1. I'm just wondering what's simple about all this techniques. I'm just saying all this fighters have some special skills

  2. I really like the video man, can u pls make a video showing some punching training of the best boxers (sorry forthe bad english though)

  3. my favourite technique is knock the opponent out and win the fight – when fighters use this technique they usually win..

  4. Came to learn and watch "Simple boxing techniques" as says the title. Instead, watching the highlights of Pacman, Floyd, and Loma fighting. Thanks guys lol

  5. 3:33 Damn. He is kicking the ever-living crap out of this guy. He must've been talking about it Mom or something, Because That's definitely a "Screw you!"

  6. At 0:07, He baited his opponent his with left jaw (by leaving it open) and he got knocked out for it.

  7. The way Gervonta Tank Davies fights is very very similar to pac mans style , The way Manny kinda springs himself into a punch must generate some power, Iv noticed Tank does things very similar to Manny

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