Bo Staff Techniques : Kung Fu Bo Staff Poke

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center is Seminole, today in this clip we’re going to be performing the
Kung-Fu Staff Poke. Okay. So when you’re here you want a Yin and Yang grip. So you want
the rear hand facing downward, you want the front hand facing upward, like this. And you
want more length at the end of the staff than you do in the rear. Okay, just a little bit,
about maybe two to three width fists grip. Okay. So you’re here. So just start standing
normal here. You want to step straight out, okay, and bring your front hand out and up,
slightly to an angle. Okay. And you want to make sure that you keep the rear hand tightly
at the hip. Okay, so the action is this way. Okay, so it’s out, slightly up. You don’t
want the staff too high, you don’t want it higher than the top of your head. Mainly this
kind of strike would be either use directly at the face, towards the middle of the face
or right at the chest. Okay, so when you’re here, you pull back slightly, you step out,
poke, straight out this way. Okay. So when you perform this technique, okay, you have
to make sure that you have the hands properly. Okay. So this is how it’s proper. So the hand’s
right at the hip, this hand straight out, so it’s target area’s on this area. Okay.
Now if he was to hold this hand wrong, okay, he held them too far out, okay, it’s very
easy to smack the staff, then I can attack from here. So you have to make sure that it’s
tight. So if it’s tight, held at the hip, see, it doesn’t really go anywhere. That’s
how you perform the Poke.

17 thoughts on “Bo Staff Techniques : Kung Fu Bo Staff Poke

  1. couldnt they call it the stab or the jab or somthing cuz poke just seems kinda wimpy but its funny when he gets all serious and says "thats how you preform the poke"

  2. ya the name doesnt really matter cause if youre gonna use it youre not gonna tell the guy, its just gonna be BAM you just got poked beoch lol

  3. @DStringzzZ and in that minute I think I've learned how to shatter a trachea,bravo to minute lessons! lol

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