BJJ Technique! Getting your opponent quickly to sidecontrol! Works at all levels!

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how to get your opponent to the ground efficiently works every time and it works at the highest levels. So, I have the grips He is going to have his right foot forward I’m going to kick to get a reaction and get his foot out As soon as I do, I slide down And get him to side control. Now, I’m going to keep him in side control and not let him go to the mount. Unless that is your game. Come back. We always want to feint our opponents So I kick…poorly… Go again. Take it out He doesn’t expect it, he usually expects a guard pull. So I slide my left foot through Keep my right leg up and stop him from getting to the mount Here, I got him on the ground in side control, He didn’t get any points because he is immediately in side control so there is no guard pass or a takedown I can promise you this works, try it out see how it works in competition or sparring and let me know!

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