulfil your promise. Listen, our Bandya has
grown so fast, isn’t it? He is talking such big-big things. Bandya, this is a
very virtuous deed. Even God helps the one who
does anything virtuous. Bandu. Hey, Bandu. Bandu! Bandu, wake up. Bandu, wake up. Wake up. Look, what dad has bought for you. Gloves! Gloves for me!
Hey! These aren’t for you. My gloves. Bandu, dad has bought
gloves for you. Yes. No, Bandu. No! Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer!
Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer!
– Thank you, dad. Bandu Boxer! Bandu Boxer! Thank you, dad.
– Thank you. Thank you. Are you happy now? Hey, you are punching me! Hey, what’s going on here? Look at him. Thank you, mom. Okay, no need to thank me.
Don’t you want to go to school? Go and get ready for school. Babya, did you have your food?
– Yes, mom. Don’t forget to take your tiffin. There he is. Today, he has something
on his hands. Hey Bandu. What are you doing?
Bandu. Bandu, don’t do it. Stop! He didn’t hit.
He was only pretending. Something is wrong with him. He keeps doing stupid things. I’ll teach him a lesson in school. Don’t fight with him. Baban, don’t say anything to him. You won’t do anything to him.
Baban, listen to me. Baban!
– Baban! Baban, listen! I will do whatever needed. Do you get it? Okay, bye! Children, who is the
father of the nation. Mahatma Gandhi.
– Good. What important thing did Mahatma
Gandhi give to the country? A goat! Goat’s milk. Sit down.
– Bandu. You tell me.
– Freedom. Very good. Principal ma’am has sent this. Okay.
– Thank you. Bandu, come here. Principal ma’am has called you. Go and find out about the matter. I hope you didn’t do any mischief. No, teacher. Teacher, he is lying.
I am sure he has done some mischief. Keep quiet. Why do you always feel that.. ..when some student is called
by a teacher, it is to shout at him? Go. Don’t be scared. Go. I agree that this is a
childish behaviour. But this is a huge
learning for the elders. It is appreciable. That’s why such a known personality
has spoken to you about it. I have heard about him. He keeps a lot of interest in
social and educational works. Yes, even I felt the same
when he spoke to me. May I come in, ma’am?
– Come in, Bandu. I have heard something about you.
– What, ma’am? I did not do anything.
– You didn’t do anything! You did something that
children of your age never do. The entire school is
proud of you, Bandu. Why so, ma’am? The promise that you made
to your friend, Dhondu.. has opened up our eyes. The work that the adults and the
government is supposed to do.. have taken the charge to do it. You deserve a lot of
appreciation for that. But who told you about it, ma’am? Your new friend did. I received a call from
film producer, Shivraman. He was praising you a lot. Bandu, so what if you haven’t got
the role of a boxer in the film? We will make you a boxer. Thank you, ma’am. You want to participate
in boxing, right? This time boxing will be included
in the school sports day. We will charge
Rs 10 for the ticket. Whatever money gets collected.. ..will be saved in your
school building fund. Right, Mr. Pandey?
– Yes, ma’am. Apart from that we will also
collect funds for the same. You are right. Bandu, the preparations for
school sports day has started. You too should start practising. Let’s go, Bandu and inform everyone
about the boxing competition. I will teach you boxing. But sir, mom won’t
give the fees money. Son, there’s no need
to worry about that. I won’t charge you anything. When you can think of
such a virtuous thing.. ..why can’t I help you out? Come, let’s go to the class.
Thank you, sir. Wait! Stop! Stop! Wait, children!
Stop! Wait! Quiet everyone! Quiet! Listen to me carefully. Form a line and stand. Give a huge round of applause
of your friend Bandu. Children, you might remember.. ..that last time when
we went for a picnic.. ..our bus broke down half the way. The village that
welcomed us as guests.. ..had a very important need but
none of us recognised it. Except for Bandu. What kind of need, sir? Dante ma’am, the children
there study under the tree. They don’t have a school building. And Bandu is collecting money to
make a school building for them. Really? He is such a kid
but he is very daring. All of us will help him.
Am I right, kids? Yes, children. Another thing is that
sport competition will start soon. This time boxing competition
will also be held. Mom, that’s enough.
– How come? C’mon, have some more. Very little is left. No, mom.
– Have it. Mom, no… – Bandya,
you won’t get to do boxing. C’mon, have it. Alright. You have to drink milk.
– No. Bandya, I am telling you for the
last time. – No, mom please. No, have your milk. You want to
participate in the competition, right? “Leader and divine God of people.” “Representative of the people,
we bow to you.” “Embodiment of character,
you are the one adorned by virtue..” “..Master of moral values,
we bow to you.” “Beyond the three virtues,
you are the master of all virtues.” “You are the one who is the midst of
excellent qualities, we bow to you.” “You are the Lord with one tusk,
having a curved trunk..” “ are the son of Goddess
Parvati, we bow to you.” “You are the master of elephants,
you bear the moon on your forehead.” “You are the auspicious
Lord Ganesha, we bow to you.” Here. Dear, give it to Bandu. From when have you become a boxer? Before the boxer joker was born. He has learnt boxing.
What have you done? Hey you! I don’t need
to learn boxing. Take a look. Do you
think he can defeat me? – No. All of them are
nothing front of me. One punch and all of
them will fall off. Should I get some more cold drink? Baban Dheemajirao
to the blue corner. And Monu Morpant to the red corner. I won’t spare anyone. Listen, call for an
ambulance for Bandu Boxer. This monkey left his tail there. Stop! One! Two!
– You are my best student by far. You can do it. You can win. Okay? All the best.
– Thank you, sir. Okay, fine. All the best. Baban! Baban! Baban! Baban! What’s going on?
– Match is on. What else? Look at him.
He is beating up everyone. Look at him. He might not be good
in studies but very good in sports. Baban Dheemajirao to the blue corner. Bandu Sharad Paranjpe
to the red corner. He is really mad at you. Be alert. Best of luck. Thank you. Bandu! Bandu! Bandu! Bandu! C’mon. Bandu! Bandu! Help him! God help him! One! Two!
– Baban! Baban! Baban! Baban! Baban! Baban!
– Bandu! Bandu! Bandu, get up! Bandu, get up! Get up! Bandu, get up! Bandu, get up! I am here, Bandu. Don’t worry,
I am with you. Get up! I am here, Bandu. Nine!
– Get up, Bandu! You can do it. Go ahead, Bandu. Fight! Yes! One! Two! Three! Four!
Five! Six! Seven! Bandu wins! Well done, my boy. Well done! Thank you, sir.
– I was sure that you would win. God job. You are hurt, Bandu. Bandu! Dhondu!
– Bandu! Pandey, sir. You know Dhondu, right?
Did you see him? Mr. Sharad, Dhondu didn’t come.
Then how can we see him? Bandu is doing all for Dhondu. He won this match for Dhondu. Dhondu is always in his mind. He came in front of
him to encourage him. That’s right. In fact, this helped him.. ..and Bandu won. I would say that Dhondu
has won this match. No, their friendship has won today. You are right, Mr. Sharad.
Please come. Bandu. Bandu, you have shown a
lot of daring. – Thank you, ma’am. You won a lot battle. Good job. But Dhondu helped me win, ma’am. He is the one who encouraged me. He is talking about his
best friend, Dhondu. Bandu boxer has become
a champion boxer. Bandu has done an incredible job. He wishes to make a school
building in a village. But Bandu is still very young. While his wish is very big. That’s why we have
decided that our school.. ..will help Bandu in
this virtuous idea. The amount that we
have collected today.. ..will be sent to the principal
of the village school. Thank you, ma’am. I think this will
help in making the school building. No, Bandu. One page cannot make a book. To make a building,
you need a lot of money. Slowly and steadily
we can collect it. Be strong, Bandu. What happened to you?
– What happened to you? I am worried about the money. Even I am worried about the money. Pinky, only worrying about
it won’t help. It won’t. We have to do something. So, what is this lovely brother
sister pair talking about? Dad, Bandu is worried
about the money. Is Bandu worried? Bandu, why are you worried? Dad, I don’t have much
in the piggy bank. How do we make the school
building for Dhondo? Look son, every drop counts. Keep collecting your
drops and be patient. I am sure you have studied.. ..that patience is a virtue. Dad, I don’t have time
to keep patience. What are you doing?
– I will practise. I will play more matches
and earn more money. No patience. Does Bandu boxer stay here? Yes but what is the matter? Where is he? He has gloves in his hand. Is he Bandu boxer? Yes, I am Bandu boxer. I see! Bandu boxer! You are such a small kid.. ..but you made such a big mischief. Right, Vichare? – Yes, that’s why
the warrant is a big one. C’mon, Bandu boxer.
Get ready and come. You have to come with us. But who are you? We… We are the police. Who else will get a warrant? I am Sontake.
Inspector Gulab Sontake. – Yes. The two of you also have to come.
– Yes. Go on. Get ready and come. Vichare.
– Yes, sir. Take this.
This is the warrant letter. Warrant? Let’s see what happens now.
– Yes, sir. Where are we going, dad? Son, we will know about it soon.
Don’t worry. Mister, can you please
stop the car for a while? We are getting late, sir. That’s okay. Doesn’t matter.
We will reach soon. Come. I am tired. So, Mr. Boxer, are you hungry? Is there no eatery around here?
– There is one nearby. Why didn’t you stop there then? No, there’s no need
to stop anywhere now. We’ll straightaway go
to the destination. We have been traveling since long.
Where are we going? Mr. Boxer, it takes time to
reach certain destinations. You will know where we are going
after we reach there. Right? Shall we proceed? Why waste time?
– Let’s go. Come. Dad, this is the route that
goes to Dhondu’s village. Please come. Please come. Dhondu!
– Bandu! How are you?
– I am fine. How are you? I am great.
– Mom. Dad. This is Dhondu. Yes, Dhondu. Bandu, the entire village
is talking about you. You have fulfilled your promise. Promise? Me? I fulfilled my promise? Yes, you did. Uncle, it’s you.
– Come. Let me show you something. Come. Ma’am, you are here.
Greetings, ma’am. Bandu, I am proud of you. Thank you, ma’am.
– Greetings, Pandey Sir. Greetings, son. Well done.
Good job. Thank you. Bandu, open that rope. Bandu, this is what you have done. Wow! Very good.
– This is your greatness. Bandu, read what is
written properly. I am Bandu’s school principal. I am proud that I got an opportunity.. come here and see the
great work done by Bandu. Education is so important
for children and.. ..Bandu understood this
more than any of us. That’s Bandu’s dream will be
fulfilled by Mr. Shiv Raman. He is a renowned film
producer and a social worker. Thank you.
– We are really thankful to you. Thank you. Thank you. When I met Bandu for
the first time.. ..he made me think. Then I started following
Bandu stealthily. Bandu’s hardwork.. ..and his intentions inspired me. Thanks to that I am successful
in trying to fulfil his dream. What we do in films doesn’t
have an existence? Nothing. But what I am about to
do apart from films.. ..will exist and inspire more
and more students to study. Who taught this to us? It is Bandu. You see, even small
kids can teach elders. Please come, sir. Bandu & Dhondu, come. Sir, please take this. Yes!
– Yes! Listen everyone! A boxing competition was
held in our school. We have collected this money from it.
– Please accept it. Very good. Wow! Come. Now I will show you
how your school will look. C’mon, everyone. Come.
– Please come.

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