Best Underwear For Men | Top 5 Boxer Briefs (ExOfficio, Lululemon, Tani and More)

What’s up guys my name is Brock you’re
watching The Modest Man. Today we’re talking about the five best underwear
brands for men. Okay so we wear underwear more than any other article clothing and
it also covers a very important part of our bodies. So I think it’s crucial that
you have underwear that you really love and it’s super comfortable. I think that
a lot of guys don’t realize how comfortable underwear can be, you know, I
used to be in that group. I used to buy whatever baggy cotton boxers I could
find on sale on a multi pack at a department store but once I discovered it the world
of super comfortable underwear, you know, there’s no going back. But first of all
what makes a great pair of underwear. I think it comes down to two main things
number one it has to be really, really comfortable it has to be soft, no chafing.
It doesn’t ride up and number two it’s got to be durable, you know, especially if
I’m paying good money for a pair of underwear I don’t want it to fall apart
or stretch out or start to deteriorate after a few wash cycles. Now I’ve tried
many many different underwear brands a lot of the most popular brands some
lesser-known manufacturers and I’ve narrowed it down to my top five picks.
These are five specific pairs of underwear from five different brands
with one honorable mention. Quick note this is not a sponsored video but I will
link to all this underwear down in the description and if I have any promo
codes I’ll include those down there as well. Okay number one, the Lululemon no
boxer boxers. Now I know what you’re thinking isn’t a Lululemon that plays
for my girlfriend goes to get overpriced yoga pants? Yes, it is but I think they
realized somewhere along the way that there are a bunch of guys waiting for
their girlfriends to finish up shopping and maybe they would like to buy
something too. So Lululemon actually created one of the most comfortable and
durable pairs of underwear that I’ve ever worn and actually I have to give my
dad credit for finding these. I thought I had the underwear game figured out and
one year he, he got me a pair of these for Christmas and he said, you know, you
have to try. These the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. So, I thought, okay
I’ll give him a shot and I got to say he was right. These are one of my favorite
pairs. They’re made from lycra so it’s a very dry, very soft fabric but it’s not
like MicroModal where it has a ton of stretch. It has a little bit of four-way
stretch but not a whole lot really good at wicking moisture you could definitely
workout. We go for a hike in these. My only
complaint about these is that, you know, they’re not the best looking underwear
in the world. They’re not ugly. They’re just compared to some of the other pics
on my list they’re just not remarkable, you know, but I don’t know it’s, it’s a
well rounded pair of underwear. So if you’re looking for something that’s just, you know, durable, good for pretty much any occasion definitely recommend
Lululemon no boxer boxers. Okay number two, we have the Tani silk cut boxer
briefs. So if Lululemon is the laid-back girl
next door and Tani is that lady at work that kind of looks like a supermodel
that you’re pretty sure is out of your league but might have been flirting with
you the other day. These are just luxurious. Okay they’re they’re knit in
Europe they’re made from MicroModal which is a softer and thinner than silk.
They also have 6% elastic woven in so plenty of four-way stretch and
they’re just super super comfy. Well, what really sets Tani apart is how they look.
The only word I can really think of to describe these is sexy and especially
these printed ones. They also have solid colors but I think these prints are
really nice. They also make a trunk version of this which is a slightly
shorter but I prefer the boxer brief because I think it doesn’t ride up as
much. What surprised me about these is they’re so soft and they’re so thin that
I kind of thought they wouldn’t hold up well but I’ve been wearing these for a
couple of years pretty regularly and they retain their shape but they haven’t
stretched out. They’ve even retain their color so, you know, they’re surprisingly
durable for how luxurious they feel so if looks are a priority I highly
recommend the Tani still cut boxer briefs. Okay next up,
number three, we have MeUndies boxer briefs. So speaking of good looks beyond these are also very good looking like the
Tani boxer briefs they’re made from a blend of MicroModal and elastane so
very stretchy I’d say even more stretchy than than Tani. Very comfortable, very
good-looking I have noticed that they run a little bit small compared to other
brands so keep that in mind. If you’re between sizes you might want to size up.
Now listen these aren’t as luxurious as the Tani’s but they’re also about
half the price so definitely a lot of bang for your buck with MeUndies. The
other thing that I like about these is they’re available in a bunch of
different colors from classic solid colors to more saturated bold colors
like this to crazy patterns like, you know, tiger stripes and just for
reference my actual waist measurement is about 29 inches usually we’re at 28
pants to accommodate for vanity sizing and these are size small they fit but I
would not want them any tighter so there they are noticeably a little smaller
than the other brands but they have plenty of stretch. So like I said if
you’re in between sizes maybe size up. Okay, number four, we have ExOfficio and specifically the give-n-go boxer
briefs. Now as you can see these have some wear and tear. I’ve had these for
years. Actually first got these when I was going on a pretty intense hiking
trip in Zion and Bryce national park I got these from REI after hearing about
them from Tim Ferriss. Se swore by the ExOfficio brand so I gave these a shot
and he was right. These are my go-to underwear for travel by far. So usually
whenever I travel I bring two pairs of these and they served me really well
because they’re very dry, they wick moisture they don’t hold odor and
they’re very easy to clean, they dry so fast you can hand wash them in the sink
and they’re dry in like less than an hour you can put them back on. These
are nylon spandex blend so kind of like the Lululemon underwear they have a
little bit of four-way stretch but not as much as like Tani or MeUndies and
also like the Lululemon underwear these are not sexy, you know, they’re not the
best looking underwear in the world but they’re workhorses so I think if you’re
a traveler if you’d like to pack light I’d highly recommend ExOfficio give-n-go
box or briefs, you know, if you’re going on a big date maybe leave these at home
and choose something else like MeUndies or Tani. Okay and number five,
we have kind of a newcomer actually RibbedTee
g2 cool nylon boxer briefs. Now I’ve been wearing RibbedTee undeshirts for
years now. I know the founder Mikel Schwarz. I was
pretty excited when they announced that they were launching an underwear line. I
actually helped Mike dial in the measurements for the small size so they
sent some samples over and I gotta say the final product is amazing and these
are different, I mean, you can probably tell like they even look different than
some of the other offerings on the list. They don’t have that big elastic
waistband. They have this kind of hidden blind hem waistband. It’s very minimal
and it’s super comfortable. There’s no pinching, it doesn’t have like a sharp
edge so it doesn’t dig into your skin at all, there are no tags so nothing to, you know, cause any itching on your lower back. One thing I’ve noticed there are a
little bit lower rise than some of the other brands on my list so, you know, just
keep that in mind. In terms of looks I would say that these are better than
Lululemon or ExOfficio but they’re not as handsome as MeUndies or Tani but I
think they’re super, super comfortable and just really well-made.So definitely
check them out. Okay and then the honorable mention is this pair from Saxx
and I wanted to include these because there’s this whole category of men’s
underwear that has basically extra support built in to the inside. So as
Saxx which is kind of this minimal lining that sort of creates a pouch for
your boys. Now some underwear makers have built their entire brand around this
extra support. For example, there’s a brand called Sheath that has some pretty
crazy pouch work going on. They have this one main pouch for your boys plural
another smaller pouch for your boy singular and then even a little fly in
the front so you can get in and out easily. Now personally I’m okay with the
traditional pouchless underwear, you know, I don’t really need that extra
support but some guys swear by it. So, you know, if it’s something you might like
definitely try it out. I do keep this one pair of Saxx in my rotation just
because I think they’re pretty good-looking and they are pretty
comfortable. I like the minimal pouch but because
they’re so thin I’ve noticed that they’re not quite as durable as other
underwear and they’re very soft so they tend to ride up a little more
and there’s definitely a risk of wedgie going on with these. So these wouldn’t be
my first choice if I was gonna do like yard work all day. I might reach for
these if I was going on a date the other thing I do like is they they have extra
small sizes. So if you are a very small guy you might want to check out Saxx.
Okay, so those are my top five pairs of underwear. I hope that helps you decide
which pair of underwear to buy and if you have any opinions if you’ve tried
some underwear that wasn’t on this list that you really love definitely let me
know down in the comments so I can try them out and until next time. Stay

71 thoughts on “Best Underwear For Men | Top 5 Boxer Briefs (ExOfficio, Lululemon, Tani and More)

  1. I might try MeUndies hopefully they got trunks.. After you said they run small I wanna try them now. I have a small frame and it's hard for me to get quality underwear that fits. Thanks man.

  2. I used to buy those cheap hanes boxer briefs and I recently started using another brand that I found at Walmart that are called, Silkskins Men's Second Skin Boxer Brief, and they're 92% modal and 8% spandex and let me tell you, they are absolutely great for the price ($10 retail, but I bought mine on sale for $8)

  3. Here's a code for 20% off MeUndies. I just made a purchase, and they gave me this code/link to share!

  4. Get 25% off Tani w/ code MODEST –>
    Get 20% off MeUndies w/ this link –>

    Will post any other codes I can find 😉

  5. totally agree, I used to be one of the "cheap underwear" guys, but once I started investing in good quality underwear I was extremely suprised how good it felt, my boys thanked me for it. I do however don't like to spend loads of money on underwear, I buy regular but good quality underwear

  6. Theres a kind of underwear called Tucked Trunks and they're supposed to be made to keep your shirt tucked in. I wish one of the style youtubers would review it and see if its bullshit because they are not cheap but the concept sounds great

  7. I wore a bunch of expensive underwear, from hyped calvin kleins to saxx, and I personally think that you should try Uniqlo's boxer briefs, whether it be the 100% supima cotton or the airism boxer brief. They offer a tremendous value, and airism was 3x cheaper and on par with my best calvin kleins which costed around 30 bucks. Do put in an update for when youve tried them

  8. If the underwear lack the pee hole thing, its an automatic no go for me. I'm to lazy to fuss with pants button and undo belt just to go number one. Just saying. That means most upscale underwear are out for me.

  9. I only go for dark solids. Blacks and dark blues. Those Tani printed ones look….I dunno, childish. Personally I would be feeling really awkward taking my pants off in front of a girl if I'm wearing those. lol

  10. I have tried me undies, they were Ok but nothing special, Tani no thanks, I might try the Lululemon but I prefer a fly. My favorite are the Sheath.

  11. I've always worn briefs, they look more stylish to me. I don't feel comfortable with boxers, I had a feeling I was wearing shorts the time I had them.

  12. Hey Brock!

    So i see a lot of youtubers recommend micro modal underwear and that leaves me with a couple of questions.

    Supposedly because of the breathability so it has airflow to cool down your balls reducing sweating and "wicking away" moisture thats there despite of it.
    Isn't cotton supposed to do the same? how much better is micro modal compared to cotton?

    Wouldn't that make micro modal the best fabric to make athlethic clothes from?

    I also hear a lot of fuzz about bamboo (ryon from bamboo) who also claims to have this breathability and moisture removing features along with being antimicrobial?
    Wouldn't bamboo be a better fibre to make underwear from? since the sweat interacting with bacteria on your skin is what causes sweat to smell.

    Are you planning on doing any guides on fabric / textiles / spotting quality / getting best value for dollar on your clothing. For every piece of clothing in a man's wardrobe?

    I want to start upgrading my wardrobe by clothing type at a time, and now i want to upgrade all my boxers to new ones.
    And i don't really know what to look for

  13. There are boxer shorts today that are well fitting and look classy and stylish as fuck. I don't think it's fair comparing with Fruit of the Loom multipacks.

  14. I have a few pair of SAXX long boxers and like them for daily wear and gym wear. I may be fooling myself, but I think that the rubberized logo on the front helps keep my shirt tucked in! I found some online for $18/pair (much less than the $30+ retail cost). I also like Adidas "Climalite" for the gym. I bought a pair of Separatec brand (kind of Sheath brand) – Interesting concept of keeping things separate, but it makes for "TMI" unless you're wearing looser pants (which, we know from Brock, you're not supposed to!). You can find some good deals on quality underwear on Amazon.

  15. I may have to try some of these. I was also in the "It's just underwear" category. Then I bought a pair of SAXX on a whim. I wore them for the first time a few days ago. I didn't think they were much different…until I put on my usual cheap underwear the next day. I'm not ready to replace my entire underwear drawer at once, but I'll start treating myself to some better underwear.

  16. Unless you really get into discountsubscription stuff meundies are not that amazing neither price-wise nor quality-wise. I have two pairs and they haven't been looking that good since the first wash.

    Anyway, clearly you are a straight man so you have limited exposure to the whole field of underwear marketed to gay men.
    I don't wear boxer briefs, i'm more of the trunksbriefs guy, but the point stands.
    My top5 would look like
    1. ES CollectionAddicted
    2. XTG
    3. Cellblock13
    4. 2xist
    5. MarcoMarco

    Except for the first place (the fit of Barcelona-based brand is impeccable, i still have a pair that is roughly a year old but still is a top contender for a first date night) these are in no particular order, i must admit.
    There are countless others – Crootas have a higher rise than i prefer, Aussiebums assume my butt is flatter than it is judging by my waist size. AC's are just not that good, and so on.

  17. MeUndies looks the best because theyve got bigger leg "sleeves" and thats what am looking for. No rolling up of the fabric when you sit !

  18. Bread and Boxers, Body Glove are two of the best. I got a three-pack of Bread and Boxers for less than $20 at Marshall’s and they’re amazing. Retails usually at $45.

  19. Why make a review video but not mention prices? Cmon, now i have to click the links just too see the prices. Thumbs down!

  20. I just bought the ExOfficos that you reviewed from REI.  You're right, a great pair indeed! I have been a brief only wearer for years but you changed my mind and very happy I watched!
    COMFORTABLE! You don't even know they're there and that's what we all want.

  21. Underwear isn't meant to be worn for years at a time. It's recommended we junk our underwear every six to eight months, depending on how often you wear them. If you have a large selection, you can probably get away with a year. I tend to wear brands like 2(X)ist, Calvin Klein, Andrew Christian, MyPakage and Under Armour. And while they're still in great shape a year or so later, I certainly wouldn't be wearing underwear I've had for a few years.

  22. we gotta look at your old underwear?
    you couldn't break out a fresh pair?
    no seriously, thanks.
    I'll get BF out of his holy boxers..

  23. I started wearing boxer briefs from jockey. They are comfortable and they fit just right. I still wear boxer shorts on occasion but not like I used to wear them everyday.

  24. Dropped $108 dollars on 4 fucking pairs of Duluth trading company underwear, they better have like wifi or something

  25. You don’t have to pay high prices for good quality underwear – there is lots of choice when it comes to modal etc. personally I prefer boxerbriefs that have a fly ( the absence of a fly is a deal breaker for me).

  26. Man fuck this bullshit sponsored video I bought those lululemon ones they were fucking not only trash but gave me friekn rashes around my thighs like what the fuck wasted 30$ for a pair of boxers to get rashes

  27. Now my good sir you know meundies ride up really bad. I’m not the only one on here that has commented about it. I won’t even wear mine anymore because they’re so annoying

  28. Hello thanks again for an informative and interesting insight on underwear. 2 simple questions. You have talked about durability. How often do you renew your drawers of undies? Some "specialists" say that every 3 to 6 months! I find that excessive. Second question : unlike other wears, undies cannot be seen and are not meant to be seen (even if you have to show your love one before… That does not last long) so what's the point of "sexy" and "beautiful" if I don't see it the entire day and no one sees it either? The comfort and the quality are more important, aren't they?

  29. The modest man Huh…. that blatant Lululemon sexism didn't feel too modest. Didn't even make it through this whole video.

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