Bienvenue sur la chaîne des Karateka []

Hello I’m Bruno Bandelier, the Net Karate Prof And I am very pleased to welcome you On the chain of Karateka This is a channel dedicated to Karate Karate enthusiasts Where I put courses online Karate Which are drawn from The karate clear and net I’m assuming that karate must be clear and net So … Well, I … you I explain and I give you All I know … All I’ve learned! I am 3rd dan and karate teacher I have a state diploma (Option DEJEPS Karate) I teach in a club Karate Club in Langres And I am…. Karate enthusiast and I am very happy to share with you my passion and to offer all the courses Karate You should find here almost all courses from white belt to black belt kata bunkai of … … and just everything you want … I invite you to subscribe … to subscribe to my channel to receive all my videos and all my new advice Register immediately on the chain! And if not, you can also find me on …. on my blog, on HTTP://KARATE-BLOG.NET The crystal clear Karate Well, I find you right away. See you soon ! Bye !

4 thoughts on “Bienvenue sur la chaîne des Karateka []

  1. Merci Bruno. Je m'appelle Xi Chang Lee et je suis 9e dan de karaté-do, et tu es un très bon prof j'aime tes vidéos qui sont très bien !

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