Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER #16 – FIGHT | 30-Minutes of the Best Motivation

There’s a fight right around the corner just
waiting for you. And you better learn how to fight. You’ve got to get up every morning fighting,
clawing, scratching. You’ve got to beat depression. You’ve got to beat anxiety. You’ve got to beat the naysayers. You’ve got to beat that little voice in
your head that’s telling you you’re not good enough. When I think about fighting, I’m not talking
about people. I’m talking about situations, I’m talking
about circumstances, I’m talking about opportunities that sometimes you have to fight for. Come on life, let’s fight. Let’s go. Come on job, let’s go. Come on career, let’s go. I’m going to go to war. That dream is not going to sit there and wait
for you to come and get it. You got to chase it like a man possessed. You’ve got to go get it. But to win fights you’ve got to have stamina. You’ve got to be ready to fight and bounce
back, punch and counterpunch, jab and jab back. Let me tell you something – Life is a series
of fights. The worst thing you can do is run away from
your fights because if life is a series of fights and you run away, you just ran away
from your life. We got to fight. We got to fight. We can’t lay down. When you lay down, you get ran over. When you about to fight, you know a fight is
coming your adrenaline begins to pump, your heart begins to race, your mind gets right
and says, “Look, I’m not going to just fight. I’m going to win this battle and sucker you
are going down”. Some of you guys out there are fighting for
your life. Why? Because the doctor told you, you have cancer. You better not feel sorry for yourself. You better not lay down and quit. You better get up and fight because a happy
spirit does a body good like medicine. Fighting for your future. Fighting for your dreams. Fighting for success. When you come over to depression, you raise
your arms like a champion. When you overcome bankruptcy, you raise
your arms like a champion. When you come over to divorce, raise your arms
in victory. Sometimes in life you get caught with a good
one. You didn’t see divorce coming. You didn’t see cheating coming. You didn’t see being fired coming. You got sucker punched. Oh, I’ve been sucker punched before but
that didn’t mean, I can’t stop fighting. We’ve got to get up baby. When you’ve been sucker punched, get up. When you’ve been hit in the gut, get up. Because you have to win this war. You’ve got to learn how to fight one battle
at a time. One war at a time. Because you might not win every fight, but
you’ve got to win the war. You’ve got to have the right attitude, the
right mindset, the right mentality not just to fight, it’s going to be a war. And you don’t quit until you win. It’s going to be a war. And don’t you quit until you win! Let’s fight, let’s fight, let’s fight
and let’s fight. You’re going to have sometimes low moments
when you won’t want to get out of bed. You just want to stay there. At times you won’t want to come out the house. There’s sometimes when things aren’t going
to go right. That will catch you on the blindside. That you did not anticipate. There are times when anything that can happen
will happen. Murphy’s Law will be knocking at your door. See, but the real challenge comes when you
get knocked down. That’s where the growth takes place. But I got a saying, “When life knocks you
down, try and land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up”. You’ve got the power in you to do that. You’ve got something special. You’ve got combat power. You’ll get knocked down, but you won’t be
knocked out. I’m unstoppable. This will not get me down. You’ll be able to get to your feet again,
be on the ropes. That you’ll have a fast recovery rate when you work on yourself. You’ve got to put your foot down and say,
“That’s it. Enough is enough. No longer am I going to listen to that voice
inside my head telling me I’m nothing. Telling me I’m no good. Telling me I’m weak. Telling me I’m useless”. Fight against weakness, against fear, against
time and against decay. Fight back. Go down swinging. Give every day everything you’ve got. No more am I going to be this scared little
kid inside my head. And today and from every day after today I’m
going to stop fighting back. I’m going to start doing what I want to do. with strength and pride. I’m going to take on the world because that’s
what I’m capable of. That’s what I’m made to do. That’s what’s inside me. Commitment! It means taking a stand. Taking a stand for you. It means delivering. It means coming through. When we put ourselves in the situation where
we say we’re going to do it, it puts you in another zone. The universe responds to the man or woman
that refuses to be denied. That business that you want, that book that
what you want to write. That dream that you have of controlling your
destiny, that is yours. But you’ve got to be willing to stand there
and face disappointment, not have support, be lonely, doubt yourself sometimes, be rejected
again and again and again and refuse to turn around until life gives it up. Nothing can resist a person that has that
kind of commitment. Wake up every single day thinking about how
can I change my life? How can I stand on a stage with the giants? I started this homeless on the side of a Turkey
Hill gas station and I told myself, “I will not die here”. I said, “How can I build a million-dollar
business with no money?” A conscience in my head spoke to me and it
said “Purpose”. They said, “When you work for your purpose,
your purpose will begin to work for you and dreams and beautiful things will start to
manifest”. And I truly believe this. As long as you believe in that very gift that
you have in the bottom of your stomach, that fire that burns, that dream that wakes you
up in the middle of the night and wakes you up and have you screaming to the sunrise so
I can go after this dream. That is the very thing that you should chase
every single day. If you chase this dream with consistency and
you believe, your booking and your calendar will fill up. You want me to come to the middle of the projects? I’m coming. You want me to go where murderers sleep and
live? I’m coming. You want me to fight that abusive husband
that’s beating on you? I’m coming. I’m going to take drug dealers and turn
them into community leaders. I’m going to turn murderers into security. I’m going to turn drug addict mothers back
into beautiful queens. I’m going to turn broken men into kings. And I’m going to show them that everything
you tried to hide, God placed inside of me to tell the truth. So, when I say the kings are on the rise,
we are on the rise. Whatever you want out of your life ,it’s up
to you to create because every human on this Earth is born with this empty canvas and your
life is what you paint. There’s nobody more special than anybody on
this Earth. It’s just people that’s willing to go down
into the valley of nothingness the valley of darkness and come back with the sun It’s time that real comes to life. That’s why the world is falling in love with
this motivation because it’s real. You can feel it, I can see it. You can gain new knowledge because my motivation
comes from my darkest days. And when I realized that I was going to have
to put on my hard hat and I was going to have to put on my boots and I was going
to strap up and fight for this dream. That’s when things started to happen. I told people I never wanted to be the man
and the leader that stood in the front and everyone stood behind me. I wanted to be a leader that everybody stood
aside of me and we fought together And we won’t sell our soul for a taste of a light bulb. I don’t care if you are that small boy sitting
in the project halls. I don’t care if you are that girl that her mother treats her like trash and calls her names. I don’t care if you that young boy who never
had a father to take them outside or throw a football. I don’t care if you are that father that they
say is not a good father. But they don’t understand you never learned
how to be a father. You never learned how to love. I want you to know that you are still something. And as long as you got air in your lungs,
life in your body you can be anything you want to be. You can be anything you want to be. This is what we must do to take back our city. This is what we must do to change this world. We must come together collectively. We must understand that these older cats have sold their
soul to the devil for a dollar. And they forgot about the babies at the bottom. They never went back. They left us. We don’t need you anymore. But are you willing to die? Are you willing to sleep outside of their
CEO office for an opportunity? You see, just getting to the opportunity is
hard. Seizing the moment is a whole other monster. So, while you are fighting, and you are clawing
to get to the next level let me tell you something. If you are a person out there buying… trying
to buy your way to the top I’m going to let you know something king and queen, you can’t
buy a legacy. This you must earn. So, the big dogs, they won’t give you the
opportunity, you are going to have to take it. You are going to sleep in your car. You are going to sleep on that floor. You are going to cry those tears. But we are not going to be crybabies, we are
going to be lions. You know, when the lion is injured, when the
lion is bleeding, it makes his moves and it keeps walking. Another thing I would advise against is looking
too sharply at what other people are doing and ending up being a copycat. Of course, you’ve got to imitate before you
innovate but always with your own fingerprint. Always thinking in terms of “How am I going
to bring something unique?” My unique song. My unique song, my unique fingerprint. My unique vibration. How am I going to deliver that to the planet
as a gift? You are a gift. Every single one of us is a gift. How are you going to exercise and share your
gift? Reignite your soul by reigniting the spark
in your body. It’s definitely natural to do this. Sometimes the way it happens is based on unnatural
cause. But what happens is when you are in that stage,
in that time, in my life it didn’t make sense for me to be here because I’m in a going down
process. When you go up, right? I’m up, I’m riding high and then you come
down, you’re not going to start again at the same circle. Alright? So, you’re not the same version of yourself. You can’t expect yourself to be who you were
during the last cycle. It won’t happen yet. You have new experiences, you’re older, your
physiology changes. All kinds of different habits. But the ego, like you referred to wants
to attach to what was. You had a great year last year but let it
go because it’s no longer. You are not that person anymore. You got to allow yourself to go through whatever
you’re going through right now to reemerge on the right timetable as a stronger version
of yourself. Just because summer ended doesn’t mean
that you are supposed to come back up on that next circle. You might still be going down. Failure is important. You need failure in order to succeed. It is the principle of death and rebirth. It is the principle of catabolic and anabolic. It is the principle of going down so that
you can rise up. Done. When you feel like your energy is all gone
and it’s impossible to finish every assignment on time. When you feel like you’re mentally broken
and your motivation to achieve is hard to find. When you feel like the clouds in your life
are so dark it would be impossible to ever see the sunshine again. When you feel… Those are three of the most powerful words
that could ever be put together. When you feel… Because to feel means you’re still with us. Because to feel means you’re still breathing. Because to feel means you still have an
opportunity to be achieving. Because to feel means that you still have
the power to stop the pain, stop the bleeding, stop the hurting, stop the grieving. I said when you feel! Because to feel means you’re still with us. Because to feel means you’re still breathing. Because to feel means you still have an opportunity
to be achieving. Because to feel means that you still have
the power to stop the pain, still have the power to stop the bleeding, still have the
power to stop the hurting, you still have the power to stop the grieving. So, whenever you feel like your professor
or teacher has lost their mind because they’re overwhelming you with a workload that seemingly
will take up all of your time. I need you to pause and recall the reason
why you made the choice to invest your time and never lose sight of the fact that you
are destined to shine. Never lose sight of the fact that you were
made for this grind. Never lose sight of the fact that no hole
is too deep for you to climb up out of. And above all else your “WHY” will never,
ever allow you to withdraw. Your “WHY” will never, ever allow you
to pull the plug. Your “WHY” will never, ever allow you
to throw in the towel. See, it’s your “WHY” that will push you
to dig deeper and go that extra mile. See, not only do you owe yourself, but you
told your mama you will finish. You told your daddy you will finish. You told your brother you will finish. You told your sister you will finish. So, therefore it’s up to you to never diminish
the value of your work. And a wise man once gave me a wise word and
now I’m passing these wise words onto you. You are in total control of your situation. So, when you feel like you’re facing a breaking
point, this is the point when you go to your professor. This is the point when you go to your academic
adviser and not the time to despise her and not the time to despise him. Simply say, “I am in this until I walk across
the stage with my diploma. I am in this until I smell the sweet aroma
of success. Here right now, I’m feeling overwhelmed because
I am on academic overload. Do you have any suggestions that will help
me power through this semester? Because my only option is to figure this out. And whatever it takes… I can. I will. And I must do. See, I understand that drastic times call
for drastic measures and the measure of a person’s will is determined by what they are
willing to do to ensure a triumph over tragedy. The measure of a person’s will is determined
by what they are willing to do to ensure success over failure. The measure of a person’s will is determined
about what they are willing to do to ensure winning over losing. And see right now, I’m choosing to fight for
my academic future and that’s why I came to your office. I promise when they see that your passion
is pushing you with a purpose, they will give you every ounce of their being to assure you
are successful because they know you’re worthy. I just need you to never forget that you’re
worthy. Success is your baby. You just gotta birth it and then kick back
and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But in the meantime, I need you to pull up
your sleeves. I need you to tighten up your boxing gloves
because you’re right in the middle of a heavyweight boxing match and life is trying to take your
title and your survival and this academic arena is at stake. It’s moments like these where we separate
the real from the fake. But when it’s like you shake off any and every
punch that life throws and fight back with a series of vicious head shots and body blows
to overcome and achieve the victory. But believe you me, life will keep testing. Believe you me, life will keep trying you. Believe you me, life will keep pushing you. Believe you me, life will keep trying to break
you. I don’t think you heard me. I said believe you me, life will keep testing
you. Believe you me, life will keep trying you. Believe you me, life will keep pushing you. Believe you me, life will keep trying to break
you. And always remember you are unbreakable! They want to see you fail but you are a diamond
and you succeed because you get back up after you fail and you will get back up again and
again until your arms are raised with the win. So, I need you to speak positivity into existence
and ignore your inner voice of resistance because it’s your resilience and persistence that will allow you to master your time management skills. That will allow you to break all of these
huge assignments down into small pieces, that will allow you to group study with a winner’s
circle, that will allow you to jump over any and I mean any academic hurdles. Always remember when you feel that means you
are still breathing and thus you have an opportunity to keep achieving. This is a great day to win. When you come to a crossroad and run into
the winner and the quitter in you, listen to the winner. The quitter will never take you down the road
you want to travel. I believe we all have a winner inside of us. There’s a winner inside of you. Sometimes we’ve just been hanging around with
losers for too long. Develop the mindset of a winner. The truth is most people give up on their
dream. Most people give up on their dream to live
the average lifestyle, but it really doesn’t matter what most people do. What do you do? Because you are different. You will never give up on your dream. You will not listen to the average. You will listen to the winner inside of you. You will believe in yourself when no one else
does. You will believe in yourself when you have
no reason to believe and you will never quit. I know some of you are going through a rough
time. Some of you are going into the fight of your
life. Fighting for your future, fighting for your
career, fighting for your family. Some of you are fighting for your life and
I am telling you do not quit, do not give in. I know life can be tough. I know life can wear you down but if you just
stick it out even if you don’t get the result you will find the character, your show will be your reward. The fighting spirit you develop will be the
reward and it will serve you well for the rest of your life. Fight for what you want. Now a fighter gets what you don’t want later. You choose. Don’t you dare quit! Don’t you dare settle! Don’t you dare back down! Not today or any other day. When the tough moments come never forget you
are in that moment writing your legacy. In that tough moment you are setting the standard
for your character. Do you have the character? You do! Fight for what you want. Now a fighter gets what you don’t want later. You choose! Fight for what you want now, a fighter, or get what you don’t want later. You choose! When you come to a crossroad and run into
the winner and the quitter in you, you listen to the winner. When you make a commitment to yourself you
make sure you see it through. Never, ever quit. So, be the type of person that’s willing to
fight. Give your blood, sweat and tears for what
you believe in and understand a legacy can never be bought. Let me tell you why you can’t buy a legacy. See, the most I have to
give is this dynamic gift. This gift is so amazing. I mean this gift that the whole world wants
to buy but He makes us work for them. He makes us grind, He makes us feel the pain
of the process. And for me, I would say I’d rather have it
no other way. See, we get a lot of people that throw all
these big conferences, throw all these big amazing events and what I realized is you
pay $10,000 but the most highest, the only that’s going to give you the day that says
“It’s time for you to be great. It’s time for you to be phenomenal”. See, many of us like to skip the hard part. We like to skip the stages that make us the
great people that we are born to be. Les Brown has a saying, “Live full and die
empty”. And that’s what I live by. I realized that you have to be willing to
sleep outside of that office for your opportunity. You must be willing to go down to the shelter
and eat those canned goods for your opportunity. You must be willing to almost die for your dream. And you must realize that you cannot buy this. No one can give you this, you must earn this. I play the game as if my life is on the line. And individuals all over the world that understand
this very thing, greatness lies in the man that believes it’s in them. So, all those books, all those manuals, everything
you’re looking at you’re going to realize one day when you’re standing on that stage,
when you’re standing at that altar, when you’re standing at that place of greatness you’re
going to remember, you’re going to understand that everything I needed was inside of me. Everything I needed was inside of me. Now, if you turned your back on me, I promise
I’ll make you turn around. You will call me KING! YOU WILL CALL ME KING!

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