Bheem vs Hercules – Chhota Bheem in English

What a beautiful place! The birds are so beautiful! The fruits are so tasty! Yes my lord! India has always been attractive to us Greeks. One of our great Kings, by name of Alexander, had tried and, failed to rule this rich and prosperous land. But if you so desire, we can rule this kingdom and that too, not later than tomorrow! How? You have the strongest body in the world and I have the sharpest mind. Together, we are unbeatable! We will throw the challenge that if nobody can defeat you in a fight, then the king should proclaim you as Dholakpur’s new king. Agreed! Lets rule these lazy faces! I will beat all of them within an hour! Yes my lord! No one can defeat you… Lets challenge them! Ha ha ha I will enjoy beating them! Yes, my lord! hey Dholakpur’s king and people…Hercules have openly challenged you to fight or give the king’s throne to him. Okay, we will take up his challenge! He is only a proud, foolish, little boy and I hope he does not get hurt much. My Lord! You are kind even to those who foolishly insult you! You are great! O’ King and citizens of Dholakpur! Let me present the challenge of my lord, Hercules. If no one of you dares to fight and defeat him, then let the King shamelessly make room for someone better than himself! Is that so, you loudmouth? How dare you insult our kind and noble king! Lets see what your Hercules is made off! I will defeat him! No one can defeat me…no one….. Ha ha ha ha .Did I not say that you are fit only to be ruled by a King such as this? Why are you wasting time? Do you like to get beaten? Ha ha ha ha Oh my god! What shall I do? Can no one from my kingdom defeat him? If you can somehow defeat Hercules we will gain and retain forever the Kings good will. Yes!! Kaalia. This is your chance! Go and defeat Hercules! What are you waiting for? I am not so sure of my strength now. Haven’t you seen what happened to the other challengers? Kaalia only you can defeat Hercules!! You have the strength of 100 elephants! Go and seek the Kings permission to fight him. Seize this chance before it is too late… Your majesty, if you will you let this humble servant prove for once that he is better than Bheem… Dear Princess, I expect you to clap the loudest when I defeat Hercules! Yes, Kaalia you can be certain of that! But how certain are you that you can defeat someone who has so far thrown everyone – far, far away? I am 100% certain, dear Princess. You can see that I am better than Bheem… Okay, okay. Go ahead Kaalia may you succeed! Oh Raju, what shall we do to save our kingdom? Let me fight Hercules! I can easily defeat him! Yes, yes we all know that! I wish Bheem was here… Wait for me here, you both. I will go and fetch Bheem. Hercules has defeated all the fighters, you are the only one who remains.. No! I have not fought him. He is like a mosquito before me! I CAN DEFEAT HIM WITH MY LITTLE FINGER. My Lord..many I have the permission to fight Hercules? Yes, Bheem Only Bheem can save the kingdom! I am so glad that you are here Bheem! How can nobody defeat him? Is it some magic? I don’t know…no one knows how he does that! What do you think? Why can’t anyone defeat him? If the Princess can’t know the answer, then how can I? Then I have to find out myself!! Bheem are you unable to get hold on Hercules? Yes! How did you know? He is so slippery… Yes, he must be! I just saw the coach applying some oil on Hercules’ body! What??? Oh I see now, that’s how he managed to defeat everyone. That’s why he has been unbeatable!! We will defeat his trickery with a better trick! But I feel so tired and weak… First have some laddoos! You will get
back your strength! And then I will tell you my plan oh Nooo…… You are the real champion-of –champions. I admit my defeat! Heartiest congratulations my boy!!! Only because of you, our kingdom been spared from foreign rule! I always knew that you have the strength the 10 elephants… My lord! If Chutki wasnt here then we all would have got a new ruler by now! I was all ready to admit defeat when she told me how she had seen the coach applying oil on Hercules’ body. Because of the oil no one could gain a hold on him and he appeared unbeatable. It was Chutki, who gave me the idea of rubbing some dirt on myself. I was able to grasp a hold on Hercules, and thus defeated him!

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