100 thoughts on “Black Widow: Dominating the Masculine World of Boxing

  1. What an intelligent, compassionate, empathetic human being. The part where she was talking about her abuser with such depth of understanding was moving.

  2. boring and stupid… get a fucking pro boxer, woman or not and do a documentary. not a whiny bitch who so uninteresting the only reason she got a documentary was because vice is so desperate to make documentary's on women and non existent sexism.

  3. From classics like Japan's suicide forest and inside North Korea to:

    "I'm a female boxin' promotah"

    gg wp Vice


  4. good for her! boxing needs more women like her, I was stunned to find out she was a victim of domestic violence, i would never have picked that! she seems like the type that would rightfully cut your balls off for hitting her!

  5. I was a honor student in high school.. Till after 9/11/01 I had graduated from home schooling high school.. AMH had sent me my books' in the mail for 35 a month..

  6. lol when she told them she'd smash the camera if they didn't stop recording her, the cameraman put it down immediately because they knew she'd actually do it

  7. So how can any of us help these kids? 's I ! have big house plenty of room to help with shelter space for couple of them m I I'm n small town middle. Of nowhere

  8. I don't understand why everyone is trashing this doc. I enjoyed getting a glimpse behind the curtains in this world that I do not know anything about. Furthermore, I thought it was an interesting way to set this doc up by following a female boxing promoter instead of the usual male boxer. She seems like such an intelligent, strong personality and to me is really inspiring. So thumbs up!

  9. Absolute idiot, who is apparently beyond middle aged still searching for her thing in life….which is apparently promoting a small show in a dying sport….I think shes just trying to get laid from the subtitles butter tooth brits

  10. This has nothing to do with feminism lol. Stop with the feminist comments cause this is a normal female who works hard and gets it done. Feminist are the opposite and just girls who want attention or want something for the vagina between their legs

  11. Lets see how well she "dominates" without her looks….. The first shot was of her doing a photo shoot in lingerie, nuff said.

  12. I enjoyed this documentary. Interesting story. But I think the reason why it gets a lot of dislikes and hate is because the way VICE goes on about putting it out there with clickbait titles and the usage of gender politics and shit. Technically she's not a boxer so she's not "dominating" the world of boxing.

  13. This woman is amazing! Her insight on emotions running high in the boxing world hit hard. I've heard that rage and the resulting aggression results from not obtaining personal desires and goals. The boxing world is full of people who don't get what they want: social recognition and power that comes with winning. Add to that inhibition control and lack of planning ahead from prefrontal cortex damage, and you've got a mess. So yeah… dealing with all those raw emotions can't be easy. XD

  14. I'm so glad to see a watford lad beat a cocky loud mouth manc, we lot from the south have got it in the bag all day long.

  15. Why did they make this when there is such this as women boxing… They just don't combine them like all other sports

  16. This bitch used to live next to me for a short while and used to purposely give debt collectors my address hoping she could somehow finesse the law to make me pay for her debts. If you search her name on google and then add “kidnap” on the end, you’ll see numerous articles about a group of thugs kidnapping an innocent man and making him pay them 20k. She got acquitted probably because there was not enough evidence against her, but I bet she was the ringleader in the entire operation because she clearly needs money to pay off her debts!

  17. I really don't understand why this got such a large amount of dislikes. Cranstoun isn't responsible for the click bate title. Regardless of her being a real female boxer, she is still "dominating the masculine world of boxing," in her own way. She's a very competent and dedicated businesswoman and really puts her whole heart into it, which I believe is quite evident. Good on her.

  18. This BITCH is just another DON KING in the UK!!! it's all about the money!!! she say she don't date, and the reason is because she is a GAY FREAK!!!

  19. Did she really just say she was tina Turner's back up singer… And that she sang on some p.diddy tracks?..😁😁😁…would love.to.hear that 🎶

  20. i think i d like this lady to be my manager. but i would not give her the baby-mummy i cannot wait…for it.

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