Biografía Gran Maestro Felix Paang – Hung gar kung fu Peru Lima

He was known as Felix Phan and Fong Long Choy He was born in Toishan, Canton in 1898 although his year of birth is believed to be in 1890 His father was a good martial artist taking him at age 7 with a very prominent teacher at that time the great Wong Fei Hung He stood out quickly among his practice brothers at the same time he began to frequent another outstanding teacher Chan Wa Shun, using his art as a complement to hung ka kiun The Sifu arrived in Lima, Peru in 1920 He lived and worked in the “convent of the barefoot” Then he opened a butcher shop with a friend At that time nobody knew about his martial skills One day to save a friend from an assault by the rimac his martial ability is discovered also in his burcher shop, defending his honor of some Japanese they see him jump the high counter in one jump The Sifu began to teach at the request of Chinese charity in the society cu con chau started a group of 10 students, mostly Peruvian and 2 Chinese at the beginning of 1971 Soon a student named Luis Medrano enters, who in a month is already invited by the sifu to practice at home and would be training alone for 2 years In 1973 another group of dedicated students joined Gino Cocchella, Hector Medrano, Florencio Montoya, Sandro Medrano, Juan Carlos Castagnola, Raul Aguilar These students receive on weekends at the Sifu’s house, in ate vitarte a more dedicated practice learning in depth the Sifu’s hung ka kiun and above all his philosophy of life in 1976 the last generation of students of the Sifu enters, these were Ivan Uehara, Ricardo Leturia, Miguel Martinez, Cesar Chang and Angel More the main teaching of the Sifu was his faultless behavior, being a complete person In 1980, in his last days, he brought them all together and on his deathbed he asked everyone his thoughts Luis Medrano asked him what would become of them once he leaves … … the Sifu told them: “I will be with you always and then, later, we will meet again” Sifu Paang will always be remembered, not as a great warrior, because wars do not aggrandize anyone but as a noble and integral person, just as he taught his disciples

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