Boat Race  – Chhota Bheem in English

Listen friends listen all pay attention here… for the picnic tomorrow Kaalia has organised a boat race anyone who reacheds the island and climbs the coconut tree and brings coconut water first will be the winner Bheem remember what I taught you… monkey jumps.. if you use that to climb the tree you will definitely win Yes yes I remember… monkey jumps. Let’s all meet tomorrow at the corner by 7. Don’t be late ok Ok..ok.. bye good night good night guys Kaalia will definitely be late he will be wasting time eating to fill that big fat belly come Kaalia come why are you always late my friend Dholu/Bholu made me late Liar liar… he was busy eating and burping Shut up come on hurry up before it gets very sunny Raju why did you kick me What man dholu you can’t even walk straight if you want to learn how to walk then I can teach u.. Oh yeah? What else can you teach best Everything can you dance ? Yes yes first you dance and show ok then watch it What’s so great about it, even I can dance like this fine then what’s stopping you Only I can teach you how to dance Hey where is my sweet? It was here right now I think it flew away. If you want to learn to look after your sweets then i will teach you to do that also Even I can do that no big deal Hey if you want to eat ladoos in style I can only teach you Ok guys, now let’s go to our boats Yes yes come on let’s go Kaalia there is the island… whoever reaches there will climb the cocunut tree and drinks the water is the winner… understood Yes yes of course it’s ok let’s start one two three Bheem you break the branches, Jaggu you collect them and bring here, Raju you cut them fine I will put them together and then we will nail them together Silly.. do you know who is the best cutter? Me of course who else come on let’s nail them now now fix the plank on both the sides hurry up let’s paint it fast now Only Bheem and Kaalia will row the boats ,others will only encourage them, alright Yes Boss we are only three of us and they are four they will surely win hey shut up useles donkeys only one person will row the boat. The more the heavier silly Oh yes come on don’t waste time let’s enter the water Ready…. whistle We are the winners. Bheem team are winners Come on Bheem, you can do it Bheem, faster We are the winners. Bheem team are winners We’ll win, Kaalia team will win hey what’s wrong with Kaalia hey don’t get scared, I know how to talk to a dinosaur. I saw it in jurassic park. We will ride on the dinosaur Come friends let’s go for a ride round this island don’t get scared. Jaara ke khuda..prabhatachupa lo !

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