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Hi, my name’s Doug Swift from Enso Martial Arts Shop in Bristol. Today I’m going through the range of Bokken we have available for sale so the we have a whole range of Bokken depending on your needs and what style of martial arts you do. So the first one that we have is the red oak bokken which is kind of the staple for most
martial arts and the most commonly available and so naturally you get most people using them. Solid red oak, perfect
for contact work as well as solo work This is the one you see most commonly used in clubs. The next one is the white oak bokken. Now, there is quite a lot of debate about white oak whether it’s more traditional, whether it’s lighter, it’s heavier maybe a bit stronger. Personally I think it just depends on the individual Bokken so it’s
best if you come into a shop like this and try them out and see which one feels
best for you. Whether it’s red oak or white oak it doesn’t matter it’s not gonna make
you, as a practitioner, any better depending on the color but finding a Bokken
that you like the best is the most important thing. Next ones we have are the black bokken. Now you won’t see these very often in Aikido club or a jiu-jitsu club. You may see them used in a ninjutsu club, so the black color is mainly for the Ninjutsu guys but
again personal preference if you like it then it’s a good one to use. We have here the Rubber Bokken or Foam Bokken. These are a thin strip, if you can see inside there a thin strip of plastic, that runs all the way down the middle that’s pretty tough
and then covered in a foam padding all the way down and on the handle too. Now these are great for sparring, so red oak, white oak. If you get hit on the head you going to know about it. It’s going to leave a lump. It makes it quite hard to practice sparring, practice some
contact work so these are perfect for that. So you can take these out, have a go on each other and avoid a lot of injuries, a lot of bumps and bruises so the next one is this bokken which is made by Cold Steel from the States. They call it the unbreakable bokken, so they say it’s virtually unbreakable. It’s made out of a polypropylene it’s really mega tough, its got a little bit of flex in it, but you really won’t notice that when you’re training with it. So Cold Steel have made
these with Katana in mind so rather than trying to match the weight of a bokken, they tried to match the weight and feel of a katana, that you can probably just see in the edge of the video here. So when you’re moving from Bokken to Katana for your
drawing practice, then these are a great one. Also if you’re doing contact work, sparring you’ll only ever
need to buy one of these. Unless if you loose it, this will last you forever so they’re fantastic. Next we have Suburb Bokken, which as you can see is a bit longer than standard bokken
and also much much thicker so the extra length and the weight of the wood make it perfect for
solo practice if you really want to work the shoulders build up strength in the
shoulders, top of the back, the arms these are perfect. So the recommendation for these
is to do a hundred cuts on each arm every morning and you’ll start getting somewhere. These aren’t designed for partner practice, they are purely of solo practice build up the strength. If you’re doing any drawing practice, drawing his sword, Iaido, anything like that then you’re
gonna need a saya so a lot of the Katana come with their own saya anyway. But for Bokken you can buy these plastic saya they’re dead cheap and they fit perfectly
with all the bokken we do you get the ties aswell so you can tie onto your Obi or Belt or even your Hakama if needs be. So, yeah, that’s it that’s all the bokken we have here available. Contact us if you need

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  1. Your store is awesome, nothing llike this in Australia, we can only buy training weapons from catalogs provided buy the dojo you train with including head gear, gloves or mouth guards.

  2. I like my white oak but I want a bpkken to draw from sheath but one that's feels good I don't want a cheapy one. I'd like to have an obokken that is 44 inches or longer with sheath

  3. What about shipping in Europe , albania is it okay…do you ship in Balkan!! Precisely Albania…!? I need a red oak bokken

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