Bo Staff Techniques : Kung Fu Bo Staff Thrust

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center in Seminole. Today we’re going to be performing the Staff Thrust. So
you want to start with both palms down, okay, thumb to thumb grip. Spread it out like this.
Okay. Basically this technique is perform with the Duck Head. So the Duck Head, you
want to keep the hand right at the solar plexus and the elbow tucked in and down, pull it
very tightly. This hand is just straight out in front, grip it as tight as you can. Okay.
So the technique, the thrust looks like this. Okay, so you thrust straight out, then if
you want to switch to the other side, bring this hand in, as your body moves, Duck Head
on this end. So turn thrust, turn thrust this way, okay, straight out. You notice the elbow’s
tucked in, make sure the arm touches the body. Don’t have the arm too high, you want to keep
it straight across, okay. So you’re spearing straight in. So you’re here, thrust, turn,
thrust. Duck Head to Duck Head. Okay. So here’s, here’s how it works. So if I was to attack
in, I just come straight in, thrust, straight to it, right at the solar plexus. Okay, now,
it’s very important to keep the Duck Head for this reason. So if he thrust and he thrust
wrong, okay, so he doesn’t have the Duck Head, it’s off its mark, must be right the solar
plexus. This is what happens. So if I was to attach in his staff, it goes straight down.
Okay. So it’s important to keep the Duck Head for this reason. So it’s nice and tight in
a proper position, okay, it doesn’t go anywhere. That’s how you perform the Thrust.

12 thoughts on “Bo Staff Techniques : Kung Fu Bo Staff Thrust

  1. Shouldn't one hand be on bottom and one hand on top?

    The other guy wouldn't have to worry about getting his staff knocked out of his hand if he holds the underside too…

  2. In most cases, an upward strike to the bottom of a staff would not have enough power to knock the staff out of your hands.

    And if it did have enough power, either your grip is quite weak, or your opponent is very strong.

  3. ALSO when performing this, you should keep the end of your staff (the end at your hip) under your arm to make absolutely sure that if the opponent strikes your staff, it's not going anywhere. You can see at the end of this video, the guy in the black t-shirt does not have the staff under his arm. which is why it still seemed pretty easy for the one in red to strike his staff downward.

  4. may i have the number to your martial arts center please i live in st.peterburg florida and i would like to come check it out possibly sign-up!! message me back please

  5. @PaulsBlueBalz > By 'Fight with a light sabre' do you mean 'prance around your bedroom with a flashlight to the Rainbow Brite' theme'?

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