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♪♪♪ Hi, she’s Lynda, a Jiu Jitsu purple belt And he’s Marco, a Jiu Jitsu brown belt and this is Speakeasy Jiu Jitsu If this is your first time tuning in to Speakeasy, we’re just two coaches from SBG SoCal and we talk about Jiu Jitsu Today we’re going to talk about what makes a good white belt and what you should expect being a white belt or if you’re thinking about signing up for Jiu Jitsu… this is what a white belt is What is a white belt? A white belt is someone uh who like signs up for a class, and on your first day you’re awarded your white belt. That is a white belt. Um, somebody a while, a while back said I can’t remember who said this But he said that I’m a white belt in every martial art. And at first I was like hey, that’s true But at the same time it’s not true Everybody says you buy, like you buy your white belt because you sign up for classes and then you’re given a white belt, but like when it comes to being a white belt I feel like you still have to earn it, right? Cuz a lot people don’t make it through their white belt stage into their blue belt stage or people don’t even Make it past their first week of classes like, it takes a lot to step on the mats and do something that you’re not familiar with and especially like, as a kid your parents encouraged you to go do it and might seem a little scary. It’s like funny and exciting but as an adult you step on the mat and a lot of adults are like super shy or Insecure or scared that they might get hurt or They get nervous Yeah, there’s a bunch of different factors, right? Like, it, it just depends on the person and whether they can stick it through or not. And that’s what makes you earn your white belt It’s making it through that first initial, like, stage of classes and learning who everybody is and all their names and and the teachers’ names and Learning how to fall and all this crazy stuff that you never do Um, especially like in MMA, like you’re learning how to punch and kick Right I mean unless you’re like an, a jerk out in the streets punching old ladies in the face and getting into fights all the time Not everybody’s doing that. Nobody knows how to eat a punch and be like “okay, high five, yeah, all right,” it’s still very much a fight So on average, how do you, how long do you expect to stay a white belt? On average Uh, I’ve seen some people get promoted to blue belt in a year Um I was a white belt for about three years The next belt is blue So the belts are white, blue, purple, brown and then black, and then there’s coral belt and then red belt Uh, going from white to blue on average takes about two years, and I would say if you have a job and you’re not a medal chaser and you’re not doing it two times a day, six days a week. It would take about two years, sometimes longer, sometimes less, it just depends Makes sense, I think, I think it took me about two years too Ok But during that last year I was like, I gotta get my blue belt (Marco) Yeah (Lynda) I’m training hard What should you expect as a white belt? You should expect Uh mats (Laughter) You should expect a teacher possibly teammates (Lynda exhales air) Um maybe the gym will smell like feet That’s not a good sign It’s not a good sign, but it’s not uncommon Okay I went to go visit a very well-known gym and with outstanding teachers and uh (Laughter) when I walked in I got hit with a Just a wave of like, I like dove into somebody’s shoe Oh Just a wave of foot smell I would expect the school to be clean, but (Laughter) Do you think that smell could have happened from one session? Oh, maybe, but that place was packed Oh Like really packed, and it, yeah it was Just you know school smell, whatever School smell, whatever, whatever We keep our school smelling really good Also you should expect just, um a certain atmosphere at the school you train Every atmosphere is different Um, it should always be friendly I’ve gone to schools where it’s a little bit more intense than other schools Also it depends on the class because if you’re a white belt and you’re like, yeah, I could do the competition class because I saw Um Keenan Cornelius do all these competitions, I know who he is, or Gordon Ryan and I want to be like them Day one, I’m in a competition class. It’s obviously not for you What do you think a white belt’s goal should be? Um Well people join Jiu Jitsu for different reasons. They’ll either join because they want to get fit, um, they’ll join because they want the atmosphere and relationships and the community that come with Jiu Jitsu Um, they might join because they got into a street fight or they were assaulted and they want to learn self-defense So everybody’s goals are different So let’s talk about rolling as a white belt Rolling as a white belt, ooh Um 1,000% all the time! Just no breathing! Just go! Go! Go! Submit! Submit! Submit! You gotta be the strongest one on the mat! You’re breaking spines and ankles The first thing you should learn is a heel hook and then a knee bar And then whenever somebody gets you in a choke The only way you get out of the choke is by grabbing the fingers and breaking them So, that’s a bad white belt Um, your goals while rolling Um At our school, if you’re a fresh white belt, what we do is we have you drill positions So we teach you certain basic moves. We have like an 18-week Uh system and then of all the basics that you should learn that get you ready for rolling, and so we do positional rolling Once you learn like what closed guard is, we teach you how to get out of closed guard, how to maintain closed guard, breakdown posture Once you do that, once you get about one or two stripes in then you’re invited to come do the advanced class and then you can start doing Um, more extensive rolling always super controlled and we pair people up with higher ranks until they’re about three or four stripe white belts and then From there, it’s yeah, we trust you to be able to roll and keep people safe I’ve seen even blue belts hurt other blue belts. It’s gonna happen. I’ve been hurt by, by black belts It’s, it’s gonna happen But we don’t want is…there’s a difference between a black belt putting me in a submission or a white belt going aggro on an armbar Yeah, it could still be an accident But you were still doing the armbar way too freaking hard, or you’re doing a, doing an omoplata hard or a triangle hard. Right? So Um, there is still a sense of me as a teacher, I need to keep everybody safe So your goals as a white belt is to number one learn the basics Number two Make sure you know all the rules and the etiquette of fighting Because there is also fighting etiquette. Make sure that you know how to tap. Tap early, tap often. Make sure that you never crank any submission and, also number three, learn the technique that the teacher is teaching. Like learn it inside and out Well, let’s talk about the fears of a white belt, maybe fears of being a white belt Fear of rolling. Fear of… (Marco) Okay, so (Lynda) the mats! (Laughter) Yeah, the mats. The fears on the mats Um, I think there are certain fears that are always going to be there and there are certain fears that like You’re gonna have coming in that eventually go away Like one big fear that people face is Am I in shape enough to do Jiu Jitsu? Like, a big obstacle that people have, like they’ll come in, they’ll do their first class Yeah, I had a great time and they’re just like exhausted. Maybe they almost threw up during class I’ve had people throw up after the first class, it’s not even that intense, but you’re it’s just the body isn’t used to a lot of the movements, um, and So people they overexert themselves So the fear is like hey I need to lose thirty pounds (Lynda) before I start (Marco) before like, I need to get in shape before I do Jiu Jitsu No, you do Jiu Jitsu to get in shape the class isn’t that hard The hardest part is the first two weeks. If you can make it, if you’re doing two classes a week, that’s four classes If you can make it past those first two weeks. Your body knows what to expect when you’re there You know how to like sort of regulate yourself and then, by then you realize Hey, you’re not the best person in class, and that’s another fear is worrying about being the best person in class all the time You try to be your own personal best, but it’s okay not to be the best It’s okay to make mistakes (Marco) It’s okay to make mistakes Another fear is injury, and this is why we don’t let brand new white belts roll with first day white belts (Lynda) Other brand new white belts Yeah, because they can get injured and I’ve seen this before where somebody gets hurt really bad and then we don’t hear from them for two weeks and then they come back and they’re really hesitant to do something or they’re really hesitant to do a certain movement and They put like these walls and these barriers up (Laughter) I blanked out, sorry (Marco) You were just talking about it (Lynda) I know Just stepping on the mats can be a fear, right? Yes. Absolutely. I think that like just doing something new It’s different. It’s a little bit scary because you are learning a self-defense. You are learning a sport, a fighting sport Could be scary Yeah, especially if you have no, um martial arts background (Marco) Yeah (Lynda) so even though I did karate, traditional karate, for ten years or eleven, I can’t remember for a while, even trying Jiu Jitsu was very nerve-wracking for me Yeah, and you know, I see that a lot with other martial artists, too Especially when they’re high ranking in another art Anyway, let’s talk about fears women have doing Jiu Jitsu As a woman, um, Jiu Jitsu can be very scary like there’s a difference between doing stand-up fighting and then having to be on your back, and someone getting past your legs, and then suddenly they’re on top of you and it can be very, uh, frightening for some, for some ladies…for some guys too, I guess I can’t, shouldn’t just… generalize, yeah, yeah. (Marco) but generally (Lynda) but speaking as a woman, I think that’s very scary. (Marco) Yeah (Lynda) and actually when my, um, cousin, my, she had just turned like 17 or 18 she was going off to college, and I had to teach her some basic Jiu Jitsu, once someone’s sitting on top and it’s like I had watched this cousin grow up like we grew up together. She was like, maybe five or six years younger than me so having to teach her that, for her safety, was kind of like, it kind of like shook me, like I had to teach her this so that she wouldn’t be attacked in college like (Marco) Yeah (Lynda) it was, it comes, it’s kind of like mind-blowing that Jiu Jitsu, in that way, like Having to teach Jiu Jitsu for that reason (Marco) Like real world (Lynda) like real world, so it’s not just the mount in that scenario, you know? Yeah, now do you think Jiu Jitsu is extremely helpful in those situations? Oh, absolutely, yeah Yeah, so if like if it came down to it and like somebody was in your guard or in between your legs (Lynda) Right Like you would be able to protect yourself using Jiu Jitsu Yes, but see there is a difference between someone attacking you who doesn’t know Jiu Jitsu, and someone attacking you who might know a little Jiu Jitsu (Marco) Yeah, yeah (Lynda) so I think it’s helpful (Marco) but it is scary (Lynda) but it is, yeah, it’s scary Today we’re drinking Aberfeldy 16 (Cork popping) (Lynda exhales) (Lynda coughs) This was a gift to me by my uncle-in-law I officiated their wedding, uh, like a week ago In Yosemite. I’ll do some B-roll now It was a lot of fun. It was my first time doing a wedding I had to get ordained, and um, I figured that I’ve done enough belt promotions (Laughter) To, to, to give me the confidence to do a wedding, but it was it was a, it was a great wedding (Lynda) That’s good, is it because you ordained it (Laughter) (Lynda) Is that why you’re saying that? (Marco) Possibly And I was able to throw my aunt like you do at a belt promotion (Lynda) Did you really? In Yosemite? (Marco) No (Laughter) (Lynda) legs just flying (Marco) It was cold So what makes a good white belt? Uh, listening and learning Is it time to be good listener? And a good learner? And If I’m teaching a technique and you’re sitting there picking at your toes or you think you already know the technique I’ve seen my teachers teach the same technique over the past 10 years maybe twice a year (Lynda) Yeah (Marco) and no matter how many times I see the technique I still watch it like it’s the very first time I’m learning it because I’m a firm believer in maybe I wasn’t ready to learn that technique the first time I saw it Alright, so focus on the drilling and not talking When we teach technique and it’s time to drill the technique I put two minutes on the clock, five minutes on the clock If it’s your turn to work the technique, we shouldn’t be talking the whole time. It should really be working on that technique I feel like sometimes um, like students, if there’s no time limit, they’ll do the technique a few times, once they feel like they got it they’ll sit back and now they’ll start talking. They’ll wait for the teacher to say, “okay break, next technique.” Yeah Don’t do that! Work the entire time that you’re supposed to You can chat a little bit, but focus on the technique make sure you got it and just do the repetition Mr. Incredible…I’m like big chest (Lynda) Okay, okay (Marco) and like toothpick legs (Laughter) (Laughter) Legs! I’m a purple belt Do you do it? I do pick my toes (Laughter) (Marco) But you’re watching (Lynda) but I’m watching (Marco) That’s the difference! I try not to pick my toes Going one hundred percent while rolling (Marco) We’ll say a thousand percent (Lynda) Okay, a thousand, I wrote a thousand (Marco) cuz I want you to go a hundred percent effort but (Laughter) (Lynda exhales) that’s just too much effort I don’t want you to go a hundred percent or a thousand percent strength Oh, okay Yeah, so as a white belt you should never go a thousand percent with your partners. We know this, we’ve talked about this Um, in classes, I’m pretty sure if you’re at a school already, you know not to do that. And if you haven’t gone to a school If you go a thousand percent in anything, you’re probably gonna get hurt I know it’s like hard as a white belt cuz you don’t know what your limit is yet (Marco) Yeah (Lynda) you’re still trying to figure that out You’re putting, you’re being put in positions that you’ve never been put, maybe, in before and you’re just trying to figure it out So like I feel like going a thousand percent for the first few rolls is kind of normal to gauge how much you should be doing The best way to tell if you’re going too hard or not hard enough is to roll with your instructor and tell them like Hey I’m gonna roll with you how I roll with everybody Is this too hard or is this like not enough? And your instructor will be able to tell you like Yeah, that, you know, that’s good or hey, you know maybe you should put some more effort into escaping or maybe you should lighten up on your side control because I don’t like my molars cracking as you You should be wearing a mouth guard (Laughter) As you put side control on me Also refusing to tap as a white belt. (Marco) That’s a big one. (Lynda) Yeah. I know, there’s a, there’s an ego thing Yeah, yeah, um This usually happens with first-day white belts and four-stripe white belts (Laughter) so the first-day white belt, they don’t want to tap because especially if they come in they’re like, yeah, I want to be a UFC fighter (Lynda) Ah (Marco) Yeah, I want to learn how to fight, or I’m a street fighter they don’t want to tap because they feel like they’re better than what’s happening to them. Right? And then they learn after a couple times maybe they might have something put on too hard and they get hurt because they didn’t tap that’s personally I think that’s their fault (Lynda) Yeah (Marco) because I will keep going in the armbar until you tap, and I’ll go slow, and I have good control…if you don’t tap… (Lynda) Then it’s like (Marco) Yeah, like (Lynda) how can you tell? (Marco) I can’t tell where your limits are at, right? So they learn that very fast, and then four-stripe white belts, or even beginner blue belts, will be stubborn about not tapping because they feel like they should be better? Especially if it’s like a two-stripe white belt submitting a, a four-stripe white belt or a brand new blue belt, um and they’re like “oh man, I’m not gonna tap to this armbar, I can get out” and then they’re suddenly like “oh crap I can muscle it out,” or, and then they end up getting hurt. I’m guilty of this. I’ve had my elbow popped before Like it’s not worth it Thank you guys for watching! If you have any white belt stories that you’d like to share with us We’d love to hear it. Leave your comments down below If you enjoyed this video, go ahead and tap that like button, and if you want to follow us on our Jiu Jitsu journey, go ahead and tap that subscribe button. You can also tap the notification bell to be updated on our future videos Remember, tap early, tap often, and we’re tapping out (Hands clapping) (Laughter) We’re like, I’m trying to, I’m trying to like lead up to it ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Fingers snapping)(Hands clapping) Shhh ♪♪♪ Uh, find anything on YouTube (Marco) Yes, you can. I learned how to remove a kidney the other day (Laughter) With a zipper, turn into shorts. You cringe now, but I was ahead of my time

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