“Peaceful and prosperous country” “Return to us our country” Protect His Majesty! Tonight our brothers of the
Red Flower Society will take our revenge. Let’s go! Chan Ka Lok? You dare to kill the emperor? You belong to the Han race, yet you have become a Manchu emperor. I will kill you
on behalf of Han people tonight. Your Majesty, take care! Why can’t I ever have a sound sleep? I should be punished! Send for Governor Oryeetor. Are you coming to buy a sword? Sir. No! Not buying a sword? What do you want? My master is suffering from serious insomnia every night. He should see a doctor. We are only blacksmiths. It’s useless to see a doctor. My master said, only when the demon
of his dream is killed. Then he can have sound sleep. What’s the name of your master? Emperor Chien Lung. 5 days ago, I killed a member of
the Red Flower Society. What? You killed our Fourth Brother? I found a letter from his pocket, Saying there is a name list kept by a blacksmith. Right, but I sent it away. You will never get it. Really? We want to avenge Fourth Brother’s death! – Search!
– Yes! Tiger Lui is so rich.
What business was he doing in Shantung? He used to be a bandit. This sports competition
is sponsored by him. So what? Cocky bastard! Buying so much land within these three months, making our land more expensive. He is in league with the governor. That’s why he is so cocky. Miss, you’d better go home now. So dad is a bastard
in the eyes of these people. Miss, you know it only now? Will we be recognized? No, no one knows us, we’d better leave. – This girl is pretty. Let’s go to make fun of her.
– Let’s go! Shall we stay and have a look? No, we got to go home, or master will scold us. – Miss, are you alone?
– Get out of my way. – They come from North.
– So pretty! Don’t bully me. We know Cantonese. That’s better. We can communicate well. Hey, don’t touch my sister! Your sister? I know him, he is bull shitting. He has no sister. I know you too. You are a pimp. How dare you insult my boss? Beat him! Come on! You dare fight with our boss? You ask for hell. Beat him! Fight here? Do you want to be put behind bars? None of his business. This is the first day I reported duty,
give me face. Let’s see if he gives face or not. Damn it, how dare you fight here?
Do you want to go to jail? I am sorry… – No fighting!
– Yes… Hey, dude. We are not allowed to fight here, let’s compete in the playground if you have guts. Let’s go! He was a sports champion
from St. Joseph College in Shanghai. Sai Yuk, you are not used to
these foreign games. Damn it, but he is good at kung-fu. Look, your “brother”
is beating a retreat. Bullshit, he isn’t. Let’s compete. 18 feet. Next! He achieved good record, the next one. he’s been the sports champions
of St. Joseph College for 3 years. 22 feet! Next. Break record! How wonderful! Let’s see the next one. I don’t have any record or information about him. Let’s see. Scared? Jump! You’re so slow. Let me give you a hand.
Why don’t you jump? He has broken a new record! Bravo! Although you are a little ant, I won’t bully you. Bastard, the next race
is 400 meters relay. I won’t lose this one. There should be 4 people in a relay. We have three only. Miss, we need 4 people in the relay. we’re only three. Are you willing to help? – Can I?
– Yes! But I run slowly! Are you slower than an ant? – More or less the same.
– That’s good enough! You run first! How about me? Bo, you run first! Ready… Go! Hurry up!
Come one! # Young at heart Hurry up! # boundless world Hurry up! # Can climb every mountain, here seems many obstacles # Take the challenge, reach the boundless world – I can’t anymore.
– No problem! # Practise kung-fu and show your talent # Take the challenge… Are you alright? # Be happy, create a happy life # Self proud Hurry up… # Love yourself to make hime happy # Young at heart, the world is yours # among the sky and ocean It’s my turn! # ln this unlimited place Hurry up… – How amazing is the pig tail!
– Yes! Straightened pig tail! # Be happy Hurry up… # Create a happy life # Proud of yourself and love yourself # Young at heart Hurry up! # Among the sky and ocean # Let your dreams fly Oh! Flying stance. # ln this unlimited place Hey, young man, you’ve gained 2 championships, join us next year. You, St. Joseph’s student,
go back and eat shit! Thank you, Miss! You have a share of this medal. For you! How about you? This is a present from Tiger Lui, I don’t want it. May I know your name? Chan! Damn it! – What are you doing?
– You make me lose face. Beat him! I love fighting. Come on! Come on! – You want some more?
– No.. Thank you for sparing time
to fight with me. What are you fighting for? Who joined the fight? They did, I arrested them for you. You are most enthusiastic. – Thank you.
– Take them away. – What?
– You too! – Me too?
– Yes, go now!
– Are you kidding? I am helping you. Go! Wait! Go! Don’t push me! Damn you! You son of a bitch! Damn you! Why didn’t he see me
the Central Primary School? how dare he offended me? Go tell the Governor.
Say he’s been robbing. And cut his head off.
Yes, Master! Master, I’ve heard many gossip about us. So what? Should I be scared? Of course not, master. But, there is an old Chinese saying that you should follow the rules of the village which you have entered. If we want to establish our power in Canton. We should mix with the people. How? I have an idea. If we want to make a name and establish power here, let’s arrange for a kung-fu competition
to select a son-in-law for you. It’s not fair to Ting Ting. Master, you should be decisive. There is an old saying the daughter would marry anyway. She will leave your family
and change her surname. She won’t remember her parents. Master, did your father-in-law and mother-in-law gain any benefits from you and your wife? Dame it! What you said is just what I have in mind. I was about to propose it. It’s very wise of you, master. It’s a deal! Get Ting a husband
with a Kung-fu competition. Sai Yuk, we should never tell others that we’ve been caught. Right, if you dad knows that, that’d be troublesome! Don’t worry, I wrote us false names. You are called Yuen Kwei. You are called Lau Chun Wai. How about you? Incredible name. I am Wong… Jing Well, I have to go home now. Or my mom would teach me a lesson. Come around if you have time. Bye-bye! Her curly hair is cute! His dark glasses are funny too! It should be like this. Isn’t it black now? Shit! Nothing can be seen, but it’s smart! She is blind! Miss! You scared me! You look good! Your voice is sexy! Are you selling fun or cloth? Bull shit! The cloth inside is expensive. It is cheaper outside What kind of cloth would you like? The one outside! That one? I won’t give it a damn. – Right, this one.
– This one? How many yards do you want? I want… That much! – Here?
– No, just that much, – Here?
– Yes. That little! For wrapping a dumpling? How dare you steal? You bastard… Shut up! No! Mom, that… Be polite! It hurts! Mom, you are pretty. Shut up, give me the weight-measure, Yes, mom. What for! Our cloth is not measured by yards.
It’s measured by weight, otherwise you won’t take so much! Aren’t you blind? You are blind. You thought I hit you by chance? That shows I’m not in your good grace.
I am leaving. You wanna escape? This is for you. Mom, we’re in trouble! Don’t worry, 2 cm to the mark. Really? No blood, no blood please! Mom, you’re wrong! It’s 6 mm to the mark, look! They have deep throat! He deserves it! I’m in a good mod,
let’s take the afternoon off. You took a day off yesterday
because you were in a bad mood. You want to rest today because of good mood? Sure, your dad is coming back today. I can’t concentrate. Make it a day-off. Mom! Mom, I met a very pretty girl today. She has character. Then, let’s take an extra holiday
the day after tomorrow. Another day off? Young master. – Young master, bad news!
– What’s the matter? The Governor has come. He is talking with Master. What is it? If fought with someone today. Don’t panic, there’s always your mom. Your Excellency, death friends,
You can be sure I will do the right thing. Yes, Master Fong is such a righteous man. I feel shame! I assure you I will punish… So many friends! Hello everybody. No matter what had happened,
l, Miu Tsui Fa will be responsible. Of course you should be responsible. You, you beat that foreigner up. And the cloth you sold me last time was stinky. She insulted my wife, saying that she was fat. And refused to sell her cloth. She teased me! Saying that I’m as stupid as a pig. She is too much! What’s your explanation? I would not have come back if I knew I had to face this. Macu, get the cane. What? Not again! Master, for my sake… For your sake? Never mind. Dad, please forgive mom! Please hit me instead. Look at our son! He is nice. Is it the Fong family? Is it the Fong family? Oh, you are Fong Sai Yuk, not Wong Jing! Why do you call yourself Wong Jing? He was caught fighting this morning and in the police station he claimed to be Wong Jing. you little scoundrel! Are you hurt? Yes! I shielded you from most of your blows,
so don’t cry for pain. Mom, dad doesn’t know Kung-fu. Why did you just let him beat you up? I should give him some respect in front of other people.
The status of a man in a family is very precious and important. Yes, it’s precious and important indeed. – Get some sleep now!
– Yes, dad. I don’t know how you teach your son! He’s a grown-up, but just loiters around
involving in fights. Kids should be independent. All you care about is your business. If our son doesn’t keep me company, who would? You listen to these gossiping fools. And beat me up in front of everybody. You don’t treat me as your wife at all. Listen to me. I won’t. Listen to me. No, I won’t… “The beauty put up the curtain.” Oh God! He is reciting poetry again. “And sits moody with furrowed brows.” “We only see stains of her tears.” “No one knows who she is hating.” I can’t stand it! He is too smart! Too Romantic! So great! Every time he recites poetry, I feel so excited. I feel dizzy! Was I wrong to scold you like this? No! Now why don’t you come to bed? Yes! “Our Fist conquers the whole of Canton.” “Our Kick subdues Soochow and Hangchau.” It is obvious that he is stepping on our Cantonese people. How come they hang it out? Friends, countrymen! l, Tiger Lui is a new comer to this town. I want to stay peacefully and happily with all of you. So, I arrange this competition to recruit a son-in-law. Who gets the ribbon, who is the winner. About the regulations, once you step on the floor, you lose. If anyone is killed or hurt by my wife, the Lu family won’t be responsible. Now, my wife, Lee Siu Wan… She is pretty. If she marries me, I shall spend all my nights not sleeping… You think you are capable? I can ask for your help! Okay, it’s a deal. Let’s go. They are real friends. – Bo, tell Fong Sai Yuk to go for the competition.
– Okay Sorry, excuse me, please give way… Where is Sai Yuk? He is studying inside. I am going to the mill. Come home soon. “After the storm, numberless blossoms…fall…” One, two. So much! Who is it? Sai Yuk, come out… Sai Yuk! “Enjoying a sound sleep in spring, birds are heard chirping around” “After the storm, Numberless blossoms…”. Dad! Sai Yuk, sit down. I have to leave for town today. Dad, how long will you stay in the town?
I will miss you. – Work hard.
– Yes! Today is not suitable for studying. What’s up? Tiger Lui arranged a competition
to recruit a son-in-law. – His daughter is very pretty.
– Really? He said he is the best kung-fu fighter in Canton and Soo Hang. Damn, what a big mouth! Sai Yuk,, what are you doing? Sai Yuk, should we just
let those bastards kick us around? You’ll defeat them easily. Come down quick, master is coming. Macu! – Take my place.
– No way!
– I’ll be back soon. Young Master…I can’t,
I have to go to town with master. Master, bad news! – What?
– Ting Ting disappeared. Gone?! Damn! Come here. Master, I am not married yet. it’s not good… Don’t stare! It’s alright this way? Sure Master , are you kidding? You want to get a wife? Yes. My heart longs for a pretty woman! You should also protest your manly magnificence. Dear friends, it seems it’s difficult to find a true hero in Canton. You idiot! Who are you? Don’t you even know me? One of the ten most-outstanding
youngsters of Canton. The “lnvincible Magic Fist” Fong Sai Yuk. Siu Wan, beat him! Are you the trophy? Not me! My daughter! Just a peek! Watch it, young man! Lend me your head. How dare you trick me? My feet not yet on the ground. Don’t worry. We’ll play till one of us loses. Now try our Cantonese tournament on heads. – Oh, my head.
– It’s hurt! Oh my neck! What a bad luck to be stepped by a woman. – Can you make it?
– Sure, we can. I can’t!. Get her down! Hey, steady! Oh, my neck! I feel dizzy! Honey, be careful! Yes! I’ll be careful! Lend me your pig-tail. My hair! Hands off! Beat her. Knock her down… Special request by the audience. Catch my wife. They’re coming to help! – How is it?
– Don’t panic, the more the merrier. Be careful. I can stand no more. I’ll destroy your footholds. Bo, come and help. We support you. You Cantonese are not united at all. Are you okay? Sure! I am alright. Do you want to support yourself
with these 2 poles? You don’t have six poles to support you, can you hold it? Fight! If you can win her, you’ll be my son-in-law. Your men are getting tired. Let’s fight. How dare you pull my hair! I’ll attack you eyes in return. I kick you up five inches and down five inches. – Bo, are you okay?
– Okay. Bo, fight! Hold it! Bo is beaten. I’ll help! Grab your poles. I can’t stand no more. Young Master, don’t disappoint us. I have never disappointed you. Help me get up. Madam! Don’t fall down! I am lucky to get hold of it.
Come, kick me. I lost! I surrender! Sai Yuk, how can you let us down? But if I didn’t do so, I would have let myself down. How come you lost? I am sorry, I lost! Miss, I am sorry, I lost. Kid, we may talk… Damn it! The Outstanding Youth lost.
Anybody wants it? Lost again Is there an Outstanding Youth in Canton?
I wonder! You’re exaggerating! heroes, gentlemen, Any one else for a fight? If not, we’ll continuous tomorrow morning. Wait! There is money on the ground!
Go and pick up the money! Lend me your back! I’m coming too. May I know the name of this hero? May I know the name of this beauty? Don’t fell shy. Why not marry the mother-in-law too? What a big mouth! Well? What do you think? Stop, or you will fall down. Who are you? How dare you? Damn it! I am the invincible kung-fu Master, the brother of Fong Sai Yuk. My name is Fong Tai Yuk. Both brothers are braggarts. Leave the question to Madam, she will answer you later. Why such a big fuss just to get hold of this? I want it! Good foot-work! So is yours. Madam, why did you hold my leg? You have smooth face. Madam, you needn’t be so nervous! Thank you! Madam, you are heavy. Don’t panic, I am here. Why don’t you come up? I’m helping you. Come up! The ribbon! Be careful! A secret attack? That was a heavy attack. Madam! We are on the ground now. Are you alright? I am fine! But I am not! She is my wife, do you know that? Dear fellows, Fong’s family is the No. 1 Kung-fu family in Canton. And our Lui family. Stop touching me. We are relatives now. I come only to fight, but not for your daughter! How about my daughter? I don’t want her. Kid, repeat that if you dare! Read my lips. Who is catching my stick? Your mom, me… Mom, you look handsome. I just did this for you, to gain you sake. Get me a bag. What for? I won in the Kung-fu Competition. Lui forced me to marry his daughter. So we should leave at once. Mom, you are great! Lesbian? Shit, they are coming. What should we do? Have a try! hang, cut, hack Fong Tai Yuk, I am coming… Fong Tai Yuk Fong Tai Yuk Fong Tai Yuk – Search!
– Yes They are inside, search! Fong Tai Yuk What are you crying for? Where is Fong Tai Yuk? He is dead! Dead? How come? He died on the street! What? At least there is corpse. It’s burnt. I can recognise him, even in ashes. Mom, run. Don’t go! You are a man. Bullshit! Aren’t you a man? Don’t move. Or I’ll kill him. Son, why are you holding a banana? Banana? Isn’t it a knife? Catch him… Mom! Forget about me, run for your life. No, I will be punished by God
if I leave like this. So great! I tell you, we can’t get your elder son. We will take your younger son as substitute. Master, we’ve found Miss Ting. Thank God. Hey, wait for my husband to celebrate the wedding. Okay, the wedding ceremony later, but the Bridal Chamber first. Go! Disperse. Go home! Hand the man out. Listen, leave here at once. – If you stay, you’ll be arrested.
– Let him go! Your Honour! – Brother Lui.
– How is outside? 外面群情汹涌,我还收到消息
The people outside are all furious. I heard that the Governor of Kau Mun will come soon. Your Honour, you should help me. Get your son-in-law to get married in front of the people, saying that he is willing to do so. Then, we won’t have any problem if the Governor comes. Okay, I’ll force him to say he’s willing. Absolutely no! We should not use force
but virtuous persuasion. Then we won’t get into trouble. Right, virtuous persuasion. I am one of the ten most-outstanding
youngsters of Canton. I won’t lose my virginity to you. If he dares touch me, I will kill him. She pretends to be lady! Makes me puke! I want to scare the hag. He’s coming. I want to scare you to death. You dare to come over? Are you kidding? I throw a cockroach, you throw a flying knife? It’s too outrageous. What do you want? I tell you, you can have my body, but not my heart. I love someone else. Me too. I won’t marry you. I won’t marry you too. Okay, swear! What if you marry me? My family will all die. – What is this?
– Give it back to me. It is neither gold nor silver. Why do you keep such iron rubbish with you? Are you idiot? I tell you. Sleep by yourself tonight. Don’t beg me, I won’t come back. I don’t come to beg you. What did you come for? Actually, I need… What do you need? Love What! You are fond of my brother? I know he is alive. If you see you brother again, please give this letter to him. Aren’t you afraid of Tiger Lui? For love, I fear nothing. Mom, you are great! You’ve won a girl’s heart. You’ve gained weight. I always eat, that’s why I get fat. Have you lost your virginity? No! That’s good. Do you want to escape? I don’t know you situation. If I escape, you might get into trouble. Anyway, I am tailed by so many people. I can’t escape. What a good boy! I have checked the way of escape
when I entered. What? Mom, you look so wicked. Someone wants me to send you this letter. Who is it? Your girlfriend. Siu Wan, I will meet an important guest tonight with the governor. I will be home late, you’d better go to bed first. Mom, dogs! Nothing to be afraid of! Did you offend the bitch? Don’t chase me! It’s horrible to be chased by the dogs! Mom, run! It’s shit to be chased by the dogs! This way. Who is it? How dare you break into
the Lui’s mansion? Bite him. Madam! Stop! Tai Yuk, it’s you. That’s right! It’s me. Ask your fellow to leave me alone, so they can’t hear our talk. Fine. 1, 2, 3, 4, go back. Hurry up! – Tai Yuk!
– Don’t come over. I am afraid I can’t accept you love. Since I received your letter, I have been suffering thinking of you. I can’t stand it any longer. So I come to see you now. “The beauty put up the curtain.” “She sits with furrowed brows.” “One sees only the stain of tears.” “Who is it that she hates?” Madam, this poem is specially written for you. He knows how to write a poem! so charming! There is noise. Madam, I have to go now. See you later. Tai Yuk! Madam, what’s the matter? Nothing, why are you here? Who told you to come here? It was wise to leave fast. It’s you? It’s me! You?! It’s you! Miss Chan, have you also been
kidnapped by Tiger Lui? Yes, how about you? Me too! I tried to find you in the playground afterwards. I waited you for a long time there, but you didn’t come, so I left. You mean you were waiting for me? She waited for me! Do you want this gold medal? – You always take this along with you?
– Yes. I heard noise over there. I am afraid to be found, I have to go. Watch out, there are dogs. The purpose of my visit is to destroy the rebels of the Red Flower Society. I have got a clue that they’ll appear in this town. I hope, once you get any information
about the rebels, come and inform me right away. Yes, Sir! Don’t worry, I will try my best. My heart is devoted to the Court. Please take note of my efforts. Mom, is dad back? It is a lie. – Pack up, we are going to look for your dad.
– Okay! He is back! He has a dark face! Freeze! Why don’t tell me about the wedding? How can you be his mom? I only left for a few days, and our son is adopted into the bride’s family How can I face our ancestors? Dad, I… You shut up. It’s none of his business. I should be blamed. All in all, I am no good as a wife. I don’t know how to teach our son. I can’t face Fan’s ancestors. I shall die. – Let me die…
– Mom. – Don’t stop me, just where’s the wall.
– Don’t. Mom, it’s your second time today. Well, I have to do something first. Let’s discuss it after I come back tomorrow. What? I am going to die, and you leave like this? Why don’t you save me? You’re heartless. This is for you. A razor! It’s for me! It’s for me to shave my legs. Mom, it’s raining. – Let’s get an umbrella for your dad.
– Okay. Why is it raining so heavily? – Be careful!
– This umbrella is not good. It is leaking. Change to other one. Mom, the rain has stopped. Someone inside. Fine, don’t cry! Bastard! Mom, don’t get angry. I don’t want to live anymore. Don’t be silly. You are pregnant. They even have a child! Don’t worry. I am responsible. I will take care of him. We are responsible too. Bitch! So many men too. Why should dad take the responsibility alone? If Fourth Brother wasn’t trying to save me, Lok Ping wouldn’t have lost her husband. And I couldn’t bring this list out. Oh, dad is not having a mistress! I am almost scared to death. Mom, don’t cry! Who is it? Come out. What kind of noise is it? Firecracker! – Firecracker?
– Yes! See, you hands are trembling. You don’t seem to practise kung-fu. Why did you join the rebels? We work for different bosses. To you, Chien Lung is good emperor. To our Han’s people, he is not. If only you hand me the list, you will enjoy a prosperous life forever. For my wealth, I’d be giving up thousands of lives. Even I am willing to do so, my brothers won’t let me do it. Even if they are willing, my family won’t forgive me. Of course we will forgive you. Where is he? Attack! Dad! To my mind, my dad is kind-hearted man, so I want to beat you. Let’s go! How dare you bully my husband? Go to hell! Hang, cut, hack. Dad, where is the list? Here it is! No-Shadow Hands. Told you it is No-Shadow Hands. Sai Yuk, save Lok Ping. You mom can handle it. Be careful! Miss Lok, are you okay? This hero, please help your dad to protect the list. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down. – Good-bye!
– Take care of yourself. Son, we are leaving, take care of here. Don’t worry! How dare you join a secret society! It hurts! Come on! It doesn’t hurt! No?! No, not painful indeed? My dad used to hit me like this. I tell you, I used to hit my dog like this. Bastard, an inch longer, an inch stronger. You idiot, mine is short but powerful! Run? Where can you run? See you! Dad. Sai Yuk, are you tailed? Don’t worry, I haven’t been practising kung-fu in vain. Where is mom? Must have quarreled. Mom, are you alright? He has never treated me that nicely before. He recited 10 poems for me. 10 poems, great! Leave me alone, stop bothering me. – Too smart!
– How romantic! Sai Yuk! Dad has chosen his path, so you and mom would have a hard life from now on. If I am having a good life alone, how about the others? Even I wish to do so, others would object! Even others are willing to do so, how is my feeling then? But if others and I agree, so what? Overall, no matter what, dad, your choice is correct, I will go with you all the way. Son, I don’t know what you are talking about, but I will go with you to the end. Since you have made up your mind, Let’s move into Tiger Liu’s home. It’s dangerous! The most dangerous place is safest place. I understand! What? You want to move to my home? Right, actually I don’t want to do so, but my wife said you are a man of virtue. Even my naughty son admires you so much. I want to see for myself, so I agreed to come and live for a while. To see how righteous are you. I am a man of righteousness. So help yourself. I will let you stay until you admit I am righteous. Miss Meet your Father-in-law and Mother-in-law. Go! Honey, I miss you. But I am not…She is your wife. – It’s you!
– It’s you! You are thin. You are thin. Your son is really romantic. It may be inherited. Come. What’s the matter? This Mirror is our family treasure. It’s a present to you. – Thank you mom.
– Thank you mom. Since all of us are here, why not take this opportunity, to celebrate their wedding tomorrow. I am sorry… It doesn’t matter. I am a man of righteousness. Go ahead, until you think its enough. I don’t have any friends in Canton. Why not ask your relatives to join the wedding party? it doesn’t matter, I am a man of righteousness. Are you guys kidding? Why don’t your relatives or friends come? Well, we do have a big family, but they are all over the country doing business. I can’t inform them about the wedding ceremony in such a short time. But you do have friends here? Say, friends in the market! Well, my dear father-in-law. We grow the vegetables ourselves, we needn’t go to the market. How about rice? We grow our rice too. Master, the Governor. Finally, a guest! Show him in. Don’t panic, just the Governor. The Governor! His Honour, the Governor of Kau Mun. Your Honour. Welcome… Let’s meet our guest together. Come.. Your Honour, this way please. Welcome… Your Honour, my son-in-law and his family. Take a seat, please. Have a seat. Help yourself. Your Honour! Take a seat! Why are you sitting there? Come and sit with us. No, I think it’s too crowded. We’d better sit here. Bull shit, join us. Come on. I dropped my money. Where is it, let me help you. Mister Fong, don’t sit alone. Come over… Where is the money? I can’t find it. When did you come? I have just come over. What is your son-in-law doing under the table? What are you doing? Get up! The meat you love is coming. Get up and eat. Son Mom, towards you right. Is he your son-in-law? Mr. Lui, didn’t you tell His Honour
you are related? Fong Sai Yuk is my son-in-law. So, you are the one in-charged here? Sure, I am the one in-charged here. – Give me the list!
– Husband! Be careful! Siu Wan! Mom! Ting Ting! Where is the name list? I am going to kill you. Let’s fight! Go! Siu Wan…Siu Wan… Master, be careful! – Go!
– Yes! Take him back and burn the house. Damn it. You son of a bitch! I marry my daughter to you, but you get my whole family into trouble. Mr. Lui, it’s not the fault of young master. Cut the crap, or I will kill you. Let him go, or else… Dame it. You want to fight? – What do you want?
– Forget it. Dad, mom’s hurt bad. Damn! Siu Wan! – Ting Ting!
– Mom! Where is your dad? Siu Wan, are you alright? Hurry up…Go to see a doctor. I know what to do. Leave me alone. Don’t touch her. – No! She is seriously hurt!
– Siu Wan. Let’s go! You are not familiar with Canton. Do you want me to take you to the doctor? Save the crocodile tears. Let’s go our separate way from now on. Dad, don’t do that. You are a stranger around here. Are you leaving? If not, you’re no longer my daughter. Ting ting! Go! Go! Go now! Sai Yuk, I feel so lost. Mom, don’t worry! While the list is with us, they won’t do anything to dad. I am going to town tonight. Be careful. – Sing!
– Who is it? Sai Yuk. Open the door now. Come in. I have seen the notice that my dad would be executed tomorrow. Many people were caught because of us. I come to see whether you are okay. I am fine I am fine… What is wrong? Sai Yuk, I am sorry. Sing, what’d happened? Some officer took Bo and me for questioning. I said I didn’t know you, so I am safe. Where is Tai Bo? He said I was a crowed. He refused saying that he didn’t know you. So he was beaten up. The officers are tired, they wanted Bo to kau-tow before releasing him. Bo refused. Where is he now? He was beaten to death. Who is it? What are you doing? I came to collect his corpse. Who are you? How dare you? Fong Sai Yuk. Fong Sai Yuk.?How dare you come here? My friend is not afraid of death. How can I be a coward? I have come for his corpse. – Attack.
– Yes! Bo, let’s fight together. Kau-tau 3 times to my friend. Please forgive us. Bo, let’s go. Bo, you are my best friend. Hope we’d be buddies in our next lives. Young master, don’t be so sad. Macu, dad will be executed tomorrow. What? I must to save dad alone. – You take mom and leave early
tomorrow morning.
– How can you go alone? It’s too dangerous. Enough! I have made up my mind. Never let mom know this. Macu… Don’t cry. Let’s go back, mom is waiting for us. Do you have any information about your dad? He’ll be fine, don’t worry. Dad was rescued by Chan, the Head of the Read Flower Society. Really? I won’t cheat you. Why didn’t he come back? Mr. Chan said it’s not wise to stay together. He’ll meet you and Macu at Puishi Beach tomorrow morning. Isn’t there a branch of the Red Flower Society at Puishi Beach? You dumb-bell, answer mom now. Right, I went with Old Master a year ago. What about you? Mr. Chan asked me to take this name list to Long Fu Hill. And hand it to a Mister Chiu. Are there any Mister Chiu in Long Fu Hill? Speak up… Right, a year ago, I met him once with Old Master. We dined together. He is a nice guy. Am I right? You are right. Well, I don’t have to worry anymore. Go to hell! Damn you Cantonese Bastards! They say they’ll fetch me the doctor, but they told officers to come and arrest me. You Cantonese, all are bastards. Honey, how do you feel? Ting Ting. I am fine. It’s pouring get on board first. I won’t get on your boat! I warn you, don’t come to my side. Dad! You shut up! Ting Ting She is seriously hurt, why don’t you help her to the boat? Ting, go with them! I… I’ll stay here to keep your dad company. Shit. Don’t be proud at a time like this. Damn it, you’ve said enough! I said I would not go with you. But I didn’t say my family wouldn’t. Help her up. Be careful. Take good care of her! My God, what the hell did I do wrong? Why do you treat me like this? The Gods are punishing you for your sins. I ask you once more, are you getting into the boat? No! No! Mom Mom.. Sai Yuk, take Ting Ting out for a while. I want to talk with your mother. Go now. Madam, I have one thing to ask you. What is the matter? Where is Tai Yuk? He is back. “The Beauty pulls the curtain up.” “She sits with furrowed brows.” “One sees the stains of tears.” “Who is she crying for?” Madam, it’s me. Tai Yuk! Are you Tai Yuk? Yes. Tai Yuk, we can’t live together in this life. But we’ll be husband and wife in the next life, yes? Fine. – Madam!
– Mom Siu Wan! Although you scold me all day, I am not angry with you. you’d be my father-in-law now, you’d be my father-in-law for life. When you reach Puishi Beach tomorrow, t he officers can never get you. Siu Wan! Siu Wan! After finish your mission, come and join us. Young Master. Take care. Macu, why are you crying? He’s just going to deliver the name list. He is not going to die. I have caught a cold. – Stop talking! Hurry up, dad is waiting.
– Okay – Sai Yuk!
– What’s the matter? Can you swear? What? Swear you’d never marry me. Why? – Remember our bridal night?
– What? You swore that if marry me, your family’d… Would all die, I remembered. No matter what happens, I will marry you. My husband used to kiss me like this. Did your wife kiss you like this before? Forget I said anything. Jabber. Wear this. How about you? I have this. – You take this along!
– It’s time to leave. Take care! Sai Yuk, take care! Take a horse. It’s better than walking on foot. Also, beware of catching cold. You take care too. I just want the traitors of the Red Flower Society. Give me the name list, and you will be spared. We Hans won’t betray our friends. If only you Manchus go back to Machuria, we won’t go against you. The Ching government has ruled over China for generations. But you still refuse to face facts. Look, our country is well-fed and well-clothed Peaceful and prosperous! Listen? Shut up! Death to whoever make a noise. Kill him How poor Kill! Here is the list! I’ve become the member of the Red Flower Society! I’ll live and die with the list. Sai Yuk! Don’t come over. Or I’ll kill him! Retreat! You have guts! Aren’t you scared? I am prepared to be killed. Give me the name list, and you will be spared, then you and your dad will be released. Sai Yuk, don’t give it to him. You should know how the wind blows. Just give me the name list. I can guarantee you a prosperous future. Are you bluffing? I would be a traitor if I gave it to you. My dad won’t forgive me, my mom will kill me. The citizens will scold me. History will give me a bad name. I won’t betray my people! Great! You have guts, I like your kind. If we are not serving different bosses, we can be friends. I’ll give you a chance. If you can defeat me before the rope breaks, I will let you father go. If you lose, give me the name list. I know every kinds of boxing. I want to make you my student. Since you bullied my dad… I don’t think there is any chance now. Luckily I am protected by the mirror. Go to hell! Take it. Go now! I won’t go! Sai Yuk! I am happy to see you so grown up. Just leave me. Our country is waiting for you. I feel at ease even if I have to die. Go now! Many people can do what I can do. I only have one dad! Sai Yuk, go! Dad, I want to die with you. Fong Sai Yuk, I am coming to help you! Kill them! Husband! Sai Yuk! Mom is here to save you! You foolish kid. How dare you leave mom alone? I want to help too! Macu, why did you bring mom here? No, I didn’t, there is really a branch of the
Red Flower Society at the Puishi Beach! What a coincidence? Your big mouth is an oracle. Take good care of dad. Go to hell… Go to hell! Why don’t you die? Go to hell… Why don’t you die? Mister Chan! Husband, are you alright? I am fine, save dad! Mom, save dad. Master, Go! Mister Chan, you are really great. I admire you so much. But, my master said I have to bring you corpse back. Go to hell! Super shoes! Direction spear! Mom! Brother Fong, I will take Sai Yuk as my God-son. I will train him in Kung-fu too. Thank you, Master Chan. I leave my son to you. Mister Damn! Sorry. Mister Damn! Take care of him please! You have never left me since you were a child. Master, we’ve to say good-bye! God father, may I bring Ting Ting with me? Sure. You can. Are you willing to let your son join the triads? What do you think? Fine, just as you say. Ting ting, Let’s go! Dad! Sai Yuk, don’t bully my daughter, or I will beat you. Don’t worry, I won’t bully her. – You should take me as an example. To be a man of virtuous persuasion. Understand?
– Yes Sir! Dad, may I beg you for one thing? Go ahead. I’ve never seen you smile! Can you smile for me once? Make it next year. Sai Yuk, follow me. – Dad, you’d take care.
– Let’s go. Sai Yuk, take care! You’ll be good to me, won’t you? “The beauty put up the curtain, She sits with furrowed brows.” “Only stains of her tears are seen, who is she hating?.” Son, you dad laughs! How romantic. I am so happy! You’ve forgotten something! Catch it! “Red Flower Society Name List”

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