77 thoughts on “Bloomberg TV: A bull and a bear spar on Tesla

  1. Such surge in stock price has to make you think about whether it's not a bit of a bubble. But this guy clearly knows fuck all about Tesla.

  2. it's funny how much money this guy is managing while he's abviously not pretty intelligent or plain ignorant, explains market-behaviour alot imho
    i'm not insulting him or someone else with another opinion than me but most things he say's … geez how cant tesla 20k cars when they have OVER 20k preorders e.g., "it'll bring down my grid", comparing the gen3 with a volt – LOL .. just so moronic

  3. Does that woman work for Tesla? The guy is an idiot, but the woman looks like she was paid to talk up Tesla.

    Can't trust any of these people on TV.

  4. Sure the stock has its share bandwagoners who have jump aboard recently and will abandon the stock at the first sign of trouble but the company itself is now a solid 90 dollar a share company.

  5. The people shorting Tesla are incredibly ignorant. Why risk your money when you have not driven the car. And who doesnt know you can charge a car at home anyway. unbelievable.

  6. It's amazing to me that there are people out there who still think "there is nowhere to plug it in" or that it will "bring down the grid". Hilarious.

  7. What? this guy thinks they won't sell 20,000 cars this year? He's in lalaland. They're going to smash 20,000 with ease.

  8. Tesla already has this years production of 20k+ vehicles sold. How much is a company worth if they don't have any unsold inventory sitting on lots. No auto dealer middlemen skimming profits off of every sale. Car quality generates sales among tech enthusiasts so no large wasteful advertising budget is required to generate sales.

  9. He's got a "swamp in Florida to sell me"? Does it go 0-60mph in 4 seconds?

    Hey, I checked, I have a charging station for my Tesla 0 miles from my house. The prices are great, and ever morning my tank is full. It's my gasoline car that is a pain in the butt to refill.

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  12. Mark Travis is the type person that would take a bribe from an oil companies to bad mouth EV's and his fund is a loser like most funds that lose 85% of the time and charge astronomical management fees. There's a greater possibility that Intrepid is a ponzi scheme than Tesla will be a loser like Fisker.

  13. The guy is obviously a retard when he refuses the fact that you can charge an electric car at home but it's quite true that TSLA is hugely inflated with anticipation that has no guarantee of coming to fruition. What he should know is that stocks are traded on enthusiasm, not actual business merit. The stock is high if the stock is high.
    And the irony is that idiots like him put it there with their shorts : )

  14. I can't imagine someone with so little comprehension of how startup company financials work is managing other peoples money.

  15. Ok maybe I was a little wrong on the timeframe, but it has gone parabolic and will soon sell off majorly. Forward P/E = 122.56

    Unsustainable, I don't care who you are, the investors in this stock are not thinking rationally. Pure emotion. And we all know how that ends.

  16. If you're so confident in the drop then maybe you should SHORT Tesla like the rest of the morons who lost millions. I bought in at $35 a share and am not planning on selling until it hits at least $150.

  17. "Andrea, we sold 26 thousand Porche 911's in the last year."
    "So, Tesla is outselling them?"
    "I don't think so, they are not going to sell 20 thousand cars this year!"
    Err.. because compared to a 911, the model S is faster and cheaper, and can carry 5-7 persons plus luggage – who would want that!

  18. Is anyone even looking at the chart of TSLA? Obviously not. Get out now. MACD making lower high, Price making higher high. Signals to me that TSLA is in for a crash and its happening in the next few weeks.

  19. Mark proves the adage that "If you think education is expensive try ignorance." He doesn't know anything about electric cars but he sure parrots the party line.

    If his house has electricity hooked up, he can charge up a car without taking the grid down. If not, he has more problems he needs to take care of.

    Andrea is correct about everything! Especially that Mark just needs to drive the car. Until he does that simple step, he is clueless. I hope you don't follow his recommendations.

  20. I'm back. I sure hope you didn't short Tesla like I suggested :). Second quarter earnings are in. $152 a share as i type this.

  21. Its still overpriced. No I didnt short it as I only trade currencies and the SPY but I can assure you, TSLA is a bubble. I would sell some calls and puts on it though as volatility is high.

  22. It's ok to pick a side. The Question is when it is so obvious that the other side that you chose is correct, do you still insist your point or do you change ? For example…if someone would want to iron clothes, would he/she put a burning piece of charcoal into a metal container, or use a electric iron. Choose 1.

  23. He just proved that there is huge market for Model S. Soon Tesla will destroy Cayenne with Model X. It's faster, more practical and sexier!

  24. Mark Travis @ @Intrepid Capital Management "I just dont know where I'm gonna plug it in"…
    …..Any electric outlet, Reeeeeee-taaaaard!

  25. Lesson from this conversation.
    Do research before you buy or short any stock!
    Why short Tesla when you don't even know you can charge a car at home..

  26. you really can't blame the guy for feeling the way he does, I don't think a lot of tech start ups experience the kind of disruption potential and stock pumping based on future growth that Tesla has achieved. For every start up like Tesla there are many who crash and burn. Even Musk himself, ever the pragmatic analyst, said he had about a 10% chance at success with Tesla

  27. Mark Travis, when you turn on your stove, do you bring down 'your grid?' When you do your laundry and turn on the dryer, do you bring down 'your Grid?' Or – are you living in the Penthouse suite at the top of a Condo? Why would charging a car on power levels like these (or even less) – bring down your grid? Is the wiring and power grid in Florida that bad that people can't cook and do laundry at the same time?

  28. It is hard to find smart woman but when you do it is such a pleasure to listen.

    The guy is a total tool.
    Tesla sold more then 20'000 cars in 2013.

    I imagine what he would be saying now that Tesla is spending so much money to expand their production capacities building the gigafactory.

  29. Good God… now 2017 and thankfully I never listened to this idiot Travis. I feel sorry for anyone who takes his investment advice.

  30. That guy lost his ass, and lost his clients asses too.

    Hail Elon…he has sparked a revolution.

  31. Hi Andrea. I just saw your interview with Dave Lee. I'm so happy you're now able to be a shareholder! Thanks for doing your homework, and for standing up and supporting what you believe in.

  32. I am watching it again now after more than 6 years, and I am laughing at that bozo who said he doesn't know where to charge the cars. He was laughing sarcastically pointing out the P/E ratio at that time. Great job Andrea

  33. Wow, this did not age well for Mark. Remember watching this in early 2015 during my due diligence, before entering TSLA and thinking how close minded he sounded.

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